Once again I am led to a location in the fields of the Akasha that I did not even know existed, a WIFI garden in the back area of the Carlsbad library flush with butterflies, trees and sculpted paths! Here, I find myself in a beautiful gazebo, sitting in the shade amidst the easeful California day where I am work undisturbed, continuing to clarify the yoga of story and illuminate my own “Autobiography of a Yogi” for the contemporary audience. It is a beautiful thing, for such is the very proof of the physics of the quest, the understanding that there are infinite realms, infinite potential worlds and realities that exist on the strings of synchronicity, if only we can find our way to them. Case in point – I didn’t know this aspect of the library existed. While I had spent a couple of days in the adjacent back area outside the muzzle-protocol of mask-wearing inside the library, I did not know this idyllic place was available, that I could be working beneath this gazebo whilst golden butterflies floated through the space.

Here the scintillating symbol of the compass appears, which I take to be a reflection of my own documentation along the rainbow road, finding mystical places along the subtle and causal planes of the Creation.

Curious, I shift my gaze, feeling into the vibrational substance of the underlands, the play of tones and textures which exists in the subtle planes of the world. Flashes of grounding, of heartfelt green mixed with the violet tones of the crown chakra arrive, reflecting back to me the righteousness of my path and the implicit service I am doing with the documentation of the Quest. I feel a softening in my heart as I intentionally choose to embrace the ideal of “unconditional love” for the carnival of errors that defines most of humanity.

It is not naturally a path for me, and I recognize deeply how the traumas I endured as a child have affected my perception, setting me on-edge in relationship to the incoherence of the common consciousness, where I had pushed away the interactions with others in favor of a more pristine and purified relationship with the deva. I sense a balance in the air, a sense that now that I have achieved the clarity and understanding I can now choose to be tolerant and loving, more embracing of the necessary repetitive drudgery involved in transforming the substance of the self, actively embracing the ideal of “unconditional love” associated with Aka of the Divine Mother embodied through the avatars in my field.

Of course, all these manifestations of the Divine feminine and the unconditional love of the creation are the very medicine I need to balance out my clarity, where I recognize the appearance of Alaya, Kundera, Lexi and my own mother as the embodiment of that aspect of the Creation appearing in the proper form for me to receive our essence.  Such is the manifestation of the physics of the Quest, healing me to balance.

It should be noted that while these avatars of the Divine Mother are appearing in my field for me to have balance, I am appearing in THEIR FIELD as an embodiment of the clarity and Skywise perspective that they are lacking.  Such is the physics of the Quest as it applies to them, each of us embodying the balance the other requires.

There is great blessings in this, for in the wake of the latest events on the Quest I am coming to understand more deeply the way in which my self has been forged and how the various embodiment in the ethers that play out as “other people” are arriving, vessels for that rejection and clarification.

As always, it is worth noting that my experience of these patterns in the mortal plane is a new one, where I am gradually discerning the jewels of clarity within the mostly incoherent rambling of the people and their personal agendas of unconsciousness.

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