2020-3-1 to 14 “Fibonacci Flow”

In From the Quest by Yeshua Lucis

In this latest tale from the Quest, we continue documenting the journey across the rainbow road to a more heavenly earth… we receive invitation to present at sacred gatherings across the world, new allies join the Quest, and we are led to temples of the emergence amongst fellow guardians of Gaia…

Another portal of the rainbow road unfolds on the byways of synchronicity, as I journey from the library back towards camp to arrive unexpectedly at the Kava Bar, as my bus stop was not a ways a way, where I intersect with Peter Fae there with Ashleigh. He shares her as being well versed with the ways of the rainbow and the inward magic, and she has just joined our team to show the real magical World to You.

What was interesting, was that Peter ended up there by accidentally missing his bus stop, and they dropped in causing that exchange to go down. Showing once again, the larger forces of the friendly universe at play, supporting our venture. They had first met at our first jaunt to Zen Awakening, as Peter and I joined forces to meet at the eastern shores of the Americas, him flying in from Bali, the Isle of the Gods, and I from Crestone, the Spine of the Dragon. Though, I was not led to intersect with her at that time… till these days in Austin, having arrived here after a jaunt all across the realms to a more heavenly earth, flying in from the jungle fringes of Maui.

Now, she mentions that she too will be going to Zen Awakening in the coming month, just as we will, organized by our fellow angelic ally in service to the Divine, Niekko Chin, who received the vision from Mount Shasta to organize the festival to begin with in 2014. So, naturally, Peter turns to me and lets me know that he will be showing up tomorrow, stopping here shortly before his jaunt to Florida to set up the grounds for the gather.

It’s a nexus of the Great Story… I have shifted into the Mythica

Suddenly, I begin to feel all these synchronicities compound into a nexus point, a revelation in the Akasha, the space between worlds, that I am right where I am meant to be. That we are all being arranged in perfect form to intersect upon the skin of Gaia. A sense of divine providence falls over me. I check the inner inventory of the Mythica upon the akashic compass, gazing upon the divination of where I am in the land beneath the lands.

Turns out I would be tested in my ability to tend to the Temple of the Self…

Traversing Shadow

Resting for the night, major shadows arise. My whole body starts to purge this mucus. The next day I’m dehydrated, exhausted, as I have often felt recently. It’s as if water won’t fill me. I feel like a dry sponge, there is no energy, every joint aches. My head pounds. Every breath of smog along the roadways burns my nose and lungs. Every sound punches the membranes of pressure inside. I’m so tired I barely want to walk, but must traverse somewhere where I can get what I need to take care of myself, as I have no water or food or medicine at the tent.

Facing the shadows of the Earth Element

On the Quest, many such trials have been the source of the question: “Am I supported by the Divine?” which now takes form as the question, “Will the right medicine or ally appear for me?” Which, though hampered by the fogs of shadow affecting my access, I use my training as an Akashic Yogi to identify the core pattern: Faith. Ultimately, I’m asking if the solution will come through, and if I’m supported on my Quest. I remind myself every time I’ve seen it come through. I breath into trust, and measure my next step to proactively clear this.

Medicine appears in inventory

Last night, a faerie came to me in my dream, shining white and appeared as beautiful young elvish woman with wings. She told me to get local bee pollin and pink salt. So I thought, why not try. I go to whole foods and there was no pollin, but local wildflower honey, and I thought that it may help because I felt to be reacting to something in the air, and it has just shifted seasons to Spring, to help me acclimate. And I find pink salt. Then, I just listen to my body, what would help, and come up with a slew of things.

I get rehydrated and nourished with what was most nutrient dense, and feel miles better! I even instantly feel the soothing of the honey, and the salt replenishing me. I am able to just relax for a bit. Still, it is challenging to move through the immense discomfort in my body.

Arrival of Niekko

Peter messages me, and says that Niekko is here, they are at the library and going to do a video. I seriously considered just returning to rest, but decide to make my way there, chill for a bit, and then see him. What follows makes me so glad I faced it and just followed through with my guidance.

He signs me onto the main stage as a performer for Zen Awakening, to share my music and story. This is part of the ongoing fulfilling of a vision I’ve been following all these years. To offer my voice and vibration at the transformational festivals and spread the message, which is a big part of my mission in service to the Awakening and mother Gaia. As Nature Dreamweaver appears, I get in the truck with him, to discover the giant buddha head is his copilot, and we go with everyone to visit the 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge for the first time.

3rd Eye Lounge

Entering, there is an immediate soothing quality. We find ourselves in a temple tavern of alchemies and fellowship in modern form. The pain starts to soothe and sloth off, dissolving in the Yin energy of the relaxation offered by the space, held by the meditation tones and a gather place for us to share our tea and talk.

We have a lovely interaction with Neil, the steward there and sacred guardian of the space, as an opening of fellowship ripples a flushness of grace across the akasha. We are all reminded by ourselves to balance out the masculine and feminine energies coming through the field.

It’s so rejuvenating, as the answer to my question becomes apparent. In fact, this isn’t an illness, it’s an upgrade. As Misty arrives, she reflects this in her talk, as Niekko asks about her life. She valiantly shares her story and the codes of the Mother Matrix. That we may come to honor the mothers as the embodiment of the Earth, redeeming the patterns of relationship in our personal lives to ripple out throughout the collective.

Returning to the Temple of the Sacred Mirror for the night with Peter and Misty, shadow qualities arise in the field around recognition and regard for clearing.

Misty, in her erudite sense of nurturing and medicines, recommends a few of herbs and tinctures that Peter and I had gathered from a nearby food bank. I experience an immediate soothing, again in the yin of the temple. I am able to actually relax, and breath deeper past the irritation of the dry fire in my system. I start cleansing, intermittent fasting, and only taking in high vibrational substances into my form more ardently, avoiding meat (which I mostly eat none for quite a while), dairy (which I rarely have), sugar (sometimes), and wheat (more often), while drinking tons of water. My lungs continue to clear themselves as my body releases a ton of mucus.

Invocations of Opening

An amazing energy pulses up through my kundalini, and during the night a beautiful energy unfolded up my spine a geometric vision culminating in my third eye, that spun out these golden threads of white light as a caduceus of Heavenly vitality. It felt like nectar of bliss as this united the hemispheres of polarity in my being, gently before I fell asleep.

In the morning, I feel amazing! Immediately inspired. I invoke the opening, centering in the heart chakra.

A flow state of ongoing creativity continues to unfold as I weave my magic to live my life as a work of art. A short talkstory and music follows of recent events…

N.E.S.T. Invocation

Then, our sacred ally Nature Dreamweaver invites us to the food forest nearby to invoke the early stages of the NEST. On the way into this little patch of paradise in the city, he hands Peter a carved wood strip that says, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Which is so appropriate to what we are showing here in the Mythica!

It’s beautiful to join forces in fellowship, and call upon the forces of nature, to create sacred space that will benefit the community as place to gather. Even though the events postponed due to the storms till November, nonetheless we used the opportunity to work our magic and deepen our alliance.

Here, I shift into the Mythica, to witness Nature in his avataric Aspect. A world bridger and weaver of pure elements, a community builder and realm traveler, a warrior of the heart and Guardian of Gaia.

It is so fulfilling to showcase Nature in this way, leading to his NEST portal, which will appear again at Zen Awakening… as we show the real magical World of our shared Awakening, ambassadors of a dimension of experience only accessed through sacred devotion to the Path itself. To the Divine, ourselves, and eachother, we forge the telling and show the path back to the Garden.

Sadhana and the Bardic

Intersecting Gaia, the One, and Arrow

Grabbing the bus, I go towards the library, and stop to play so more music by a tree, where I see a group who waves me over! It’s Gaia and the One, they are called, with a musician rainbow train hopper Arrow, who we have an amazing jam and I share with them about the Mythica, adding them to the living story as we go! So much fun.

“We have to plant these seeds to bring about the Garden.” Gaia said.

There was mention of faeries, so I shared of documenting our journey through the realms of faerie, from Faerie Worlds, Living Well and beyond, and it got Real 5D, if ya know what I mean …. 😉 lil, fae dust, sprinkled in divine recognition of the ongoing perfection. So we See.