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It’s very meaningful, to arrive in the place that I have on the Quest. To e here in the paradise of the Hana Mana farms, given sanctuary, boarding and food within a small community that honours me and asks a small land seva which serves my own healing.

Such feels to be a proof of the physics of the quest, that I am supported by a friendly universe through the massiveness of the task that I had been given. It is a thing that, as we move steadily deeper into the realms of the Commonwealth, brings to light the deep contrast of my experience, enjoyment and reception of life.

Since Vogel has arrived there has been a flurry of elemental shifting, a vast increase in balanced productivity, where the hyperglyphic language of the Mythica that was present from my first visions on her structure, is coming into play. Where I am last seeing the structure for the underlying ‘Journey Home’ and associated pieces.

It is an anchoring feeling. One where the Mythica is serving the primary reason I created her by anchoring my consciousness, and that of others, into remembrance.

I feel things changing, within. Shifting the textures that play across the mindseye. All around me, there is the sensation of the akasha shifting, of new forms coming into play, granting new visions and access to the pattern that wishes to be born through our efforts.

There is a sense of the perfect unfoldment, as we have arrived at the perfect location to root and blossom the Mythica seed, thick in Hana, in one of the hearts of mother Maui.

Consciously, I invoke gratitude to the impressions that make up Hana Farms, for the work now is clearly to heal and rejuvenate by deepening my relationship with the aina, a thing long-awaited on my unfolding timeline. To be here is bright confluence, proving the principles of movement across the realms of the akasha, soothing my soul to the cooling song of the sacred land.

Of the many shifting tones within my self as I move into this new realm, it is the writing that sings the deepest. The ability at last to settle simply into my writing, a thing that I simply could not access until I constructed the armature of the Mythica past a certain degree.

Like all the aspects of the journey through the consciousness, that access has been a thing of remember and forget, of see and unsee. Where the essence of the Quest itself has occurred in both the surface and subtle spaces of my experience. Where the treasure of access to my own capabilities and the subsequent ability to share that with the World and root into this place was the goal of the healing itself.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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