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The resonance at the Hana Mana farm continues to deepen as we discover that Randy and Suzie share with us the intention to create a magical Academy. As this unveils, I look at the half-formed dojo where we are living and the ever-increasing resonance I am having with the Earth plane as realmsign, expressions of the patterns within the akasha that we share on the journey to a more heavenly Earth.

Words from the Wyndens


My work with the land continues to give immediate benefit as I feel the aspects of the Mythica spell coming into balance. As I return from a day well spent amongst the greens, a communique comes in from my faerie kin at Wynden Keep, where they share with me the invocation of a sacred yoni garden at the edge of the Wyndenwood.

It’s beautiful, and in perfect confluence, happening just as I am dropping into the majesty of the Goddess here at Hana Mana, reflecting my current locus of position across the realms.


Across the akasha, I can feel the ripples of significance, the texture of the Earth plane and my movement to the Commonwealth reflecting back to me, my current devotion to the land mirroring the work of grounding I did whilst living in the woods of the keep last year.

To have Raven and Jesse arrive in the field as I am working with the essence of their realm of influence is significant, for it was in their radiance of the qualities of green and growing during the events of ‘Return to Wynden Keep’ in 2018 that I was able to make my way through the threshold of the Wyndenwood and make passage into the Commonwealth.

Such feels a deep confluence. A beat on the pulse of the Great Story, where I witness clan Wynden and their devotions to the Garden, invoking the sigil of the sacred yoni happening simultaneous with my own anchoring. My own movement deeper into the realms of Earth and the Commonwealth and the deliverance of the Gift of the Mythica to the people.


It’s a beautiful reminder, for every day I work with the land, I change. My energies transform, gaining access to Worlds previously beyond my grasp.

As this happens, I find myself dropping at last into the training and refinement of the dojo. Informed at last into the manner of the wielding in the role of teacher and student. Where I am coming to create the lessons of the mystic arts for the people.

Such reminds me again of the reason I built the Mythica, to refine and anchor my understanding of the realms along the rainbow road. Where one could track their movement through the armillary of the subtle planes, finding their way across the space of the akasha.

I look through the akashi, divining the realms of my current reality. The pure elements of the aina are so strong here, clearing the shadows within our forms. The Earth is so strong here. So strong. I have never felt so connected.

A sense of deep resonance with the Green radiates across my mindseye, a feeling of home and hearth and rejuvnate connection. I feel the flushness of the qualities of productivity, of love and fellowship, the shadows around value that defined our journey in 2018 dispersed.

I bow my head, invoking a prayer of gratitude. An easement through my form at having come through the trials this far. As I do, a sweetness moves through my form. I hear the voices of the deva all around me, whispering of victory.

Here, having at last made it back into the bosom of the Goddess on sacred Maui, I remember. Bring-back-into-the-body. Feel myself dropping in to an even deeper embodiment and the transmission of the teachings I have earned on the journey home in service to theAwakening.

It is astounding to witness how much working with the Earth element is changing the substance of my casting. To see the pieces of the Mythica coming into alignment through the arrival of that precious balance.

Within the last week and definitely influenced by the presence of Vogel in the field, the pieces of her essence have come to cohesion, mirroring my long-sought grounding into the material of the plane of form from the formless.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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