The Angel’s Gaze

I sleep on the hillside near the shore once more, waking up inside the cargo hold of Emerald. There is something so safe, so basic about having a lair. A cave to withdraw to, awash in one’s own scent. It reminds me of the years I spent sleeping on a sheepskin fur in the back of my truck alongside North, surrounded by the aroma of his fur and our shared essence. The discovery of the Community Resource Center is a boon of grand abundance, granting a daily lunch bag of granola bars and fruit as well as a selection of breadstuffs, flavored water and more. I appreciate it deeply, it’s arrival a sign of expansiveness on the Quest, realmsign of the movement into a more radiant place of easefulness and grace.

After rising and making my way to the pantry, I drive over to the local YMCA, intending to inquire about a membership at reduced rates and perhaps have a shower .. my first in about a week (or more). It proves to be an expansive environment filled with kind people, and I am given a 2-day pass while I negotiate a potential membership. I make my way to the hot tub and the sauna, soaking in the element of Water to soothe my nervous system and contemplate my next move.

A man enters the water, and we strike up a conversation. I mention that I teach yoga, and he starts talking about the quality of the floor cushions at the YMCA or at the Yogic Tropics center in Encinitas. As he does, I feel the bubbles speaking, the waves and flurries of their substance moving across the surface of the water. They speak of the causal landscapes of the Creation, that which lay beneath the surface of what things seem to be.

His voice drowns out. It seems so distant, the conversation so maddeningly mundane. What the bubbles have to say is so much more poignant, full of so much more meaning – yet I wish to be kind so I respond.

There are a lot of considerations going on inside me. I am coming to see the nature of the invocation of the Mythica spell and how it relates to my own recognition of self. To the nature of distinction and inclusion. To the very real aspect of the human condition which is Where We are At and how that defines our realities.

Leaving the hot tub, I get into the sauna. A trio of men are there speaking loudly. Exceptionally loudly for a space that’s about 10 x 10′. They’re talking about schools demanding or not demanding children wear masks. A moment later, they touch on something political related to one of the candidates of the mortal plane.

This too is distant for me, and I recognize once more how far I have traveled from the Commonwealth, where the timbre of such conversations is recognized in it’s vibrational substance, far removed from the elemental languages of the prime worlds. Not for the first time, I am coming to see how different the world I live in is from most of the people. At the definition of what is the “yogi” and “deva” reality … the relationship with the Creation which exists outside of those patterns and conditions.

A sign, radiant with the same violet of the crown chakra as the yoga mat and book given to me at the Topanga Library, draws my attention. It is such a beautiful slogan. A thing of service to the people. I especially like the statement “children of God”, implying the very thing I am deepening into as I contemplate why the Divine has moved me to this place and what the next moves are in the delivery of the Gift I was created to share with the people.

I’m considering a lot of things. While the conversations of the mundane world are less than uninteresting to me I still wish to help the people, to anchor myself and the gift of the Mythica in a way that serves everyone, including my own self and the desire to engage with more elite conversation. In this I consider Lovewell’s appearance in the field and the martial and mystical prowess that he embodies, as well as that of Paradox on the Island of the Gods and his own adeptness in the arts of motion. Such triggers a feeling … while I have certainly gained clarity in the crown chakra, my journey through the mortal condition has always been about understanding what it means to BE human, to be within this repetitive diorama of elements playing at personalities. In this I consider my life in Carnia. The simple freedom of being able to go to the beach, to meditate and to cast my magicks, free from the bondage of threads that limits the minds of the people.

Of course, this relates to my contemplations. Everything we experience in the Akasha is divined in relation to whatever we’re moving through. It’s the nature of the ethers themselves. I has only been 48 hours or so since i’ve been delving into the full writing of the Yoga of Story and it’s publishing through the Mythica temple, and the shift in my state of being has already produced an entirely new reflection across the field. I find that i’m having access, a grounded and coherent access to the authenticity of my expression, that the various ways in which I have documented my journey into a sacred narrative are coming together like rain upon the water.

There’s a beautiful truth to it. I make no apologies for recognizing the vibrational difference between my existence in the depths of the Mythica and those who make their home in the Commonwealth, for such is the truth of things seen in their architecture and appears to be necessary, in this moment, for the writing to unveil herself through a clear channel, one that accepts it’s own regard in allowance and light.

Carlsbad Library – The Private Office

The journey across the Mythica is always one of synchronicities. Meaning – the realms and realities that we arrive at always happen in synchronicity. Noticing how that happens, getting clear on that is part of divining Where You’re At.

Case in point – I make my way to the Carlsbad Library once more, appreciating the environment for it’s spaciousness and the oh-so-amazing Creation Lab where i’ll soon be putting together my videos for the yoga of story and the Mythica. As I arrive, they have a muzzle policy, so I put the rainbow muzzle that was given to me by Sundragon of the Ascenders on and enter the space, walking through to the back area where I then remove said muzzle and sit down, setting up my computer in the clean outside air well within the radiance of the libraries luminous WIFI.

As I do, I look around. Here I was, alone outside, in what basically accounts for my own private office in the temple of Story. I have plenty of food and i’ve had a shower. Thanks to Lady Ash’s and Lovewell’s generous donations, the Mythica temple remains open and I have the space to create the courses in perfect timing.

The Outside Office

There’s magic in this. Deep magic, really. There’s magic in everything, as everything that happens is made of the ethers within the space of the Akasha. The thing is, it’s all about realizing it.

See, I just grabbed this photo using a HISY remote with my iPhone set up on a tripod. While that may not seem like a big deal to people, God is about the details. Details like I didn’t realize I could reset the HISY from my old phone until today and was shooting batch photos to witness myself on the Quest, wasting space..

Yet today, I did, and so looked up how to reset the HISY remote, got a paper clip as per the instructions from YouTube and did the task, essentially setting up my documentation on another level of easement where I can just set up a shot and click the remote.

I know that can sound mundane. Yet for me, it’s a Major Magic because everything relates to what ideas we have access to in the akasha. In fact, all abundance is about that very thing. About our access to the assets which already exist in the etheric space.

In Search of Health

Realms exist everywhere, entire worlds separated by vibrational synchronicity‘s.  One can move through and are mature of distinct places in the Mythica simply walking down the street. As part of
my quest to acquire a membership to the YMCA I find myself down in a place called “like Jolla“ in what on the surface plane is called “San Diego“.

I find my way to a Best Buy, to get some thing to charge my phone and play music while still living in Carnia. Like everything in my life, it’s a calculated expenditure, drawing upon the shoestring of resources that is defined the journey.

Invocations of Community

I so often have the sense that everything is just God happening. That the decisions we make in the invocations we perform are part of something larger, a divination of the desires of our higher and more causal self.

As I return to Encinitas for the evening I am inspired to walk amongst the people. Leaving Emerald in the parking lot of Philz coffee, I open sacred space with the five elements and cast in invocation to encounter new friendships and deeper community. As I do, I am mindful of what constitutes the spell, entering first with a neutrality free from lust for a result and then filling into the somatic patterns in the ethers of myself.

There’s a bliss here for me.  In the application of the magic in a coherent way and the documenting of the results. It is after all what I created the Mythica for, the fundamental a thorough imprint of the egregore.

It’s all in the electromagnetics. In the sensations that move through our form and the vibration that we are embodying at any given moment.  To cast a spell is to actively move to change the vibration of one’s consciousness with the intention of achieving a certain result based on that vibration. In this case, I felt myself focus into the high heart, Shifting my vibration to a place of receptivity, allowing the world to flow towards me.

As I do, I simply walk down the street, keeping the locus of my focus on my inner form, on the sense of whether I am allowing and receiving the people and their vibration or I am keeping them at a distance. My intent is to invoke a realm of reception, where I encounter the vibrations of connection.

I walk down the way, sitting near a local watering hole for a few minutes, simply feeling the people. I am acutely aware of what is a vibration of longing for result and what is not, and I simply settle back into it. There is an easement, for in this moment I am genuinely settled into the reality of Carnia and my writing at the library temple. Without such inner pressures for change, I am genuinely curious as to how my vibrational stance will affect the circumstance.

After a while, I feel led to walk down the street a little bit, where I discover a clothing store offering a video called ‘Sweetwater’, part of a documentary series called ‘Discovering Bliss’. I wander around for a little while, holding the inner asana, witnessing. It is a definitively different sensation than ‘”hunting” for connection, and I bask in it, feeling the shift from the outward to the inward, from the projective to the receptive.

IT WORKS. As I come into the space, I find myself connecting lightly with the people, waiting for the movie to begin. As I wait, I come into contact with Paulino Duran, the filmmaker and the creator of the ‘Discovering Bliss’ project itself! Alongisde him I encounter Josh once more, the surf champion I had met alongside Joshua Faust in our journey to Maui in 2019. Synchronicities abound.

Choosing a New Pattern

Once more the rarity of ingesting alcohol affects me, offering a new perspective on the patterns in my nervous system that have created my previous reality. As I have been moving forward, a sense of interest in relationship begins to dawn. A desire to actually connect with the people.

For some time now, I have been realizing that my habit of stimulating my self sexually to go to sleep has been in the way of my having relationships with others in a romantic context. Like the other patterns within the subconscious, i’ve looked at it, considering how to transform it’s substance and shift into a new reality. Consciously, invoking the five elements once more to prep the invocational space, I look into the energies beneath the surface of my story and realize on some level that I have just not really trusted women. That i’ve been so annoyed and disappointed by the mundane incoherence that has defined much of the population that I haven’t really wanted to connect. That on some level, i’ve been choosing to pleasure myself rather than embrace the possibility that I may be met by someone actually conscious.

It’s a deep thing for me. A deeply deep thing. A habit that has been with me for years, essentially giving me the pleasures that I wasn’t experiencing in the community. One connected to all kinds of sexual frustrations, longing and agitated boredom with the nature of the Commonwealth and the patterns of relationships in relation to my own journey deeper into the Mythica. It is a thing connected to the very root chakra itself, to my joy and interest in engaging with the world, with community and intimacy in general, and one that has taken me years, nay, decades to be able to write about.

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