2019 – January – Week IV

2019-1-22 – The Temple and the Path

Here at the Mandala Gardens, Yeshua and I continue our seva on the Land.

It’s not part of our agreement. The gifting from our ally of payment for the tiny temple through the beginning of February does not require work on the land, yet I am happy to offer this in service to the aina.

It is a pleasurable service, for in my bare feet and the radiant Sun I feel mana flowing through my body, recharging me with the kiss of Shakti.

As we do this outer work, we continue to document our sacred journey, proving the physics of the quest and witnessing the characters of the Great Story in their arrival. In that service, I hold the inner asana, the constant wielding of vibrational sovereignty and clearing to open the gates of receiving such that the Gift of the Mythica may make her way to the Commonwealth.

It isn’t easy. In fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Yet, it’s the job I was made for. The reason I incarnated into the human plane as an avatar of Awakening.

In any Quest, the stakes are high, the trials equal to the triumphs in the long walk across the rainbow bridge, both finding the way to Heaven on Earth and laying breadcrumbs of golden witnessing for those brave enough to make their own journey home.

Such is the real human adventure into the new paradigm, wrought in an ongoing narrative of practice, technique and results meant to demonstrate that we can, through right-effort, change the circumstances of our consciousness and thus our life.

The Tree of Worlds – We are all Connected

To heal this and reveal the ways in which we may make our way to a new reality, I created the Mythica, using our Stories as conduits for the revelations gained in our travels, showcasing the Akasha Yoga as a means of clearing our timelines and revealing the seed within, the sacred life purpose that sits within us all.

Such has been an adventure of deep contemplation and application of the various yogas of manifestation, discovering the relationship between the feeling-sensation within the bodymind and the manifestations of one’s conditions, exploring the final frontier of the space within and it’s relationship to the space without.

Such is magnificent challenge, one each of us must face as we dissolve the conditions of separation to give and receive our sacred Gifts in a New World.

Even now, as I write this, I breathe purposefully, consciously invoking the feeling-tone of gratitude and expansion for the conditions that have manifested around us in the intention to maintain and expand them such that I may have the space to write and publish the Mythica. Wielding the enlightenment gained from the travels, I shift the locus of my focus away from my individual self into the surrounding space, silently thanking the aspect of the Divine appearing in the form of Joe Dispenza and his divined techniques, breathing from the aina into ‘Peter’s’ form, intentionally dissolving the remaining heaviness within my chest and the question of manifestation as we continue forward.

Such is the challenge Yeshua and I share, as we constantly divine the way towards the manifestation of the finance and fellowship we deserve, sometimes striving to find the trust that after so much effort we shall finally be received in the Gift we are bringing to the Collective.

2019-1-23 – Magicians at the Temple

To my beloved Readers and Adventurers on the rainbow bridge – This entry has three videos in it, more than the average for my posts, each documenting an encounter with one of the magical avatars of the New World arriving in perfect synchronicity as part of the Great Story. Yet while this is a good amount of watching, they are significant, for each represents a part of the grand unfoldment of our Awakening.

At your leisure, enjoy the videos or simply read this post through as you are led.

The morning brings great clarity as I awaken with inspirations for videos which shall teach the Akasha Yoga and open portals for Readers throughout the site. Last night’s decision to offer the teachings by donation in the traditional style of yogic giving of giving felt aligned, opening up channels in my Heart through which new inspiration flowed.

Opening Space Within and Without

Such are the minutia of the Path. The navigation within one’s own inner compass towards the expansion and abundance of the inspiration that wishes to flow through the self. We all must find our way along our sacred Path in the manner that is appropriate for us. In this way we are always in a dialogue with that inner knowing, the compass of our movement towards our personal Heaven on Earth.

As it moves through me, I See how to present the Mythica to the people. How to showcase the underlying yogas of the Journey Home and the Seed Within. How to offer the support to the World in the brightest of ways for our shared unfoldment.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/2019-1-23-magicians-at-the-temple.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-1-23-Peter-and-Doctor-in-Temple.jpeg”]

There is a tremendous, incalculable beauty to what happens in this video. The fact that my ally arrived in perfect timing, that we were sitting in the conditions of the temple, on Maui, in which we received a tremendous and mutual healing in the recognition, wrought within the architecture of the Mythica temple and the witnessing of our shared Awakening, is, in so many ways, the fulfillment of my highest desire. To help the people by SHOWING the nature of our unfoldment. Witnessing the Divine plan and honouring it’s Characters in their perfect expression in time.

As the day continues, I work once more with the aina, adding my energy to the sacred Land. It is a beautiful thing. When I am not demanded to do it through some idea of barter, I truly enjoy simply helping work and build out the structures that form the new World. There is a simplicity to it, that sense of the budo-samurai, of the wandering djedi, that offers their services on all levels and octaves in right-relationship with the collective Awakening moving through us all.

Authors & Allies of the Mythica

Yeshua by the Tiny Temple

After this, the moments continue. I sit with Yeshua and discuss his Path. It is the modern-day satsang, the sacred witnessing of these bright avatars in the moment, each of them experiencing the transformation necessary for their fulfillment in the shared Light.

I have such deep appreciation for Yeshua. For his constant effort, his constant virtue, his dedication and commitment to the Quest. It is not easy to face the distorted impressions within the field that must be cleansed in order to live in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, and yet he attends, time and again, with the Seva and sanctity of his honest Story.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/2019-1-23 -Yeshua-&-Peter-at-the-Temple.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-1-23-Peter-Yeshua-at-the-temple-table.jpeg”]

It is amazing to me. For so many years, I have held the vision, the seva of Story granted to me by the Divine that I may witness the many Characters of the Great Story arriving in synchronicity, to share their Stories and our yogas of embodiment such to reveal the underlying purpose to our many Paths and dissolve the illusion of separation.

As always, I do not set up the photos, but rather simply observe who arrives, noting the elements of such beingness and the physics of the quest that brings us together.

In effort to process the remaining tensions within his nervous system and return to the high vibration of his preference, Yeshua goes for a ride in the car, noting that we may have to return it to the ally who rented it to us as we await the donations of recognition for the Value of the Mythica.

There is a beauty to this, for it embodies yet more surrender to God’s will and the deep confrontation with one’s alignment with Trust that all things are perfect. Such is the very crucible that Yeshua faces, one we all face as we seek to divine the right-path through our own inner compass that will ground out our offerings and be received by a World hungry for release.

In perfect accordance with this, a third avatar appears to be witnessed in the Mythica, the Shakti Kundra Rose, one of my most consistent allies on the Quest to Heaven on Earth. Like all things, she arrives in perfect timing, moving through the web of cause and effect that defines our many Stories.

Now, allow me to say for the record, I adore Kundra. She is both the magma and the mother, the fierceness and the flower. She first appeared on the Journey Home and the annals of the Mythica in 2014 during a Beltane ceremony at the Goddess Temple near the Shire of Ashland.

Such was a momentous moment in the witnessing for it was also the first appearance of Dakota Chanel, both destined to be balancing agents to my own Shivic fire, the Roses to the Thorn.

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/2019-1-23-Kundra-Rose-at-the-Temple.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-1-23-Peter-Kundra-at-Temple.jpeg”]

It’s a beautiful conversation. One thick with the healing of the body and the soul of humanity herself. Of discerning and clearing the distortions of Value that plague our collective consciousness such that we may rise together in the Abundance of our unity.

2019-1-24 – Shadows and Sense

I awaken in shadow, forgetting myself. A tight feeling in my chest pulls my attention, and I am out of the Brightlands. A fear, of having to return the car which we didn’t have the money to continue renting, and wondering yet again what actions Yeshua and I must take to get the Mythica out there and receive the recognition for the Gift we are bringing in service to the World.

It is an unsteady feeling. Yet I remind myself, we are HERE. In the temple. With the Mythica ready and just about to be marketed out into the World.

I do not doubt the Value. I have achieved the enlightenment, built out the network, proven the Quest in service to that which is larger than the self. At all points, despite what it seemed to a warbling viewpoint, God has provided. Seen from another vantage, we stand on the precipice of our own blossom, the documentation of our yogic movement through the planes a proof of the Great Story that unifies us all. We have not been able to receive the recognition fully and financially because we have not been out there, publishing the beacon of the Mythica and her yogic truths to the World.

In this manner I know the fear is as irrational in me as it is in Yeshua. I see that we are here, flush with the architecture built to sustain not only our Stories, but those of people all around the World, reminding us all that we live in a Friendly Universe, that we are all connected, and there is a way to come back Home.

It is not a rational fear. I tell myself this, even as I breathe into the anxiousness. The feeling-tone that I fear will affect that manifestation. It is a tightness that we both share having endured the many years of trial to get this far across the rainbow bridge.

Ripples move across my mindseye, reflecting the tightness within. A fear that the honest transparency of such things will cause my Readers to run away, as if the mere mention of doubt was anathema to their own Quest for groundedness. That for all the rhetoric around ‘vulnerability’ what they really want is an image. Of something perfect. Unquestioning. Inhuman.

Again, I know it isn’t real. I have no real idea what shall happen as we open the gates of the Mythica to the Worlds. Yet the question persists inside. Like Yeshua, I wish for it’s abeyance, for the seeds of Faith and experience to blossom through such foolishness. It is ironic, to have the attainment of Knowing and to still waver, yet such is the pathos of the thing, and beautiful for it, for it gives the contrast to the clarity of what is.

I take the car back, feeling anger moving through my system. Questions and reflections, little discernments that border on judgment before I reel them inward with a truer gaze.

Rides and Remembrance

As I drop off the vehicle, I try to get on the WIFI in order to tell Natural (Travis) where I am. In the flow, a lovely lady named Sasha offers me a ride, saying she is en route to Twin Falls.

The bright-hearted Sasha giving me a ride

It is an act of generosity, where we are able to share talkstory, and I am to tell her of the Mythica and the healing techniques of the Akasha Yoga. She had come recently from the eastern coastline of the Americas and had made a decision to stay an extra amount of time, to honour herself and her own value before returning to the winterlands.

As we drove, I moved the space of the akasha, forgetting the agitations of Shadow for a time. The gravity of the moment took me, and I shifted into a space of service. Of listening. Hearing her Story and the valiance of her recent decisions.

It was soothing. Abating the stormswept sensations.

Yet as she dropped me off, they returned, albeit less intense, more softened by the presence of the feminine. As I had many times before, I could feel the difference between the place of grievance with one’s perception of the Creation and that of harmony with the aina, reflected in the emerald voices of the land itself.

Invoking the Akasha Yoga

I continue my walk, occasionally turning my attention to the aina who radiates Love in response. “I know you love me” I tell Her, “I’m just angry about the conditions.”

Intentionally, I invoke the Akasha Yoga, moving waves of forgiveness through my form from the inner asana of unity. Knowing that I am only forgiving the aspects of my own self such that we may ALL be clearer in our essence of Love.

Rising up on the entrance to the Mandala Gardens, I come upon Yeshua. Immediately I sense he is doing the same thing, processing the grievance and frustration we know we must to have access to the inspiration and clarity for the publishing.

I have to smile. It was a heartening thing at it’s core. While I had both sympathy and empathy for what we were going through, we were stalwart in our fellowship. As we traveled, we traveled together, along the rainbow road, facing the shadows upon the way.

Meeting Yeshua in the Shadowlands

Back in the Brightlands

The rainbow bridge shifts on me later in the evening, bringing me back into the Brightlands. Exhausted from the inner process and the jaunt across Shadow, I fall asleep on the bed, dreaming my way back to clarity.

Intent on being in wielding with the invocation of the media, Yeshua and I do a video for the archives

A noise carries across the land, sending ripples of harmony across the akasha. Something is going on.

Curious, I make my way up to the main house, to discover a birthday party for the new resident of the teeny tiny temple (actual name. in relation to the tiny temple where I currently reside) and the presence of the many avatars of Mandala Gardens. Here, I encounter the akashic angel Jaclyn once more, sharing resonance as to her current Story.

Once more, Doctor Gromulus enters the field, willing to be witnessed in the iris of the Mythica. For this I am deeply thankful for encountering such characters on the Storyline defines the magical World.

In the Mythica, I see his aspect, his celestial consciousness catching the fluid architecture of the Mythica in deep appreciation. Repeatedly he thanks me, declaring that I have lived up to his expectation of an avatar.

This is a deep thing for me. It is a beautiful recognition, for I bow to him in return, recognizing that such a thing required HIS appearance on the Story.

After he leaves, inspiration moves through me. I feel the siddhi of Story, the verse and wonder of my tale expanding.

It is so flush. So thick with the authenticity of the moment. I have to open a portal so as to share it with the World. After all, that’s what I built the Myhica for ….

[mepr-s3-video src=”peterfae/2019-1-24-comicbookmythica.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Mythica-Intro-Screen.jpeg”]

2019-1-25 – Djedi in the Temple

The Divine Plan is bigger than all of us, orchestrating our connections in service to our shared Awakening. As I leave the temple in the morning, I see Yeshua with some new friends, a pair of travelers he encountered on the roadside while exploring the surrounding lands.

They introduce themselves as Somric and Liz, a photographer and Lightworker from the City of Angels, Los Angeles. It is a beautiful blessing as he chooses to witness a few photos of Yeshua and myself near the temple. As we share our Stories, Somric shares some of his work and Liz reveals her association with a longstanding spiritual outlet in the city.

Impressed with the location and the synchronicity of our shared occurrence, Somric shoots some photos of Yeshua by the temple. Such reminds me of the sacred moment in 2015 on the Journey Home when I shared a baptizing ritual in the Faerie Pools of Ashland with Dakota Chanel and was similarly witnessed by a passing photographer, led by Divine providence to that moment of shared light.

After they leave, I head up towards the house to gather a slice of cake for Yeshua. A flush of energy moves across the akasha, drawing down into the house.

Energies moving through the Akasha

Entering, I encounter Dr. Gromulus once again, breathing Song through one of the instruments. A moment later, I see the source of the channeling as Jaclyn the Akashic Angel moves through the space.

“Can’t talk” she says sweetly, bopping only for a moment outside her sanctuary. “Helping a client”

I bow. It’s wonderful to witness the unfoldment. To feel the information being channeled by Jaclyn’s divinations in the Mythica, a brief interlude on my journey for cake.

Heading back to the temple, I intersect with Dr. Gromulus and young djedi Jasiah once more.

This is deeply meaningful from my point of view. In the Mythica, I recognize Jasiah as the very embodiment of the emergent World, his sacred Path leading him to intersect with both Hailey Dawn Armstrong and myself. To be in the radiance of such vibrations is significant and beautiful.

It’s so beautiful and fundamental to the Akasha Yoga and my journey deeper into the Mythica. Jasiah’s presence embodies a reminder, that I designed the Mythica to teach the mystic arts to the people. Where the architecture of our tales serves a sacred function of remembrance.

Inspired, I go outside, intentionally weaving the aka threads that make up the filaments of my being and thus my reality. Consciously opening to the aina and receiving mana through the conduit of my awareness.

The Kauai Connection

After a time, Jasiah’s mother comes over to the tiny temple.

“You know, you remind me so much of a friend I had named Griffin” she says.

“Mmm. I used to go by ‘Griffin’.” I reply.

“Did you used to live in the North shore of Kauai?” she exclaims, the Heartsong expanding beneath her words.

“Totally. On a house on stilts, right near the entrance to the Na Pali coastline trail”

“Ohmigod! You’re the same guy.”

“Yes” I say. “That’s how the Great Story unveils.”

The synchronicity is deeply significant. Many of the avatars of the emergent World had been led to Kauai to receive the codes of the Garden from the Aina to pollinate the World.

Here Shelly and I had met, many years ago. I had given her sanctuary at my home while she was traveling, as well as a number of traveling priestesses I had met through the realms. I had considered my home, aptly named ‘Avalon Fringe’ to be a bastion on the edges of the journeywalk into the Kalalau valley.

To have us intersect at this moment, here in the Mandala Gardens is pure magic. Beneath the surface, I see the weaving of our Stories. How she, mother of Jasiah and part if the beautiful family of Mandala Gardens, had been a part of the early stages of my journey and now again, as I land in the temple.

2019-1-26 – Gates of the Temple

The Quest continues. The rain holds us to ground within the temple as we work diligently to open the gates of the temple of Story to the Worlds.

Publishing from the Temple

As we’ve been crystallizing the construct of the publishing platform, there’s been a lot of internal question regarding how to help Readers understand the Value they are getting in our journal of adventure into the Mythica and the associated pages of explanation and assistance within the temple.

Such is not a mundane conversation, but an integral part of the Mythica spell, part of the harmonic architecture of giving and receiving wrought into her very substance.

I check my inner compass, the subtle energies discerning around the vibrations of Abundance and Prosperity. I sense that we must continue our application of the yogas in effort to maintain our access and allow the easement to flow.

The challenge is always internal. Of divining the proper approach, with a still and expansive consciousness, that leads to the highest result for all involved. As we forge our way through such blossoming discernment, we ask the question – how to assist the readers in understanding of what they are actually getting?

Many times have we hovered between outright donations as a temple and offering tithes of subscription such that we may bring this Gift more effectively to the planet. It is a grand alchemy around the very nature of sacred commerce at it’s core, balancing out the highest of intentions with the practicality of the current Age and it’s evolving models of value.

Paul “Boggie” Brighton, Taoist Guardian

It is in the contemplation of this that I witness my ally Boggie Brighton, witnessed appearing in the field in perfect synchronicity.

Like all the characters featured in the Mythica, Boggie is the current incarnation of a deep and archetypical essence, in his case, the Dragon Dog of China, a barefoot doctor of the Taoist tradition, helping the people to understand the nature of their Qi and how to achieve better health and wholeness. He first appeared as an ally for me after the ‘Universal Heroes’ episode of 2012 on the Journey Home, and has remained a powerful ally since.

Like ourselves, Boggie has been fighting the good fight, bringing the Light of his awareness and cultivated excellence in service to the people. And, like us, he has had to learn the ways in which commerce and abundance flow in the modern Age, adapting to the Tao of the Now. In our shared luminance, I contemplate again the value of the Mythica and what we are offering to the people.

Yeshua hard at work opening the gates of the Temple

The Value of the Mythica is immense.

A real journal of Author-Adventurers movement into the new paradigm, revealing the deeper octave of our potential? Where the journals themselves lead into help pages and techniques that prove the principles of the narrative? Where we reveal the Great Story of our shared unfoldment, the synchronicities of our shared purposing and the heroines and heroes of the modern myth?


Such is the blossoming of my innermost dream, to truly be a mystic adventurer opening portals from that World to the people, such that they too may make the virtuous decision to go deeper and discover the magic that lay within them. To not only tell them about their emergent potential, to show them, through tales and tellings, in a vast network which supported their journey, in which we were being recognized as mythic journalists, documenting our way across the very real rainbow bridge from one reality to another.

Flashback – Opening the rainbow bridge from Oregon to Maui in the beginning of 2019

In the Now, I head up to the house. Once there, I drop into a conversation with Satya over our stay in the tiny temple, asking her about the renting of the tiny temple. She tells me they are waiting on potential renters, and that they must rent it within a certain timeframe for their monthly expenses. We would need to acquire $1600 as quickly as possible.

I breathed into myself. At that exact moment, I had $27.99 in the PayPal. Yet, the Mythica was coming into form and we were just about to open the gates. Such became an opportunity to apply the practices once more, to deepen into the invocation and application of the mystic arts of manifestation and surrender, finding the inner stance that allowed the greatest expansion to flow through.

I did not allow myself to dwell in the conjectures of tomorrow, but rather breathed, relaxing into the feeling-state of being grounded, in a sacred temple, giving and receiving the Gift, applying the Akasha Yoga.

After all, such intentional and consistent technique was what brought us through the realms of shadow to the temple and the blessings of our Now in the first place.

A deep awareness moved through me then, and I SAW that in order for the World to recognize the value of our offering, we had to get that offering out to the World. That in it’s basic simplicity, was had to publish. Such was a thing that could not have been done before as the architecture was still cooling from the mold. Yet now, at last in a sanctuary with which to publish outwards, we could.

An opening came through then, and I felt how to deliver more on the magics of the Mythica through the YouTube and how to crystallize the site even more. Such was part of the process, and always had been. The witnessing of how Yeshua and I received the right inspiration in the right moment to move forward.

In service to this, I record a couple of videos, sharing the message to be transmitted through the temple.

2019-1-29 – Facing the Fear in Service to Love

There are many forms of enlightenment. Knowledge in one area does not guarantee resolve across the board. Everyone goes through it. And while there is trepidation in revealing the process behind the prose, I feel it’s revelation is an act of valor.

I was terrified last night.  Bad dreams.  Tremors moving through my body.  Trying to feel out what stance, what approach would garner the money to pay for the temple, the Mythica, and get us off the ground floor of begging for donations such that we may deliver the Gift more deeply to the World.

While I know the process is to hold the vibration of it already happening as best as I can, the fear of losing the sanctuary is thick.

In effort to divine the Answer, I apply the practice of clarifying one’s navigate of intuition through the body, experimenting with all manner of thoughts and intentions to feel my inner response. To feel the YES of right-movement towards our goal.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-1-29-Meditating-in-Bed-1024x768.jpg

I try prayer. Recognizing that I AM the Divine itself, and feeling a bit foolish at feeling like I have to negotiate with my own essence. Following the current vogue, I do my best to envision the result as I wish it, yet I am distracted by the long-standing anger at being unmet.

It burns within me, constantly reminding me that I must accept and forgive all the ways in which I have been denied. Intentionally, I remind myself of the attainments gained through the relentless pressure upon my being and the denial of comfort for so long. How it has turned coal into diamond.

Intending to resolve this within the nervous system and thus gain more access to the inspiration from a friendly universe, I invoke forgiveness, applying it as a balm to the many faces which play across my mindseye.

I consider asking for donations, and am met by a tight feeling in my chest. A sinking of the Heart. Wondering whether our value will truly be seen and appreciated.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is akasha-yoga.png
Akasha Yoga

Trying another approach, I envision myself giving sessions of Akasha Yoga, giving $3,000 that we do not yet have to the land-steward, and my body breathes in deeply. This is the closest to a ‘YES’ that I’ve got and I take it.

Such is the assumption manifestation, that somehow the $3,000 will arrive in time through our efforts. As I continue to feel there is merit in asking for donations to this noble cause, I resolve to do both, to ask for support and to give sessions, for I am unsure if the inner sinking is a true navigate or simply the old patterns and their wounds.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is michael-beckwith.png
Michael Beckwith of Agape Ministries, creator of ‘Life Visioning’

As I do, a speech by Michael Beckwith comes to mind.  Something about circumstances being emblematic of a condition, which I interpreted as the recognition that the Answer to your query lay within the circumstances, whether you see it or not.

Yet what was this Answer? What could I do to ease the ongoing discomfort and constant process of inner adjustment? To be flush at last, rooted and appreciated in the World?

Working to allay that inner disquiet, I remind myself that we have *just* finished construction of the Mythica and have only now been able to access the ideas for videos and b-roll such to show the people the magic in a way that is digestable and receivable.

That the temple has arrived in perfect timing, as well as super-fast ethernet, manifest from the penniless ground of a wandering sadhu through the Grace of God in the form of a donation by an ally we met in synchronicity.

The Sacred Walk

Knowing the vibration of such inner tension will not serve the Quest, I go for a walk, barefoot along the road, to commune with the aina.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-1-29-The-Aina-1-1024x768.jpg

The aina has always been there for me. Our Mother, the true essence from which we are made. All throughout the Quest, through the seemingly endless disappointments in human virtue, the deva (another word for aina) have been my most stalwart ally, reminding me of the deeper Divinity that lay beneath human folly.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-1-29-Give-Thanks-768x1024.jpg
The Symbol of the Gratitude Bear

An intuition bids me to turn around. Following the subtle call, I spin, making my way back up the road. On the way, I see a signpost. One that could not have been seen coming from the other direction. Upon it lay the glyph of the Gratitude Bear and a reminder on the Path to invoke gratitude once again.

Such symbols are the voice of the Land, speaking through her many forms. Breathing, I resolve my doubts and grievances as best I can, and invoke gratitude – for the Path, for the Quest, for the opportunity to bring this revelation to the people. To help them remember their way Home

It isn’t easy. The years of being unrecognized in my service, of asking for assistance and being given valueless facebook ‘likes’ and declarations of ‘sending love & light’ in lieu of money or anything that required real effort and commitment by the people weigh on me. Once more, I consider how off-point the sense of Value is in this World. How lost and confused are the people. I stop to touch the Green, drawing strength from Her essence once more.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-1-29-Drawing-from-the-Aina-1024x770.jpg
Drawing from the Aina

Walking up the road, I encounter a vast pile of trash. A collection of plastic, bottles and other detritus sitting on Gaia’s skin.

It agitates me. With my fae senses, it feels like a burn upon my own self. A travesty of disrespect and ignorance. As I have many, many times before on the Quest, I begin picking up the trash. In the doing, I pick up a water bottle, proclaiming the ‘Menehune’ the Hawaiian word for the deva. A dark humor comes through me, that the sigil of the elementals of the land is discovered in a pile of human refuse.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-1-29-Menehune-Mess-1024x768.jpg

It takes a bit of time. When I shift into this mode, every bit of trash on the Land radiates out to me, a beacon of red within the Green. My nose wrinkles in response. I can taste the energies of the people who carelessly allowed this to fall off their truck. Feel the burr in the flow of energy along the grass. As rain falls lightly upon me, I clean the mass of the thing, following my actions with meticulous scrutiny on the tiny bits of glass and plastic that remain.

As I do, the Land breathes once more. Within, I feel my own energies resolving, the detritus within my own nervous system clearing.

Such is the blessing that so many beings have forgotten. There is no separation. When we litter, we pollute ourselves. When we clean, we clean ourselves, allowing more Light to pass through our vessel.

The Elf and the Ent

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kekoa-on-the-Dragon-1024x768.jpg

I return to the tiny temple, showering the muck and mud from my being.

Regular showers are new to me. It is less of a hygiene thing and more of inner nature. My essence is feral, more accustomed to simply being in the rawness of What Is. The customs of the so-called civilized World are distant things, flotsam on the substance of a much more enduring forest.

Nonetheless, I have traveled far across the deserts of the Mythica to reach the temple, and I will be what I must to embody this new state of being. I am thankful as always to Yeshua for his embodiment of that aspect of the Divine and his patient holding of space as I learn the ways of the same “civilization” whose garbage I just cleaned.

As I leave the shower, I hear a conversation between him and our ally Kekoa. In which the value of the Mythica is once again being queried. While Yeshua does his best to explain we are reminding the people of that which they have forgotten and opening a portal to the magical World that lay beneath the trash of the old paradigm, I feel led to join the conversation.

Here, Kekoa kindly shares his Aspect with us once more, the recognition of his own celestial ancestry and it’s relationship of respect for those primal forces. With his permission, we open the talkstory, witnessing a video for the annals of the Mythica ..

2019-1-29 – Wisdom of the Trees

It is a rainy day as we work intensely on the Mythica, refining the architecture with the blessing of the internet connection we have here in the tiny temple. Beneath the surface, Yeshua and I feel constant pressure as to presenting the site and getting the marketing out such that we may ground out the temple and pay the $1600 of rent to the good people of Mandala Farms.

We do our best to maintain our inner asana, constantly holding back the anxious imagining that we may be homeless once more with no vehicle in the rain with invocations of intentional gratitude and manifestor consciousness.

It isn’t easy. The pressure within is extreme. A medley of anger and unrequited Love, of feeling unreceived. Recognizing these as impressions within the bodymind that affect the flow of mana, I continue to invoke the akasha yoga, working on the subconscious patterns as best I can, considering what more I have to forgive, where such patterns lay within my own body, and how to resolve them so as to change our outer expression.

As I am doing this, I feel a resonance outside with Kekoa, working hard digging up Earth with Grousbane, his mechanical dragon.

There is deep brotherhood with Kekoa. I am continually impressed by his celestial nature, his awareness of the Mythica that lay beneath the surface of the World.

2019-1-30 – Deeper into Yin

I awaken to a sense of softness, feeling the rain all around me. Of touching something that I hadn’t fully felt for a long time. A receptivity and a groundedness. A sense of safety and ability to breathe into the writing and the publishing at long last.

All around me I see signs of expansion. The unfoldment of the Mythica spell, playing out after the more than fifteen years of journey to the source of all Stories. Here, I feel the magic opening, the harmonic I had woven so many years ago blossoming into her rightful fullness.

I had always wanted to share the magical arts. To enjoy the human condition in the expression of the bardic and the bright.

Yet my moonlight was denied me, at least for a time. Wrought by a Divine unfoldment which demanded a more solar expanse. Before I could join in the dancing, the temple had to be built. A way of serving so many more people than my singular self. Of broadcasting the magic to the unremembered, waking them from their sleep.

Yeshua and Peter in the Temple, working on the Mythica

When I had first woven the Mythica, I had Seen that media could be used in a new way, to illustrate the subtle World and provide clarity for the people. I looked at motion graphics, at the vogue of social media and the rise of the mythos of the superheroic coming together in a medley of empowerment, in which the right wielding of light and love could use that media to open a window into a brighter World.

Yet while the seed of the idea was clear even then, it would take many years before I would be able to showcase those things in the proper context. In a way that served the goal of Awakening the people to the deeper octave of What Is. Such required the constant dedication to the mapping of my Story, the building of the Mythica and the training of Yeshua in the Akasha Yoga, all serving to prove the principles I so longed to share with the World.

There is beauty in this, for in her blossoming, the very idea of the Mythica herself shows the archetype of our human process, that we are given ideas of sacred inspiration, honoured with their stewardship, caring for them with light and water, soil and song until they blossom and bear ripe fruit for a people hungry to remember the juice of their own remembered magic.

Shifting my gaze to the Mythica

See, I always had the awareness of what the Mythica is. I am Her, after all, and She is me. From the beginning I saw how our emergent technologies could be used to anchor that remembrance. Yet to do this, I had to build the temple. Find a way to bring the architecture of that sacred seed into fruition through the modern version of our faces around the fire and their Stories.

Such was the long walk for me, across the many hues of the rainbow bridge, facing the shadows and distortions that must be cleared to stand in the light behind all things. One where the relentless Light of Shiva’s Gaze moved through me, and I could not hold remembrance of my own Shakti, the sweetness of my dancing and delight with the Creation.

And while I see the sacred service in the Mythica’s creation at last, it is only now, within the sanctuary of the temple, that I am feeling a return to that sweetness. That intimacy of sensuality and sublimity of touch. Where I may put my gaze once more on the poetry of the World for I have done my right duty in the creation of this temple of our sacred Story, holding the line with relentless clarity such as to hold space for the dance that wishes to be danced within.

From the beginning, the gnosis of the spellwork and the siddhi has been there, waiting. Making it’s presence known through the tendrils and roots of the temple’s growth. For years, I witnessed the many other aspects of our collective Self, the avatars of the Galactic and the Emergence, finding their way into rituals and declared expertise, building holocracies of evolved education and interaction. Seeds of the New World, performing their right-function in the Awakening of humanity.

Looking deeper into the Creation, outside the Temple

For them the Mythica was built. To show the subtle flowers that were pushing their way up through the sediment of the old paradigm. To enhance their noble endeavors, revealing the deeper and yogic weave of synchrony and kismet that underlie our shared circumstance.

I have performed my duty. Built a portal between the octaves of awareness. While Yeshua and I continue our rituals of stability and groundedness after so long on the ground floor of manifestation, I invoke the trust that all things are unfolding perfectly, and I am able to drop into my more Yin aspect at last.

And so I breathe. Here in the temple, still invoking the processes which had gotten us this far along the rainbow bridge, breathing into the Moon, weaving a video in inspired dance, showing the mystic arts ….

[mepr-s3-video src=”academyofmyth-content/the-mystic-arts/2019-1-30-Magic-and-Dance-I.mp4″ poster=”http://intothemythica.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Mythica-Intro-Screen.jpeg”]

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