2020 – February – “Nest Initiations”

A idea blossoms. A bow springs back to life. Offers and Offices amongst the books.

To travel on a roadship between the realms of one’s adventure is sacred to me. It is the manner by which the Divine pollinates the ideas of the people, working through avatars like Naturaya, myself and others.

Ever since we met during the Tribal Convergence of 2012, Nature Dreamweaver and I have been staunch allies, recognizing our shared guardianship of the Green.

2002-2-7 – Initiating the NEST (Festival Beach Park)

From Nate’s words, I knew the creatrix Jenna Jasso would be here, yet I did not expect the mystical Satori Laurel to be in attendance.


“Oh i’m from here” she says ….

I could feel the energy of the land and how it resonated with her as she said it.

Yogas of the New World – (2020-2-10)

Following Nate’s insistence, I make my way to the studio where the Bowspring founders are sharing their presentation….


It is a curious thing to witness the gathering of the people. I remark to Naturaya about it, yet I do not feel he understands how distant the pattern of it has been from the realms I have traveled on the Quest.

In so many ways, it’s like the conversation about human politics to me, the impressions across the substance of the akasha defining one shape amongst many in a wash of impermanence..

That being said, it’s a beautiful wash. I deeply love the way in which the ancient yogas are transforming, turned by the tides of the akasha that define the awakening Age. I feel the inertia of it, the directive from Divine Intelligence moving through the many selves, appearing as ideas and inspirations in our mindseye such that we may embody the contemporary forms of an ancient knowing.

A feeling moves across the akasha, a wash of expanding tendrils of ideas from the Great Tree. I see myself in my capacity as a sacred witness, there to record the appearance of the evolving consciousness occurring on my path.

Like the Dreamweaver, like myself and many others, the shape of

“The Office” (2020-2-17)

2020-2-19 – “Weaving the Form”

With Nature’s arrival, the ideas become even more flush, his very presence carrying with it new impressions of the comic book presentation of the avatars of the Awakening ….

2020-2-22 – “Questing”

Appearing in this Episode –

Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis)
Misty Odom (@mistyo)
Nature Dreamweaver (@nature)
Samson Love (@alchemistMC)

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