2021 - March - Week IV



Every day is a new level of coherence. A new degree of mindfulness and ability to look at the nature of being human, at the alchemies that define the mortal plane, in a new way – one in greater resolution with what defines this place and the process of development and evolution in it’s context.

It’s a beautiful thing, not without it’s necessary discomfort, where I am finally feeling a grounding, a grasp on the mechanics of my self that marries my celestial and mortal awareness, granting me a more settled sense of placement within the incarnate plane.

At the time of this writing, i’ve just applied to the “Wealth” inner circle group with Carolyn Elliot. As I did it, I was acutely aware of the vibrational patterns beneath my action, and was actively doing invocation to shift that inner landscape from what it has been and the conditions of isolation that it’s lived within, to something more resonant with the acceptance of love. Such has been the root of my current alchemies, where I am starting to divert my focus from the clarity of the Mythica towards the feeling of Love at the core of manifestation.

This is a huge thing for me. Anchoring a certain clarity to the nature of my perspective and the value that I bring to the planet, as well as my lifelong challenge with the nature of being human itself. In it, I see the essence of my on-again, off-again disregard for the various alchemies of the human condition while also struggling with my own application and integration of them with a new kindness, a vantage that could only have been achieved through the vastness of healing i’ve done across my timeline through the incarnate.

As always, my sense of it is a meta-thing, a looking at it from a celestial distance in ongoing resolve, where the very nature of point-of-view itself, of the shape within the ethers that gives rise to conditions and it’s relevance within the larger whole. There is a feeling of my own flickering between states of being alongside the rest of humanity yet with an access, an ability to move to coordinates within the Akasha that they cannot fathom. And while the process of that thing has been the source of tremendous disquiet and difficulty, it is also the foundation for my aspect, the way in which God arrives as ‘Peter Fae’ in the Great Story, where I see the perfection in the shape of my personal story and the way in which it has unfolded within the collective.

In this I see the coherence coming into play, for what I am writing here is not new in concept, it is new in clarity. It is in essence the same thing that has been transmitting through my self for decades, simply wrought into a more distilled version of itself. One more integrated with the shadows and song of the human condition. More able to digest the fullness of itself and it’s place and purpose within the unfoldment.

I have a conversation with Joshua which has revelation. Where the underlying patterns that have defined my journey through the Mythica come to light. There is a sense of a bubbling up, a clarity of sunlight seen through tumultuous clouds granting me egress to a deeper knowing of my own self.

Joshua Blake

“It’s like … you understand the essence of magic. You’re beyond form so you understand it, yet are also in form and working with it.”

“YES! That’s exactly what it is!” I say, feeling my own shape shifting, becoming more of that exalted and clarified version of myself. I witness myself shifting in the conversation, the shape of the lens of my perspective becoming fluid in the ethers as everything moves slightly, and I my eyes open into the horizon of the Brightlands.

“You know, when I step into this space … I wonder why I even entertain these other forms of magic. They seem so … “ I shrug, trying to communicate a vast thing in a small space .. “…they’re a reflection of the shape of the ethers that makes up people’s mythos. I just wonder why I haven’t really been able to drop into my own space with that, not completely. Not all the way.”

Joshua considers this. “It’s like you don’t trust yourself” he says.

I smile. “Not trusting myself is the very reason I built the Mythica. I couldn’t trust my drifting from one realm to another, so I had to build a whole armature, a mirrormask to help me contain and control my powers. To help me make sense of my ever-shifting horizon, and in doing so, help others.”

Walking the Throne

The Throne of the self

As I walk towards Nature’s Patch to get my lunch, I digest the conversation with Joshua. Recently I had come to see the territories of the underlands in a new way, feeling into a pervasive and low-level shape within my story. A deep-seated belief that I couldn’t trust myself. That I could not trust my consistency of access, and was subject to the drift.

It wasn’t an unfair belief, either. I WAS incapable of managing my powers. I DID drift from one realm to another without compass. That HAD been the truth, the set of conditions that demanded I construct the Mythica, to create a mirrormask that would help me navigate my way back to the brighter realms.

Yet THEN is not NOW. And with every further anchor I weave through the timelines my own consciousness gains ground. The spell is doing what I designed her to do, bringing remembrance past the forget that defines the mortal plane. In this I take Joshua’s participation in the ray of understanding which graced our conversation as a portent, a happenstance upon the Quest emblematic of the inner transformation moving through us both. I see the arc of it rippling across the ethers, the initial casting of the Mythica to bring clarity to the landscapes of legend and the trials required to build the portal in symmetry, part of an unfoldment with intimate ties to the pantheon of avatars I had or would meet along the journey.

Things were becoming clear, and I recognized this. While Joshua’s insight into the core wound was one of excellence and right-timing, it only served as a reminder to that which had always been there, lurking in the depths of my own inner terrain, one I was only just coming to see even more clearly past the veils of trauma and forget. Now more clearly in my attention, I feel the shape of it, that which I had been healing, the hollow beneath the splinter, a sense of wavering constancy within the core of my being playing out as questions of outer scaffolds when I am the very architect of the dream itself.

This brings me back to the journaling. To the simple act of being involved with one’s alchemy in a mindful and mystical way, being in the feedback of one’s inner inquiry and transformation through the act of it’s mythos and meaning. Such was part of the design of the Mythica as well. To make the act of alchemy more juicy for myself, to visualize the techniques in a way that grounded them for both myself and my Readers, such that we could all come to awaken through the power of true stories.


The stories on the timeline are continuing to unpack. With each clarified episode, I see more of the mystical adventure that I’ve been on, the essence of the Quest distilled into a potency and simplicity. Of course, things are coming up in the process, yet I am being mindful, breathing through them with forgiveness and acceptance, feeling into the subtle energies that define my form and allowing. Feeling into the Big Picture. The Love that sits behind all things and my intention to help the people.

As I walk towards my lunch, I breathe in the deva, intentionally slowing my footsteps and simply feeling. Dropping into the throne of my own grounded self. With each footstep, I breathe into my form, invoking a willingness to change and feeling the Nature that surrounds me. It’s a journey deeper into my magic, into healing any doubt that remains in my ability to transform myself. To have control over my powers and the coherence and wholeness that is my birthright.

It’s a pattern shift, and I have no doubt it will have challenges. Many things are happening. More than I ever have there is a sense of my own mortality, of the vibrant energies of the body diminishing over time and through disuse. Where the habits and shadows that have long challenged me feel to be a ritual of death over life. Of wishing not to engage with the process of humanity or feeling helpless to change my own being.

Yet, the more I clarify the Mythica, the more clearly I am able to hold my gaze on this thing. On the as-yet-resolving patterns within my own self and the limitations of my current horizon. My current idea of how good or bad my reality can be. Here, I remind myself through the anchoring of my Story that the long trials from the past twenty years are coming to an end, that a new journey is beginning, one wrought from the clarity hard-won upon the Quest.

This heartens me, especially as I feel into the bulk and heaviness of my body, the light burning sensation that still remains from my smoking of ganja earlier, where I must actively forgive myself for knowing what I should not be doing, what I do not want to be doing, yet doing it nonetheless and feeling it’s consequence.

It’s not my preference to feel this way. Yet I soften my gaze towards it, reminding myself of the vastness of accomplishment, of how far I have come from the chaos and uncertainty of the Broken Kingdoms and the Soft Places along the Quest I remind myself that I have not been pursuing the health and wholeness, that I have not even been deeply diving into the reality of being mortal, and that I have no idea what wonders and healings await me. That the fear and sense of doom and gloom is misplaced and not necessarily the reality that lay beyond my own line of mystery.


Joshua’s divination was correct as it often is. It is important to keep the journal open, to keep the mindfulness of the practices and the process going.

Of course, like all the aspects of the Mythica, it’s the thing I keep talking about, both the essence of the Mythica’s mindfulness of story and the way in which i’ve wrought my own magics to help me embrace the shadow and practices that define the road to a more heavenly earth.


It’s something that I have to talk about. Moreso, to get real with myself about. About my relationship with the earth plane and the structure by which I designed the Mythica to help me embrace what it meant to be human. And, as I sit here, feeling the fat and sedentary weakness moving through my form, gradually confronting how imbalanced my earth and sky have been, it’s deeply relevant.

I must shift my realms. Change my lifestyle. Away from the endless hours on the computer and deeper, far deeper into the visceral application, the music, the dancing, the bardic lyricisms and the phrasing of the Storybook. It’s what I want. It’s what i’ve always wanted. For my way of integrating into the human condition to be it’s own mythical story – one wrought from authenticity and able to help others do the same


As I shift my attention to heal my relationship with the aka of earth more deeply, I witness a few photos around the space, reminding myself that the potential exists for me to exercise every day, that there is an abundance of green in the back yard and warmth in the air, that there is space to dance and to expand. It is only me that has been forgetting, living in the cave of old patterns.

I don’t judge myself for this. I can’t. Like all aspects of the Quest, one must address what is going one when one has access to see what’s going on. I know this is the process. Allowing myself to look at myself, at my story, within the publishing platform. That there is both service and sanctuary in it’s telling. While I could get on myself about it, I have no regrets over my diligence with the architecture of the spell that even allows me to have this journal … to document my mystical journey at last. Using the grace of Story to bring myself into balance with the mortal plane.

Contemplating Essence

Sometimes I feel there is such a collective weight upon our freedom of expression that it takes real effort to remember the breadth of my own. To see with clarity how so much of what i’ve done has had a quality of validating and honoring myself, my own sacred voice and the way in that Story demanded to be told in the world. It is a thing which parallels the crystallization of the timelines and their function as the spokes of the World Tree, where I see the nobility of my Quest and what a Great Work has actually been done through me in service to the Awakening.

It’s a beautiful sensation. One much-needed as I look upon the parched fields of my own relationship with nurturing, coming to see with ever more clarity how the outward manifestation of difficulty in receiving the tone of that thing has been related to my fundamental difficulty in understanding the human condition and the resolution of my long-standing grievance with the imprisonment of karmas.

It’s intense. Yet in this there is genuine gratitude, a recognition that I have gotten exactly what I asked for, a magical story that I have truly lived and now get to share with others, held with a latticework designed to accommodate a chorus of tales from the people all coming to remembrance, together.



As I awaken, I feel a sense of deepening context. A greater understanding and easement with the mortal condition and my place within it. There’s a quality of gradual integration, a sense that the vastness of my Divine intelligence is pouring down from above, filling in my form and clarifying the nature of my relationship with earth.

On a human level, this is playing out as recognitions, small yet ongoing changes in behavior that feel to be a greater integration, realmsign that I am closer to the Commonwealth than ever before …. where the very fact that I am becoming aware and mindful of the mortal coil in this way is a good thing, helping me to see the proper context in which I am to arrive in service to the Awakening. It’s been a repeating pattern. A new perspective on that which has always been there, my point-of-reference for the human condition and how that plays out in the grand array of viewpoints within the collective.

It’s deeply about the Mountain view and the Valley view of life. About seeing the human condition from a distance, gradually coming to see what it’s on about and then delivering the Divine message I was created to deliver – the understanding of the interconnections of all things within the framework of God’s Creation and the ways in which our Stories, in which our very sense of myth and meaning, evolve.



A moment opens on the Path to communicate with Sifu Boggie, my dragon dog brother doing the Great Work in the realms of England …


I make my way outside, intent on sitting in the tent and doing some invocation. As I do, I pass the trees guarding our house, sending a brush of awareness to them and thanking them for their presence. Heading a bit deeper into the lush of our back yard, I see a spider’s web in front of the tent. The web triggers a vision, a sense of my own next movement along the indric net, my timeline reaching a new set of synchronicities along the path.

As I said, it really comes to me – I have never truly dropped in to the pursuit of cultivation in this way.    It was simply some thing that could not be done, where are the very concept of self – cultivation flickered in and out of my consciousness, recognized and resisted through the storms of my own resolving in coherence.
This is not to say that I have not had strong  And embodied magic, but that like all things in my relationship with the mortal plane, it has felt to be defined by a timetable beyond my control, where the resolving energies of my own angelic aspect have gradually been settling into the mortal plane.

I consider this, as I sit in the tent.  My neck burns from the ganja, and I invoke a gratitude for that burning, asking the plant Deva to continue to reinforce the negativity such that I may shift myself away from the addiction.
Even this is new to me, the coherence to drop into the mechanics of an applied gratitude – To change my inner state and to bring about the alkalinity and easement of manifestation that is the goal.

From my perspective as an Oracle, this circumstance has been long – coming. I have seen with my gift that the magic of my story through the Mythica, right from the intent to document the true mystical journey to a new reality, demands the documentation of the process of alchemy.

I consider this as I sit in the temple, opening up sacred space within invocation of the five elements. As I do, I position my spine and drop my awareness into my form whilst feeling the ambient energies of the aina.  Here, I engage in a process of weaving, feeling into the true name of spellcraft, the vibrational textures which define our perception and relationship with the impressions within the subtle and causal bodies that give rise to our circumstance.

Here, I measured my breath‘s, feeling and invoking the sensation of trust in God as a balm to my burning form. I feel the ambience of my awareness as a Nimbus, a field of sensation in which I play with the pallet of feelings, knowing that these feelings, these agencies of sound and vibration felt in the soma, are the underpinnings of my manifestation.

My neck burns as I do this, and again I think the ganja Deva for reminding me that our relationship demands redemption. Try not to grit my teeth, I breathe a tone of gratitude through my form, the texture of it held within The matrix of trusting God, letting the tone of it settle into my form.

I keep it up for 10 breaths or so. It is becoming clear that my mind tendency is to wander, and that managing this tendency is part of the necessity of transformation and mindfulness that defines this age.

It is a simple invocation, yet it is potent, for it establishes a new pattern… One afforded by the hard – one clarity I have gained through the creation of the Mythica. There is the feeling that my active investigation into this, marrying the vastness of my Akash awareness and knowledge of the principles of magic with an even more dedicated application and integration into the mortal plane, is the way.

To even be able to sit in the tent and be in a mindful wielding is emblematic of my integration into the earth plane, the results of the Armature of the Mythica which I created to ground out my drifting across the many realities of the world tree.


It is an accomplishment. A sign that I have reached the point where I can apply myself in a fugue of self and responsibility Heather four on graspable in my experience of the human condition. There is the feeling that, Despite the pain in my neck from my body‘s response to the ganja and the weakness I feel in my physique through the years of sitting at the computer grounding out my magic‘s, that I am setting forward on the road of healing the core wounds of self-doubt and inconstancy that have been the distorted shadow to the majesty and excellence of my other aspects.


More and more I’m coming to see that the essence of my understanding it’s so broad and for reaching that The application of the mechanics of the mystic arts in the human condition is both obvious and ungrounded, both aware of the essence of the creation at her very core and in question due to my lack of focus in that aspect of being.

Such as a defining thing for me, For in my throne of influence, my magic is flush.  My understanding of the world tree and the paths of the rainbow Road, of the thread lines of synchronicity across the Akasha and how they form the strings of our stories Is a thing of deep and anchored clarity.  It is a beautiful and expansive magic, and has given me the access to create the Mythica for the people.

Still, blessing has a burden, that very akashic centeredness making life on the earth plane extremely difficult, where I could not grasp some of the most basic aspects of what it means to be human, to live in the golem of form that is the self.

I hold this to my credit, warming myself with the light of it’s accomplishment as I confront the frustration of realization… The recognition that it has taken me this long to process the human condition whereby I may engage The mythic journalism of the Mythica to wield myself into a new shape, bringing mindfulness and willingness to the practices which must be done to clear the ethers of this age within the self.

I am deeply thankful to Joshua in this moment, and say humbly that in my iconoclasm of perspective, I was unable to fully apply the daily work that he has regarding the practices of transformation.  It has been a thing of deep appreciation for me, giving a sense of hope that in a benevolent universe, examples arrive which support us in our uniqueness.
In the case with Joshua, he needed an avatar of liberation, being that existed beyond the lifetimes of practices and mystic cultivation that had brought him to his current incarnation. On its other side, I needed being who carry those codes, to enable the vastness of my formlessness and its struggle to drop in – gradually helping to resolve the traumas and trials which made the prospect of dropping deeper into the human condition a thing of horror and overwhelm.

Such has been one of the defining nobility‘s of our relationship… A place where heaven meets earth, where we exist as shared aspects of a Divine emanation designed to help the many avatars of the awakening come to coherence. To see the magic in our stories, and come to view our lives as the mystical adventures they truly are.


I confess freely, I could not have done this without him. Without his steady embodiment of that which lay beyond my purview, his self – motivation and virtue of approach, the tones of nurturing and fellowship that he has embodied healing my disappointments and discussed for the ways in which I have Felt disregarded, where his very presence on the quest has been a reminder that despite the many difficulties of bringing the Mythica into coherence through my vessel, despite the blessing and challenge of my own oracular gifts, that I have not been forsaken. Not left to fend for myself, unable to feel the qualities Of consciousness I must cultivate in order to exist in this place.


The Journey to Wealth

To do the magics through the evening is such a remembrance.  A dropping back into the fundamental process of the alchemy that I have done so many times, one that had been forgotten in the endless efforts upon the computer.  It is a sense of connection, of recognition of my own desire and capability of changing the circumstance on a causal level, and I embrace it as an old friend.

I share it with Joshua, the joy of actually being in the shape to do the alchemies, to have the access past the resistance that had defined so much of the path.

It is such a meaningful thing, and as night comes, I make my way down the road, contemplating the magic.  What lay within me that is manifesting without, and how I can transform that into something more expansive.

I feel the consciousness, the substance of the ethers of which everything is made, and as I do, the rainbow beneath the road unveils itself, reflecting to me my position in the Mythica.  The aka of production and publishing sings back to me, and I feel the ability to connect with the people growing  … to publish our adventures out across the worlds.

Yet with that coherence comes the recognition of that which is still incoherent within my self.  The recognition that I feel uncared for, that I feel heavy and out-of-shape, just coming to clarity as to the vibrations that surround me with new eyes.  It is a gradual process of waking up to what I have wrought within my own sphere in it’s shamble and shine, seeing the places within my inner and outer world where there is excellence and where there is entropy, where I feel the long-churning emotions regarding those circumstance rise in response, demanding mindfulness and kink.

Simply put, I don’t feel healthy.  I feel bloated and muddied, thick from years of working on the computer and heavy with the patterns of inertia.  I look around my room and see neglect, a lack of attentiveness to the basics of cleanliness, a repetition of my own longstanding confusion and discomfort with the mortal plane.

In comparison, Joshua’s room next door is clean.  His objects are arranged clearly, and I see his harmonic clarifying, the result of his constant meditations and effort.  I am proud of him, yet it is uncomfortable to see, for it shows me how out-of-balance I still am.  Such is the Olde Wound for me.  The thing which I have been healing all this time, that Divine crack between my Earth and Sky manifesting as the glitter and grime in the realm of my reality.

It feels as though I coming out of a cocoon.  Where the spell I wrought so many years ago is blooming and the thing I had wrought her to heal stares back at me, the Sky of my gaze seeing the cracks in my Earth.

I shake it off, reminding myself that I am only JUST past the threshold of coherence such that I may even attend this aspect of the mortal plane.  That I am only JUST feeling the harmonics of being able to use the journal to anchor myself into the worlds.  I remind myself that this very act, the ability to journal my Quest through the armature of the Mythica and use the magic of that reflection to anchor my movement to a new reality was only just spreading her petals, at last supported by the firmament of the architecture I built over the years.

It is a true thing, and it heartens me, granting egress to an easeful invocation of trust in God’s design whilst looking again into the newly reinforced structure of the Existential King invocation.

There is deep significance here, for not only does the Existential Kink spellcraft feel to me to be what is needed for my own unique transformation, it arrives in perfect synchronicity with the clarification of the Mythica, sharing the aka of the modern mystery school.  Such is a beautiful thing, for it is realmsign that we have made it to a reality where such a thing is, in fact, going on.  Where we get to exist in confluence with a cadre of alchemists and adventurers, each bringing their gift to the round table of our shared Awakening.

Such feels to be the manifest proof, the outer expression of that inner movement, transforming the patterns of isolation into those of connection and community and moving into a new reality.

Here I see the Mythica invocation working, granting me a structure with which to bring my own consciousness into clarity.  Where the structure of this online mystical journal and the architecture of the Mythica which supports it act as an armature of remembrance.  A way of focusing my attention into what needs to be done to shift further into the Commonwealth and the realms of Good and Plenty.


My awakening continues – causing an increased awareness in the unconscious patterns which have been creating the circumstances of my life.  It is the feeling of coming out of a dream, where there is suddenly a certain constancy, a certain anchoredness in the thoughts and recognitions that move through my mindseye.


It’s heartening to me to video my log this morning.  Where in my inner world there is a sense of self-acceptance, a regard for the reality of my own archetype of being and how it’s nature has defined the journey.

An image flashes across my mindseye.  One of myself standing in Kenmore Square, Boston.  Sometime around 1991.

I remember it so vividly.  The amber glow of the streetlights, the stairs leading up to my apartment, the flow of traffic and streetwalkers that was the pulse of Boston’s beating heart.  It was a beautiful night, and my mind was exploding, seeing the various systems of the world weaving together, where I was able to perceive the mechanics of the earth plane in a new way.  It was a significant moment, where the natural fugue of my shifting consciousness felt a grounding, a sense of the systems of the mortal plane and how they interacted.

Then, as now, I felt a certain sensation, a realm of connection to what defines earth in this Age.  And while it had been brief, it had been a glimpse into the realms of the Commonwealth, one that had helped my navigation over these many long years across the underlands.

That it arrives now feels a ripple across the Akasha, a connected moment in the substance of the Creation – a place where I was able to grasp the mortal plane, where my footsteps felt sure.

Feeling access to an inspiration, I head outside to do a video describing the nature of the Mythica to potential allies like Carolyn or others who are deep into the hermetic arts.

It doesn’t happen.  Instead, I encounter Joshua, sitting in the tent, about to play some music.  Feeling a moment of softness, I move to thank him for his compassion with negotiating my process on his side of our shared alchemy, and it triggers a slew of impressions between us both regarding our places within the alchemical process of personal transformation.

He explains to me that he had just finished a deep process of applied invocation, of working through shadows and investigating the Existential Kink beneath the circumstances we have been in, and that he felt he was in a more resolved place of alchemy than the sense of my desire to thank him.

As he speaks, a flurry of sensations moves across the ethers.  I feel the solidity of his grasp on the idea of ‘coagula’ and the alchemical process.  It informs me, the impressions changing the shape of my perception, garnering me a greater access to this fundamental part of the discussion of the mystic arts.  In it, I can see the constancy with the fields of hermeticism as they are defined in the mortal plane, what they share with the aka moving through ourselves and our encounter with Carolyn Elliot’s aspect in the field.

There is agitation.  He is frustrated, and wanting his own space.  To be out of the pattern of isolation and seemingly endless process.  His soul aches to do the music that he has worked for, and to have the circumstances of life which support that.  That he longs to be away from the hammering vibrations of the city,  in a place more robust with the Green than our backyard, where he may sink into the soothing tones of the Mother.  Within this, I sense him wanting a greater structure to our alchemy, one that he can move through within his own sense of integrity.  Where he does not feel obligated to an idea of fairness regarding spontaneous discussions of shadow.

I respect it, and offer a willingness to check in with him and where he is at before I invoke a process of shadow-clearing whilst reminding him that he has not always checked in with me, and that we have simply been in a shared process of gradual coherence.  We come to an agreement, the fields aligning through the ethers, and he returns to the tent.

I feel him so deeply.  The desire to shift into a new realm.  We must transform our circumstance.  Must make our way into a reality of community.

With the Mythica constructed and my ability to ground the magics through story resonating across the field, I turn my attention back to the Wealth invocation.  To the string of synchronicities that led me to the Existential Kink work and the intense desire to be a part of that community, bringing the Gift of the now-forged Mythica to those who will appreciate her wonders.

The Wealth membership would be so ideal for Joshua and I.  It would give us the community we desire and give them a take on magic and their own mysteries that would redefine their world.

In this there is a flicker of fear.  An inner question if I have done enough to transform the subconscious patterns of isolation and separation such that I may receive the community and the connection that I so desire in the outer world.  Questions move through me, playing out as sinking sensations in my body and tumultuous waves of mind.

I shake it off, as best I can, reminding myself that I have woven the spellwork all through the night and set the tone to triumph.  That I have done my best in divination and application to shift into the realm of Heart’s Desire.

I continue the writing.  Invoking the Mythica spell to anchor myself through story.  As I do, I feel a pressure to smoke some ganja, and make my way outside, yet I have already smoked today, and am already feeling the burning, the disagreement of my body and the growing recognition of how distorted my relationship with the medicine has become.  How the universe is telling me to stop.  As I witness myself reaching for it, I do that very thing, and come inside to express the tension through this journal, anchoring my intent to step into a healthier reality.

Joshua and I have counsel regarding the energies which unfolded earlier in the day, sharing our perspective of the evolving shape of the Mythica and our shared alchemies.

2021-March-Week-IV-Scenting Rose

Nearby within the trellis, a Rose blooms, it’s echoes resolving for us both in our own way across the lands beneath the land.  For a moment, it reminds me of the “Heart of Faerie” episode and the realms of the Court of Roses.

The presence of the Rose is a symbol to me, meaning we have reached the blossom of the rose of the Mythica, that which I have striven to defend and cultivate as knights and kings in service on the Quest.

2021-march-week-iv - 1 (1)
I head outside, intent on breathing into my body. Into performing the actions that will shift me into the reality that I desire, thankful for the invocation of the Mythica spell helping me to crystallize my consciousness.
As I walk down the street, I consider the nature of what is moving through the field, The grand Armature of Mythica as she relates to my part in the Great Work.  I see the model of the world tree that Les beneath the outward expression of our published adventures and how it relates to the larger expression I’ve remembered magic across the planet. A sense of clarity moves through me, where I see my devotion to story and the creation of that’s great book Across the ethers of the Akasha, it’s tone rippling in archetypical circumstance across the timeline of my life.
Here I see how I have always been in the act of her neck transformation, how the very basis of the journey into the Mythica is right around the principles of as within so without, as above so below, and the axis mundi  of our movement through the many realities of the creation.
It feels an opening. A deepening into my purposing within the context of the great story, whereby  the crystallization of my own hermetic journey and the building of the Mythica portal is both my service to the world and the source of my own reconciliation. My own integration as a creature of magic into the mortal plane.
Here I see the ripples across the Akasha. The presence of the idea throughout my characters timeline of adventure.  I see how my devotion to story so many years ago Shifted the very substance of the ethers of my incoherent flickering, seating the field of the Akasha with a spell of demanded embodiment, by which I would walk the scenes of my story , And in doing so, set the tone for others.
It is deep vision, one where I see my progression as the expression of impressions within the strata of the Akasha. A plateau appears in my mindseye, showing my movement through the “Circle of Fire” in 2003 to the “Academy of the Ancient Arts” in 2004 as a map of my journey through the Mythica.  It crystallizes as I walk, as I see my journey to the magicians of “Onedoorland” in 2012 and my sanctuary amongst the faeriekin of “Livingwell” in 2010 as well as the occurrence of the mages Ba Sing Se as part of a larger shared mythology – the strings of synchronicity upon which the magical world exists.
Here I see our position from greater altitude, the line of our movement through the Mythica part of the much larger unfoldment of many, all connected by the strings of synchronicity and the shared purpose of awakening.
2021-march-week-iv - 3 (1)
I turn my gaze forward, looking at the approach of the Wealth membership and the desired alliance with Carolyn Elliott and the communities of magic.  As I do, the impressions in the Akasha which define the quality emanating from Carolyn and her community sing back to me across the ethers, resonant with the Aka of the modern magi.
A sense of calm comes over me then – a sense that all is moving forward. That even if I have not cleared the shadows within enough for the invocation of community that feels embodied through the Wealth membership, I am at least clarified In the process.
However, such as not my intention, and I wonder if I must take more assertive vibrational action to open the portal.
At the exact moment of my transcription, I looked down, seen a scroll in the concrete that says “I will always love you“. In response, I feel something shifting from my heart to my loins, the energies defining my inner world shifting. Again, I consciously invoke trust in God, that I have it last come to a place where I can manifest in the community and connection that I want… Where I feel I have dissolved enough of the subconscious patterns that have prevented connection for so long.
Are use it. Are use it consciously, as an easement to the terror of remaining in isolation and the resolving shadows within.
It is not lost on me that this is the process itself, the vast landscape of interpretation of the sensations within our form and their relationship to our manifestation. Such as the principle of “as within soul without“ sin in its starkness, where one questions the presence of their own inner disquiet and whether they have resolved it enough to embody the vibration of the reality in which they wish to reside.
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The nature of magic stirs within me.  I feel into the substance of meaning.

Life is such an interpretation. A melody of manifest impressions and our filter of personal fable. As I walk past the sign post which holds the words “temple“ and “yield“ on it, there is a sense of dissolving my resistance to the nature of regarding earth as a temple.   Of shifting the base point of my long-standing grievance with the trauma and resolution that defines the journey it’s self and yielding to the grace of God‘s timing and unfoldment.
I consider this as I return to the cottage, asking myself the question “why have I been so resistant to doing the practices?“, Knowing full well that the practices are the application of magic herself.
Vision comes to me. One I have seen before.  A sense of larger timing.  A feeling that everything blossoms in its time, the rose of its revelation showing its deeper colors. There is the sense that I could not concretize my magics in the context of the mortal plane until I had achieved the coherence gained through the building of the Mythica.
Here I see the larger arc of my storyline once more. I see how the Armature of the Mythica serves to bring my own myth and manner into coherence, and have a sense of such was why I designed her in the first place. A sense of cosmic symmetry, of ideas coming to bloom pervades, filling the yard with her scent.


I continue to invoke the Mythica, weaving the threads of my story through the armature and feeling myself continue to anchor into the Commonwealth.

It’s so meta.  What we’re doing.  How the threads of the journal interweave with my timeline which then weave with the characters and back again, shaping the vision of the strings of story.  It is deeply grounding for me, as she was designed to be … to use my story to anchor my movement through the realms, my unique journey to embodiment from Heaven into Earth.

In this I see the shape of my self in the ethers.  The “Pattern of Peter”.  I see the construction of the Mythica as the model of my own manner, the expression without of the substance within.

It is a thing that plays out across all facets of my reality, as it must.  Where I see my movement, the seemingly haphazard jumping from one aspect of the Mythica’s armature to another, my inspiration and action falling like rain from a thundering sky.  From angel’s gaze, I see my own movements, the ways in which I have been attending the various pieces of the vision as I could, each part weaving together into a whole, bringing into coherence that which God built into me to bring to the worlds.

As I said, to even be able to write like this, from THIS level of coherence WITHIN the structure of the Mythica’s publishing outlet IS the fulfillment of the spell itself.  The mythos of adventurer to guildmaster, the journey into the world of magic and myth and returning to tell the tale.  Such is a thing that could ONLY be told within the context of the Mythica platform, where the magic of story could be shown and that aspect of the Great Work fulfilled.

Here, the sense of the caduceus comes up again.  The symbol of the snakes entwining the staff of Hermes that I had first encountered amongst the magicians of “Circle of Fire” in 2003, and I feel the magic.  The depth of my fundamental understanding of the sacred mirror of the self.  How my documentation of the journey through the Mythica has been an act of great healing, of showcasing the hermetic journey through the symbols and synchronicities of the self.  How I had always known, at the very core of my being that All was One and that my journey was through the literal substance of my own being.

Such is the very heart of the understanding of the Mythica.  That what is within manifests without … forming the many realms and realities along the axis of the World Tree.

I have lived in a reality of magical beings for I am magical being, encountering other aspects of the larger Self along the ley lines of meaning itself. 

And, as with so many things in the material plane, there is the sense that it is already happening … or that it has already happened, that it is ALWAYS happening,  the anchors of meaning which describe the landscape of my legend are part of something much larger … a Divine orchestration far beyond the horizon of the mortal gaze.  

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The Tree speaks to me then, sending her tendrils up through the layers, reminding me of the path and it’s purpose.

2021-march-week-iv - 2 (2)

I continue to wonder about my application to the Wealth membership.  If i’ve done enough to transform my inner world such that I can reach community.  As I wonder, it occurs to me that the road is clear, the construction blocking the way for so many months removed at last.  I consider it a sign that the blockage has been removed.