2019 – February – Week IV


Heading to towne from the temple

I can’t say exactly why I left the temple. A feeling. A sense of synchrony, of something that had to be done.

In the past few days there has been a huge shift, a rearrangement of the matrices of my lens of self and the ways in which the light of Source moves through my vessel. A visceral sense of realignment, in which I see the focus of the Mythica must begin with the World Tree and the Great Story using the adventures of Yeshua and my self as a reference, rather than the other way around.

Making my way to the Hana highway, I cast the invocation that I am picked up by the most appropriate person. A ride soon pulls over, driven by a kind-hearted man working in the hospital industry.

It isn’t a deeply galactic conversation that we share on the way, just simple, human chit-chat. We don’t exist in the same vibrational landscape, crossing paths with only glimmers of recognition of each other’s essence.

Such reminds me once again of the many octaves existing simultaneously here on the Earth plane, and I wonder what shall await me as I make my way into the seaside towne of Paia.

As I stand on the corner, I recognize why I was led to of the temple as I intersect the Jason, the Gratitude Bear, in the streets of Paia. While we have never been deeply close, I have always recognized the Bear’s Kingship, a sense of deep reverence and connection with the Love that underlies all things.

As we talkstory, he shares a great mending within himself regarding relationships. One in which he felt an opening, dissolving the old pattern and allowing space for women more aligned with his age and maturity.

“It was like, once that shifted, all these women who were more appropriate appeared in the field” he says, remarking on the movement from the pattern of engaging with princesses still awaiting their Saturn return to that of a more mature Queenship of companionship.

It is a common understanding amongst the emergence that we live within the hologram of our own resolving impressions. That we must clear and open such that the abundance and prosperity that is our birthright may arrive in our halo of manifestation.

Such reflects my own process deeply, proving once again the physics of the quest as I consider my own longing for a more dignified and matured version of companionship, tracking it’s ache back to the still-resolving tightness around my Heart.

After gathering some foodstuffs for Yeshua back at the temple, I make my way towards the road. I feel a subtle calling, the voice of the aina, whispering through the trees. Deepening my listening, I feel them, tendrils, expressions of something much larger, reflecting back the understanding that we ARE the Tree, the characters of the Great Story, and that through my journeys, I am witnessing the roots of Yggdrasil herself.

The World Tree

Moving on, I repeat the invocation that I am picked up by the most appropriate person. Soon enough, a lovely woman named Patty pulls over.

Like myself, she is from the great city of New York, having made it back to the sacred island after many years on the Eastern coast of the Americas.

We talk as we drive. She tells me of a spiritual publishing company run by a friend of hers on New York, and I consider it a blessing, a movement forward into the realms of promotion and productivity, that I may potentially link with other aspects of publishing World in the effort to help the people Awaken.


She drops me off at the temple. Like showing Scott before, I am honoured to reveal the grand design of Bruce’s inspiration, citing that the temple manifested for us *despite* the lack of resources and support from the majority of the collective, that we had proven the physics of the quest in our journeys and were now ready to share those teachings with the World.

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Character Synchronicities from this Episode

Jason Ross (The Gratitude Bear)


So I have it. The Mythica. The spell i’d woven so many years ago to stabilize my powers. To free myself from the constant shifting across the realms of the akasha.

In the subtle fields I can feel her, all around me, providing a buttress, a bastion of clarity, a way of organizing the information. Of grounding me out. I am quite proud of the achievement, actually. That is, when i’m able to hold my position in that realm. When i’m able to remember, and act upon that remembrance.

It’s a funny thing. I made this entry private. A new aspect of the wordpess platform for me. While I suspect I have an almost pathological desire to reveal the ‘full monty’ of my writings to the World, it’s apparently tempered by some kind of prudence. So, veils laid down, judgment suspended, let’s do this ….

I masturbated twice today. Stroking myself into a happy oblivion. I can still feel the hollows, the lack of vitality in my loins through the action. How it depletes my coherence, and makes it more difficult to break the chains of my imprisonment in the human condition.

As I completed the action, well-worn through years of field work and utterly spotless as I loop the orgasmic feeling back into my body, it fails to do what I intend it for, to put me to sleep, away from the nigh-endless work required simply to have access.

As I lay there, still lonely (for fantasy is a poor substitute for the reality of a warm body and resonant soul lying next to you), feeling drained, a vision comes to me of how deeply and longstanding my relationship with this particular sexual focus has been. How often i’ve turned to self-stimulation as a means of negotiating the utter emotional desolation of my years on the Quest. How fantasy was my release, a way of triggering that dopamine (or whatever) chemical rush in the wake of being isolated, struggling to make sense of the human condition. To heal the splinter which had plagued me for so many decades.

Sexual energy in the human condition is such an funny thing. In the years i’ve spent traversing the planes of this place, i’ve come to see a gradual movement across the akasha, a movement towards a refined control over this most precious of aspects, tempering out the ways in which it was used to manipulate the people, to sell them products and dreams they didn’t need for it’s promise of excitement and vitality.

As i’ve watched the many beings with whom I share the emergent resonance, i’ve seen a tendency towards celibacy, a holding of the energies, facing the shadows of confused desire, in what was a declared effort by many to manifest their “twin flame”.

For me, this barely occurred as an option. Wandering my way across the realms of the Mythica, I did not exist in the Commonwealth, and was far more concerned with simply being able to make it through the soft places and the shadowlands to be able to *have* relationships, must less to be met, actually met, by a being of resonant vibration.

Besides, to get to such a thing, it seemed I had to master the sexual energies, a thing which was proving to be one of my greatest challenges, where the escape that I had gained from the madness of my youth had now become a prison, adding it’s weight to the chains already in constant negotiation within my consciousness.

In simplicity, I could say that I just did not understand how to work with sexual energy. How to move through the tingling fires of desire mixed with denial, to navigate my way through the idea of ‘cultivation’ or ‘celibacy’ when what I wanted, deeply and truly, was the connection that simply did not appear.

A vision comes to me as I write this. A contemplation, into the history of this aspect of my life. How deeply entrenched it is. How fundamental to the way in which i’ve worked with my character. How much mindfulness and inner resolve, how much actual FAITH is required that I will not be forsaken despite the years of sadness and loneliness i’ve endured in the mortal plane. While it has been painfully obvious, at least to an imagined outside observer, the depths of it are only just now coming (no pun intended) to the surface.

I started masturbating when I was oh … eight years old, which makes it my longest running and consistent habit, going on four decades now of nightly explorations. And while I have never delved into the strange desires of fetishes or improper conduct, such has been a force which has influenced my every action, a longing for union, for connection, for the sweetness and emotional resonance I so desired that was denied me.

Such became my regular practice, one which, unlike the uber-boring meditations and subtle work *DEMANDED* by the gulag of the human condition, actually produced a good feeling quickly. I would fantasize, and in those fantasies, soothe the wounds in my Heart. Yes, it was depleting my energy. Yes, it affected my focus. Yet like so many other subconscious patterns that are the chains upon human potential and the nature of the prison itself, I didn’t see. Not really. Not truly. I did not see how I was sublimating my desire for connection. I did not see how I was stroking myself to escape from the horror of facing the vibrations of the World. For dealing with the mundane repetitions and disenchanting conversations.

It has always been my go-to habit. I remember, back when I was flush with the money I inherited on the Quest, weeks where I would just lay in bed, heavy with depression, stroking myself into oblivion just to escape the onslaught of darkness which was my constant companion.

It’s funny, actually. I don’t particularly judge myself for the action. Rather, i’m grateful to have had some kind of soothing influence that carried me through the long, dark nights of madness and majesty. Despite the fact that I know I must shift this habit to the grueling necessity of meditation in order to break the next layer of chains upon my consciousness, i’m actually thankful for it’s existence. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without it, and in some way, I feel honouring the habit is integral to letting it go.

Yet it’s not easy. What started as a way to dissolve the tension has truly become an addiction, made more difficult by the isolation of the Quest and my gradual movement towards the Commonwealth.

And, for the record, it’s not that I haven’t had lovers. Far from it, I can’t count how many lovers i’ve been graced with, for despite the habit of self-stimulation, I have always had a vast sexual charge, an energy of wildness which has defined my aspect on the World stage. I got the sex I wanted, yet it didn’t satisfy, and in that perpetual naivete, continued, wanting the sensual and emotional pleasures of the earth plane, fearing that it would be denied me as I struggled my way across the shadowlands.

I have to stop. You see, it drains me. Of course, any book on sexual alchemy will tell you that. To my credit, I rarely allow myself to ejaculate outwardly, it’s *too* draining to my life-force, pushing past the danger zone of total incoherence, and so I loop it back inside, sending the energy up my spine. Not as efficient as the classic ‘reach the edge then pull the energy back’ microcosmic orbit, yet not as hard (again, no pun intended 🙂 ) on the body as simply letting it go.

Yet how to do it. How to unbind the chains of habit and forge new ones. To face this thing in the human condition, and shift into another realm?

2019-2-24 – Part II

As soon as I awaken there is a feeling. One of dropping in. Of breathing the Light of my awareness into my body. As it threatens to leave my consciousness, I make a quick note in this digital journal in effort to hold onto it before the crash of the human plane tears away my memory.

Today’s been hard. The curse really came right up in my face. I wasn’t able to pay a friend of mine whom I dearly honour. Once again, the curse, that subconscious blockage affecting ALL of my manifestations, that which i’ve endured and dealt with this entire lifetime, showed itself.

I thought I would have been able to pay them. Yet, once again, I was blocked. Blocked from even having *access* to what to do or whom to “give service” to. Once again, blocked from knowing how to deliver on the Gift of my healing arts, not to mention the ongoing denial of the delicious and expansive aspects of the human plane.

When the curse hits me, I can’t think clearly. It’s insidiousness prevents me from remembering things, jacknifing my ability to make choices. After all, if I can’t remember, then I can’t make a choice, now can I?

Dealing with it has been part of why I built the Mythica. To provide a series of digital breadcrumbs, remembrances to who I really am, building an array of sacred mirrors in effort to dissolve the distortions in my field.

And it’s helped. Yet not enough, as in the scathing reality of being unable to pay my friend I see the pattern, of how beings have helped me and i’ve been unable to repay them, all due to the inconstant access to inspiration, due to inconstant access to memory, bound by the subconscious chains that have defined my human life.

Rage and shame grip me. I feel helpless. Bound by the patterns within the self. Desperately trying to hold the window of clarity open long enough to build out the Mythica, to get the Light that comes through me in those moments of freedom out to the World. Trapped by my own subconscious, which I feel is fucking me over, and has been for a long time.

Evon Eisenberg, former classmate at the Academy

Desperate to find some clarity through the haze, I call Evon, who, through some small miracle, is able to talk to me for a few minutes.

”It just keeps happening.” I tell her. “The SAME conditions. The SAME circumstance. The SAME blockages. My access keeps getting blocked.”

”I know. This is not the first time we’ve had this conversation” she says, patient and loving.

”I can’t go on like this. It’s insane. Beings don’t show up, i’ve reached out and been ignored, everything feels blocked. It’s an effort just to hold onto my thoughts, as if something within me is trying to stop me. A subconscious pattern, something.”

“Yes.” She says. “And everyone is going through it. It’s part of understanding what it means to be human.”

“I understand it just fine!” I say.

Sweetly, she responds. “Yes, you do. Yet understanding and acceptance are not the same. You know this.”

And I I feel it. The hatred. The disgust for the human condition. For having to do all these practices simply to have access. For being in these conditions. Rage. Rancor at feeling imprisoned. At feeling denied, and demanded to move through a vessel which was fundamentally splintered upon entry.

“I feel you.” I respond, through gritted teeth. The rage is extreme.

Already i’ve spent a good amount of time literally hitting my self. Feeling trapped and enraged that I was unable to provide the money for my ally. That my attempts to share the Mythica with the people, to even have access to the right ideas, have been blocked. All because of this. All because of the broken splinters inside of my self. Because of the very nature of the human condition.

”It hasn’t been easy for me either” I hear her say through the haze of self-loathing and disgust for what I consider a living prison.

“Many times i’ve been woken up in the middle of the night with something I have to do, some being or presence that needs my attention. I’ve learned use my awareness to accept it, do what needs to be done, and go back to sleep. I used to be up for hours with resistance.

It is so hard to hold onto what she is saying. The agitation is so strong within, I can barely think. Everything is red. Difficult to discern. Yet I try, fighting with my own self to have access to ideas. As I feel into the akasha as best I can through the walls of the prison, I sense how the many aspects of the self in the form of the Galactic and the “community” are all connected through the threads of aka. How they can’t show up as this pattern remains within my own being.

It doesn’t help. Feeling-images of others enjoying the tantras, the connections, the sensuality and resonance while I have been denied for *decades* burn through me.

I breathe in, still incandescently enraged that I am STILL in this position. *Still* having to do more inner process while forgetting that I have to do it. That I must forge my way through this purgatory of a plane. More than anything I just want to give and receive, to share the resonance and expansion. To be in the flushness, connecting with others and opening together. To deliver the Light.

“I know it’s hard.” She says. “And yet, your higher self chose this for a reason”.

”Did it? Does that even exist? Or are we just puppets of unfoldment?” I say.

Choice, the idea of Free Will, has been a huge debate beween Evon and I. Having come from a lifetime of being unable to even remember myself until the clouds of the prison parted for a time, I lean in the direction that we have no free will. That everything unfolds in the timing that it does, and that while there is a *moment* when we’re able to make decisions and choices, before that time we’re bound by subconscious patterns within our self and the larger collective.

”You know i’ve always hated this.”

“Yes. Ever since i’ve known you at the Academy. You’ve hated it.”

”Who wouldn’t? To be denied? To be saddled with this janitor job of consciousness?”

”Mmm … ‘saddled’ doesn’t sound like you’re taking responsibility for it.” She says.

”I take responsibility for it just fine. I HAVE to. I’m FORCED to deal with it in this fucking body. In this filthy gulag.”

”I know sweetie. Yet, feel the energy underneath. It’s not accepting it.”

”And is that what you’re feeling is the issue? Acceptance? Surrender into MORE process?”

I can feel her etheric shrug. “Yes. I’m sorry, I know it’s not what you might want to hear, but that’s what’s coming through.”

I unclench my teeth. Consciously. A part of me wishes it could step outside of the self and beat the body to death in vengeance for having to endure this.

”It’s okay.” I say. “I wouldn’t have reached out to you if I was able to see the answer myself. I just …. I just want it to stop. I came here to help.”

”And you took on a Big mission.”

“I know.. I just want it to change and i’m not sure what to do. You say surrender, so i’ll work on that. On accepting the prison some more.”

About an hour later, Jaclyn (the Akashic Angel) comes over. We had intended to do a photo shoot, yet I find myself wishing to open that liminal space with her, hoping that our shared luminance will reveal more of what I cannot see on my own due to the prison within.

I don’t feel like sharing the dialogue on that. Suffice to say, amidst a bunch of sensory explorations into the akasha she reflects back the same thing.

”Surrender” she says. “It feels like surrender.”

Yet i’m not sure what kind of surrender. Am I surrendering to doing MORE process? MORE forgiveness? MORE acceptance of this shithole reality? More acceptance of being lonely, isolated, unreceived and misunderstood? More acceptance of the scarcitiesi of Love and basic monies to live? Surrender to the madness which has constantly tortured me across this lifetime?

She doesn’t have an answer, and I don’t expect her to. Between her luminance and that of Evon’s, I See, at least a bit more clearly, through the haze of the prison. I recall again how Yeshua’s presence in the field and his ardent inner process has been the reminder to my own self, the embodiment of the practices of acceptance and devotion (I almost choke on bile writing the word) to this thing, this filthy reality and what I am forced to do to exist within it.

My head hurts. Burns with rage. Still hurting from the many times I struck myself throughout the day in that hatred. The deep wish I could destroy the self and thus free my awareness from the prison made manifest.

I go upstairs, and do MORE process. More acceptance and forgiveness. I even record the bits of it in an effort to defeat the prison of forget.

As I lay back to rest for the evening, I share this with You, my faithful Readers –

I love Peter. My self. He is one of the most talened, amazing beings I have ever met. I appreciate his vast magics *when* I am able to access them through the lens of akasha that is his form.

At the same time, I hate him. I hate being burdened with these chains and being demanded to break free of them, recognzing that they are the very nature of the human condition at this time. I hate, and I mean *HATE* having to do so much forgiveness, so much acceptance, so much process simply to have access.

What Jaclyn does not know but Evon does is that I have been dealing with this thing for a lifetime. Feeling trapped inside my own consciousness. That I have done the best I could as a newcomer to this plane, building out an entire temple of Remembrance as a boddhisatvic act for the people. That I have asked allies to work with me, only to be denied over and over again and demanded to feel out what *internal* thing is going on, on top of the other thousands of internal things i’ve been demanded to deal with that is preventing it from happening.

It hurts. And while I DO appreciate and marvel at the majesty of the Mythica and the vast, vast accomplishments i’ve made in shattering the chains of the prison of the self so that I could actually *enjoy* human life, I have not yet gotten the results i’ve wanted, despite my bright intentions. And so, enraged at the self, feeling unmet by the so-called ‘community’ my head pounding with grievance towards the very nature of the material plane at this time, I crawl up into the bedroom, pull my head under the covers and sleep, invoking a litany of ‘I surrender’ in effort to at least have enough access and remembrance to do the repetitive process that is the sorrow of the human condition.


As I awaken, I immediately engage the Dispenza meditation, breathing into the space around my form and continually invoking surrender to What Is, to the processes that must be done to change the emotional state of the body as an axis of manifestation.

Despite the resentment, I recognized the impressions moving through Evon, Jaclyn and others as coming from the Universe, suggesting acceptance and surrender to the process.

I could feel fear, tightness, anger, all sorts of emotions within my field, all of which I knew were constricting the flow of prana through my body and crunching my attempts to manifest. I could feel the storm of rage and indignation, of feeling unrequited, hammering from within.

Focusing the magics, working with the feeling-tones to change my manifestation

Beneath it, in the core, I sense the olde wound. The rage against the machine. The disgust with being in a circumstance where we are all demanded to do this process, demanded to invoke gratitude as a modifier, demanded to do subconscious clearing, to fend against the vibrations of the old paradigm, to endlessly forgive, accept, and ‘focus on the positive’ as a means of extracating oneself from the realms of scarcity. Where, because of the nature of What currently Is, one is forced to do the practices in order to shift realities.

It is what I have always hated and resisted. The environment which demands the process. That which, for all of my attainments and magics, I have been in conflict with. That which I MUST surrender to and accept, for without the constant process (and the mastery of mind that such requires), the reality will not change, despite the vastness of the Value I embody.

As I hold my attention on it, things unveil. I see again how first the ignorance and then blatant unacceptance of the human plane and what is required here have prevented me from holding onto the functions of this place. The cooking, the cleaning, the necessities of material existence. How in my grievance with the Creation, I have been unwilling, and thus unable, to hold onto what occurs for me as repetitive mundanities, wanting something more akin to the liminal space from whence i’d come.

There is a sensation in the field.

Right on cue, Satya sends me a message, inquiring about when we shall have the rent and wanting to have a conversation. Across the sea, Boggie needs the money he lent me. A wave of helplessness moves through, and I breathe through that, returning to the feeling-tone of gratitude and expansion as best I can, holding the space.

Breathing a tone of sheer disgust for the human experience out of my body, I invoke surrender again, wrinkling my nose in distaste, like inhaling a whiff of rotting flesh. I recognize once again that I must force myself into gratitude for it as a modifier to the tightness, convincing my body of a new emotion to prove the laws of manifesation and reach the realms of prosperity at last.

A wave of despair goes through me, wondering if it shall ever be more pleasant to exist in this plane, yet I continue.It isn’t easy, requiring that I abstract myself from the circumstances of the now and hold the vision, convincing myself that the necessity of paying the rent wasn’t the issue, and that I had to hold the feeling-tone, tracking it to the caverns of my form. That by holding that resonant vibration, identifying with the space, that I will have access to the ideas and inspirations to take action towards my goal of sovereignty and prosperity, where I am met at last by my fellows and expanding together.

It is so difficult. The sense of helplessness is so strong. While I know I am not helpless and are in fact very capable and strong, it pulls at me. An old feeling, an old emotion within the body that has outlived it’s usefulness.

Intentionally, I remind myself of the accomplishments of the Mythica, the manifestation of the temple, the increase in the octaves of the healing arts and my awareness, using the reminders of the physics of the quest and the rules of the road to manage the energetic state.

And so I breathe. Feeling open the space of the Heart. Intentionally invoking gratitude for the experience I wanted to have, holding that within the consciousness.

I breathe again, feeling that in order to have the inspiration that leads to the action I have to hold a particular vibrational texture, taking charge of the fields within, and jump back into the process. The tightness in my chest reflects, and I continue the focus, engaging the mindfulness again.

There is a sense of resolve. No matter what happens, i’ve done what I intended to do, created a way of documentinga and applying the journey to another manifestation. Beneath the circumstance, there is an ever-more clarified visceral sense of the textures within and how they affect one’s very access to ideas. I see the WHY of gratitude and visualization. I see, clearly, the Value of my own embodiment and that of the Mythica, even if I have not consistently had access to how to deliver that goodness to the World.

If anything, such is a clear object lesson – that the Value and Grace can be present, yet blocked by the feeling-tones within the self which limit the access of the self and of ‘others’ in the field. Recognizing this, once again I invoke surrender and acceptance to the necessary processes to free oneself from the chains of limitation.


Awakening, I immediately go into the ‘Water’ meditation by Joe Dispenza, breathing into my form. For me, this is a movement into surrender and acceptance, of dissolving the resistance i’ve had to doing the practices necessary in this plane. I deeply appreciate this meditation, for it’s essence is deeply resonant with Akasha Yoga.

Akasha Yoga

Information pours through me as I drop into wielding with the practice. I can feel the movements, the openings through the substance of the akasha, what Dispenza refers to as the ‘quantum field’ of possibility. Not for the first time, I recognize that all techniques are essentially based in the same thing, the transformation of the substance of the self in alignment with the physics of the quest.

I drop into the practice, recognizing the shifting of one’s point-of-reference into the space *around* the self as similar to that of akasha yoga, loosening the grip upon the idea of self and allowing the clearer pattern flow through the matrix of my being. As Dispenza speaks, he suggests asking the Divine for a sign, an unexpected sign that proves one made contact, that inspires one to go further into the process. I’m open, dropping deeper into the surrender to the necessity of practice.

As we continue to work throughout the day, that sign appears, in the form of a dividend check from a bank account I have barely touched. It isn’t about the amount of money. It’s about the fact that money, prosperity in all forms from Love to Recognition and more, are what I have been working towards. Having the check appear was, to me, the *perfect* sign for my unique circumstance, yet another sign of the physics of the Quest.

This represents a major movement for me. Often I remark to Yeshua the peculiar nature of my life purpose, that I came here with pre-built siddhic awareness, and on a certain level understand ALL practices, ALL forms from that numinous base of direct perception. Yet as part of my seva to the human condition, I have had to go through the nature of ‘being human’ like everyone else, meaning my access to those virtues was inconstant, demanding that I do the process along with everyone else, a thing that has given me genuine humility, despite the longstanding grievance i’ve had with the necessity of practice.

Yet practice I must. Despite the Shivic knowledge that passes through my avatar, I am required to actually DO the practices on the regular, constantly refining the field of my awareness such to manifest my way into a more heavenly Earth. In this way, Yeshua, with his many lifetimes of embodiment as a monk and a sadhu, holds keys to my own remembrance. Such creates the sacred mutual bowing to one another which defines the akasha yogas, clearing the way for all of us to manifest the much brighter World of our birthright.

Following the Synchronicities

There is no food, yet we discover $28 between us. Making the decision to leave the temple, we head towards Veg-out in Haiku, trusting the winds of synchronicity to grant us a ride.

Heading down to the roadway we invoke the spell that we are picked up by the perfect person. After some time, a man pulls over, and takes us directly to where we want to go.

It’s a beautiful thing. In every way, we are both feeling our energies clarifying. Crystallizing. Where the access is opening across the board. Such is the nature of the process, the movement towards a more heavenly Earth across the Mythica. In perfect synchrony, before we even have to conjure or set an intention, we are met by an ally, Shelby, first met at the Paia Bay Coffee Shoppe, appearing in the field.

She offers us a ride back.

“You’ve got to come see the temple” we say. “You’ll love it.”

She grins. It is good to feel her out to the work environment. Tones of Earth, of Hearth and Home radiate through her in the akasha. I can sense the lioness within her, and tell her so. She responds with a knowing smile.

As we get back to the temple, I’m inspired to invite her up to the upper area, where, beautifully, Story and Song emerge. Here, in the sanctified harmonics of the space, I feel us shifting, moving deeper into the realms of the Mythica together. Inspired, Yeshua and I create music together, the words arriving naturally in reverence for the gravity of the sharing.

This too is a sign of opening. The bardic is dear to both Yeshua and I. Part of our diligence in the Mythica is to create a space for that Story and Song, for the many Stories of the World to be heard. It is not for nothing the Mythica is called a temple of Story.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/From the Quest/2019-2-26-Bardic-Expand.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Mythica-Intro-Screen.jpeg”]


Morning Meditations

Passing through the Aina from the Temple

Continuing the invocation of surrender and acceptance of what must be done, I invoke the Dispenza meditation first thing. As I do information pours through the akasha, informing me and clarifying my efforts.

A wave of agitation moves up for a moment as the feeling of questioned value arises. Casting the spell, I shift my awareness to the space of the akasha, separating my self from the previous pattern, and change it, shifting to a new emotional state.

Doing so reminds me, my value is priceless. I have mapped out the weave of our timelines. Created a way of showing the subtleties of the akasha and our timelines. Trained Yeshua and witnessed his powers activate in the process. There is no shame in applying the Dispenza techniques or any others, it does not take from my uniqueness and offering to the people.

Leaving the Mandala Gardens

Once again, we witness the unfolding of the Great Story as we are picked up by travelers with whom we share resonance.

The Siddhi of Story

As we sit in the back of the truck, I sense the energies moving in the front seat churning through the substance of the akasha. I am needed here, I can feel it. To ground out the vibration and remind this noble warrior of the nature of her Path.

What happens next is Major League, in which I feel myself shift into the realm of my siddhic embodiment, and invoke an anchoring, feeling each of the avatars within the field of my awareness.

The wielding affects us all, shifting the tones of the self, such that everyone involved drops into the octave of the Mythica. Here, I am able to communicate to this bright warrior the nature of the jarring of her nervous system that has been her trauma and communicate her sacred challenge to master her own vibrational field and thus embody that remedy for others.

As we speak, she expresses that her service to the aina has led her to a peaceful place, full of Green, where she is being granted lessons by various energetic practitioners to help her to heal herself. Through the substance of the akasha I See her, in the modern myth of her own becoming.

“I understand the trauma” I tell her, feeling her feeling my authentic transmission through the field. “I had to learn the mastery. None of us are exempt from it. I See You. You are Loved.”

Tears come to her eyes. She bows in return, the agitations in her nervous system quieted for the moment, receiving.

Expressing the Realms

After the encounter, Yeshua and I sense the textures of the akasha. We are deeply in the Mythica. Deeply in the clarity and discernment of the textures of our selves in this aspect. A flush of information downloads on how to present the realms to the people, helping them to see the landscape of their legend and the road to Heaven on Earth.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/From the Quest/2019-2-27-Realms-and-Realities_1.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Mythica-Intro-Screen.jpeg”]

Return to the Parking Lot of the Gods

Disembarking from our ride and flush with the energies of the Opening, we make our way to the Parking Lot of the Gods.

“I smell circus” Yeshua says as we approach, and spy a group of youths training themselves in the free arts, spinning and opening with Song and Dance.

A little bit away from the youths, Yeshua is casting something. I can feel the vibrations moving across the akasha. Near him, a woman is filming him. Drawn by the vibrations, I wander over. It turns out she’s a professional blogger, and is stunned by our appearance here.

I look at her through the akasha. A seer, and a fae, moving through her current incarnation. To my surprise, (and clearly a sign of the actualization of the Dispenza technique), she Recognizes both Yeshua and I, yet another avatar drawn to the Parking Lot of the Gods.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/From the Quest/2019-2-27-An-unexpected-testimonial.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Mythica-Intro-Screen.jpeg”]

Angels of the Akasha

Making our way back to Mana foods, we encounter a number of avatars connected to the unfoldment, once more proving the laws of resonance and the physics of the quest. Here, we are witnessed in alignment with Jaclyn the Akashic Angel, sharing the tones of the sacred skill of divining the substance of the Akasha for the people.

The Song of Satya

Yeshua drawing on the Aina

Flush with mana from the Opening in the Parking Lot of the Gods, we return to the temples cape, feeling the Grace of the aina all around us.

As we had agreed, we jump into discussion on how to present the Akasha Yoga to the World and honour the rent on the temple. All around us I sense opening, the application of the Dispenza and Akasha techniques shifting the inner and outer tones of our manifestation.

Dan Walsh, avatar of Music

I am sitting at the computer when suddenly $100 appears in my account, sent spontaneously by Dan Walsh, fulfilling his own sacred mission in New York. Surprised and elated by yet *another* sign of financial abundance and a clear response from the Universe through application of the Dispenza technique, I inquire through the Facebook what prompted him to send such energy our way.

“I just felt it.” He replies. “I got a download to send you some money.”

Yes. This is the proof of the process. The showing of the physics of the quest, of manifestation at it’s core across the field of our collective consciousness.

As we work diligently on the presentation, Satya appears in the field. What follows next is nothing short of epic …

Characters Appearing in this Episode
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis
Jaclyn (The Akashic Angel)
Satya Douglas
Dan Walsh

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