2020 March – “The Nature of Nature”

In From the Quest by Peter Fae

A meeting of royalty. An invocation of the Green. Purple Pants, Queens, Kings and angelic visitations.


Everything happens for a reason. The Great Story unveils beneath the synchronicities of our lives. There’s always something deeper below the surface, if we take the time to listen.

The day started ordinarily enough … well, ordinary for me. Upon rising at the Sacred Mirror, I hopped on the route 20 bus line, headed towards the library. Normally, it’s a 20-25 minute ride, but today something was wrong with the water cooler. We had to stop and wait for repairs.

Since we were at a junction point for both the 20 and the 803, I chose to take the 803 the rest of the way, intent on getting off right alongside the library.

This meant I was stuck on the bus as it went across the bridge. Agitation started forming for a moment, then relented. Things always happened for a reason on the Quest. Considering this from a conscious intent, I resolved to get off the bus once it crossed the bridge and make my way to the confluence of ley that sits beneath the Kava Bar.

It is always beautiful to resonate with Ashleigh. In our first encounter I could feel the lineages of magic that moved through her. There was a wisdom that sat behind her eyes, and we respected each other instantly.

During my time of forest camping within realms of Barton Springs, the Kava Bar was a bastion. An island of grounding in a sea of constant movement. For months I had worked on the Mythica there, sharing with Ashleigh the structure of the myth and media that was coming together. Like I said, it was an easy thing. A knowing that she could understand what I was saying. Like I said, it was an easy thing. A knowing that she could understand what I was saying, resonating across the line of Guardians that she had been over many lives. Resonant with her own weavings in the wood.

The rain is so soothing to me. Reminding of the many times she has helped me open windows into the Mythica. There is portent here. I have been led here for a reason. Listening for the synchrony, the rain hods me in her rhythm, dancing across the stage.

Here his majesty emerges. The excellence that lay beneath the surface of the shifting distortions we all process within the Creation. Here I see his aspect, that violet emanation of cosmic heartfelt intention, weaving Nests for the people to find sanctuary through the changes rippling across the akash.

King Niekko Arrives

Niekko’s arrival is so meaningful, falling in confluence with Nature’s appearance in the realms. He lands, driving the truck that I sold him as I made my way to the Isle of the Gods in 2017.

I had named the truck “Grey” and we’d traveled together for many years. As I headed to Bali in early 2017, I sold him to Niekko, a steadfast horse to my fellow King to aid him on his travels.

We had a history, Grey-Chuck and I. He was my stallion of movement across the realms for years, bringing North and I all across the realms of the Americas. Nowadays, Niekko uses the steed to make his way across the country on his own Quest, a golden-headed buddha sitting in the space between the seats.

On his side was the dented scar of my journey with Ayahuasca in the City of Angels in 2011

Seeing my fellow King appear was significant. Like our confluence in Sedona and Encinitas, our Paths were entwined, meeting each other again and again across the landscapes of the Mythica.

The Temple of Stories

It is so fitting for us to converge here, at the temple of story, flush with the sigil of the rainbow bridge. The hues of the akasha sing with the codes of royal service, and the books within their aisles smile.

The 3rd Eye Lounge

The deva are with us as Nature parks his ship near the boughs of a reaching tree.

This “3rd Eye Lounge” is a magnificent place. Immediately upon entering, I sense it within the compass, a sanctuary of resonant light serving the peoples of Austin.

“I just want to sit. And relax. And talk with my friends” he says, and I feel it. The sense of needed space within the field. Of shifting the gears of the transmission coming through my form. Turning it inward, and release the Air to the room.

“Here, this for you. A stone from the original face of the pyramids.”

The Shadow of Value

In perfect confluence ,Misty calls me as Niekko and I share over her within the space. Smiling at the synchronicity, I greet her sweetly, yet her mood is anything but sweet …


A ripple moves through my heart. I feel her so deeply, the frustration at being ignored or unseen, pushing up from the shadows of her subconscious. Feeling the energies, I recognize that my forgetfulness has been part of the healing itself. That I was embodying the relationship with the energy around that ignorance. Playing the other side of the equation.

Misty arrives, and we embrace her, soothing the tones of the unfolding resolution. I’m happy. I feel the pattern resolving underneath between us all, each a part of it’s movement from shadow back to shine.

Ark crystal

Around his neck is an Ark Crystal, one of the super-science artifacts we were introduced to during the Ark Crystal event at Giselle Koy’s sanctum a few months previous.

As we depart the temple of the 3rd Eye, Niekko preps himself for the journey Eastwards. I take the time to give my well-wishes to my brother-in-service, as he makes his way towards the site of the Zen Awakening on the Eastern coastlines of the Americas.

Invoking the NEST

Medicine Journey

A major healing comes to me through Naturaya at the tail end of his jaunt to Austin, initiating itself in the Cherrywood.

He’s right, though I don’t want to face it. In so many ways I just want it to be over. To have this seemingly endless repetition change. Like the many, many times I repeated this conversation with Yeshua, I was struggling with my own acceptance of what was necessary to hold onto my magics with clarity and poise.

Together we invoke the medicine, drawing upon the energies of the aina to empower our intentions.

Sometimes he feels he is abandoned on the Quest. Yet such is not true. The voices of the arbor sing praise of his efforts across the space, splashing the luminance of violet.

Return to Cherrywood

The evening continues with ever deeper narrative’s and revelations …. sighting of wolfdog, confessions, audio stories, etc.

Clearing the Mists

A huge clearing happens between myself and Misty as this resolves, where I feel the threads between us shifting in the akasha.

Departure of Angels

He was right. And I Knew it. In recognition of all the times he had softened his own rigidity at a transmission from me, I yielded to it, thanking him for being the angelic reminder I needed in that moment.

I smiled. This was the physics of the quest in action. The principle that the right medicine comes to you at the right time made real.

Characters appearing in this Episode –

Nature Dreamweaver (@nature)
Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis)
Niekko Chin (@masterchin)
Misty Odom (@mistyo)