"Signs & Synchronicities"

Meetings in Paia

There are times when the Path simply moves me forward, hinting at reasons that I cannot fathom, yet I follow, making my way from the temple towards the towne of Paia for reasons unknown. As I do, I intersect with Autumn Sky Morrison, one of the visionary artists of the Galactic, having breakfast at a local eatery. Though Autumn and I have never been very close, I see here that I am meant to witness her, to record her movements to the sacred island and our intersection as part of the Mythica.

Deva, Darshan & the Divine


The whole circumstance is deeply significant for me in the underlands of the Mythica as it feels to be the embodimnet of my giving darshan, of giving a spiritual talk within the temple-space, revealing the yoga of the akasha to the people.

The Lotus and the Finn


Faeries Abroad

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In this moment on the Story, Morrigan Millard, a fellow avatar of Faerie, appears suddenly in the field.

Such demonstrates the nature of the akasphere, the webwork of filaments that links us all together, the rootwork of our timelines touching each other in our shared unfoldment.

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Sideways Synchronicities

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Again we get into the talk on the nature of Will.

I find my way to the Parking Lot of the Gods and cast an invocation ….

Parking Lot of the Gods - Heroes Abroad


I am reminded of the moment that we first encountered each other in the akasha, meeting at the Elixart Tavern in the Valley of Grass ….

Moons of the Mythica

A Meeting of Kings

Characters Appearing

Joshua Blake
Randy Pisano
Lotus Sattva
Finn Sattva
Ingrid Edtrom
Jeff Behrends
Joy Love
Satya Douglas
Morrigan Millard