A Mythical Manifesto

An excerpt of a real response to Doron Kutash as Mythica publishing opened her beacon from the tiny temple on sacred Maui ..

Doron Kutash

That feels aligned. Thank you for taking the time To look over the system.

In accordance and by your own will, I invite You to sign up for an ‘Adventurer’ membership, or, if you can, an ‘Explorer’ membership, which would add that root-energy into the project in a show of dedication.

I have pre-built the Mythica with an inner chat system (currently off but turned on easily as we come together) and a social network, all of which serves for the educational matrix, as well as the movement towards a marketplace and other associated constructs all within the prime context, that we are telling a New Story, and opening a portal into the real magical World/New Paradigm, for the Readers.

All things follow this context. The top-level presentation, of multimedia Storybooks, blog posts from Authors, the overview of the Great Story and the various tales that reveal our Unity of purpose and thus dissolve the illusion of separation, are part of this yoga.

I want it understood that we are totally in alignment over the concept of having more Authors and contributors to the Mythica, describing the deeper octaves of consciousness and our connectivity in their own words. At the same time, we are teaching a yoga, one of proven movement and alchemical change, phrasing the conversation of self-improvement into a mythopoetic and shared narrative, one which propagates a Story of Hope, Renewal and Awakening to the people, triggering Awakening.

The idea here is to share our Stories. Stories which reveal the Physics of the Quest, the underlying yogic principles which define ALL Stories, all conditions, all states of being and self across the subtle landscape of the akasha, deeper into our own mythical embodiment. Our own Mythica.

In this way, we are “branding” the magical World, in a sense, giving a context for the life-game of self-transformation such that beings may tell their own Stories with more clarity and success”. In essence, we are modeling a *form of writing which is a yoga in and of itself, in which through their self-inquiry, Authors gain more consistent access to their inner ‘seed within’, the life purpose or “dharma” for which they incarnated through that particular vessel

This equates directly to their own self-actualization, also known as the embodiment one’s higher self and the manifestation of a more heavenly Earth.

Yeshua is the second case study beyond my own self. In with the act of Authoring, the particular way of perceiving one’s Story and the dedication to the cleansing process has given him (and me, of course) ACCESS to our intrinsic yogic siddhi, the vibrational constancies currently defined as one’s “superpowers”.

By documenting our Stories in a particular way, as a particular yoga, we are clarifying and anchoring the “5D”. It is a yogic spell of the highest caliber. The “Yoga of Story”, in which Yeshua and I are teaching Akasha Yoga, the means of achieving Union through a new understanding of our essence as awareness itself having the experience of a human self. A Story. Amongst many other Stories, woven together into the much greater Story, the destined Ascension of the people.

I have always envisioned the Mythica as containing a wide-scale social network whilst also recognizing that she must embody a particular core set of values, a core set of techniques which teach the necessary arts of subtlety to the people and demonstrate the way in which they too may step into a brighter reality.

From this architectural strategy, the subtle framework of the Mythica acts as a mystery school. A way of coming and learning a particular technique. A way of perceiving and receiving one’s own Story. One’s own movement along the rainbow bridge between the many manifest realities within the akasha. Deeper “into the Mythica”, the embodiment of the next octave of our emergent consciousness.

Above all things, the Mythica exists to facilitate this. The teachings, the yoga meant to help the people dissolve their separation in a new way. A FUN way. A beautiful way that truly, delightfully expresses both the trials we must face into our shared Awakening as well as the magnificent realities we may experience as we do the practices that transform the conditions of our manifestations.

Such is the purpose, for which I incarnated to Earth, and the undercurrent of what powers the Mythica.

Because I understand the nature of self itself on a structural level (I live in the Realization-of-that in a consistent way), I was able to create a structure which facilitated that awareness to the other aspects of the Collective Self in it’s vibrational embodiment.

I am well aware that all beings (“selves”, awareness-looking-through-a-lens) are having a unique experience, and the Mythica was designed to accommodate this, using the infinite holographic structure of the internet to hold space for an infinite number of Stories. In this way, the yogic principles that we refer to may be SEEN BY THE PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN STORIES. I am a New School Avatar after all

In this context, the underlying teaching we are relating, the ‘physics of the quest’, is a presentation of the Divine Principles which underlie all Stories, the gravity that holds everything else together. It is the undercurrent to our many selves that gives them context. The rules by which ALL Stories, ALL realities, and ALL “selves” are experiencing. Structurally.

To Understand this (yes, with a capital ‘U’) is the basis of any real yogic attainment and the illustration of Value on a core level which facilitates another aspect of the Mythica construct’s architecture and Divine purposing.

At this time, I witness that the many manifestations of the Collective Self and it’s implied Unity are experiencing a gradually resolving subconscious pattern around Value. One tied directly into the illusion of separation and it’s implications in terms of the receipt of the Abundance that is our birthright.

Reclaiming our Value

The Mythica was designed to facilitate transformation of this mostly-unconscious pattern on a global level, assisting the Awakening of the planet and the receipt of more Abundance on ALL levels, most definitely including the root chakra, for the people.

This happens on a number of levels, yet focuses deeply on the vibrational work that MUST be done to transform one’s circumstance whilst also providing a multiplicity of avenues of revenue for the participant within the contextual framework of their entire existence being Recognized in it’s mythopoetic embodiment, REFRAMING the way in which beings relate to their World on a fundamental level.

Little child plays superhero. Kid on the background of sunset sky. Girl power concept

Here, we are providing firmament for the declaration and definition of one’s current self as a ‘priestess’, a ‘djedi’, a ‘Lightworker’, a ‘sacred facilitator’ and the like, providing an underlying yogic firmament that justifies and validates their noble journey of declaration into the new paradigm.

In doing so, we provide them with the opportunity for more Abundance, physically recognized as a clarified reflection of their own patterns of ‘scarcity’ and ‘confusion’ and ‘separation’ transformed into their more exalted aspects. More aligned with the fundamental Goodness and Grace that is the Divine Gift of a self.

This happens through the teaching model. Through the style of Story yoga that we are modeling, proving the techniques within the digital architecture of the temple (the Mythica).

Akasha Yoga – The Yoga of Story

Here, structurally, particular words used by Authors relate to support pages, educational pages which teach the yoga of Story, such that Readers may see such concepts alive in their OWN Stories, their OWN unfolding “Mythica”. Through the words and pictures I regard as the modern hieroglyph, we create a whole new way of reframing our human experience. One that reminds and remembers while (and this is important) illuminating a new perception of Value, one more aligned with the yogic Truth that there is no separation, that every expression is vibrational, and that, as I told an ally many years ago, “Embodiment is Value”.

In the Mythica, we are reframing our perception of the World. Telling a multitude of tales all of which serve to remind and remember, to make more constant our access to the seeds of the Garden that lay within us. She is a beacon of Light, holding space first for the Characters I-as-the-bearer-of-the-Mythica have been led through Divine providence to encounter and witness along the Quest, and then for an ever-increasing rootwork of beings, all learning to see their World in a new way. One that transforms their circumstance on a real level.

You see … most beings are telling an old Story. They are unclear on who they are, on what is their soul’s purpose and what is a “shadow”, an in-process subconscious pattern which must be dissolved for their sacred seed to emerge into the Light. They unconsciously bounce through social media at varying levels of recognition, all part of the beautiful unfoldment of our collective rise.

Yet while this is perfect and beautiful and IS the very essence of the Great Story and her many Characters, it is also the thing which requires healing. Just as we speak of ‘focusing on positivity’ and ‘being careful with our words’, we have the Divine responsibility to tell a new Story. A tale that remembers rather than distracts. One that uses social media in it’s most exalted way, communicating both our individual heroism and the much, much, much larger magical World of which we are a part.

Thus, the Mythica acts as a teaching device. A means of disseminating the yogic techniques which are proven by the Author/Teachers through whatever their “particular flavor” of Divine expression is, all the while referencing the underlying laws.

On the surface, this may seem confining. Yet as we shall come to see, the elemental principle that underlay it’s impermanent interpretation through a particular ‘self’, ‘culture’ or ‘tradition’ is more constant, more enduring, and more defining. It is the Land upon which our Stories walk. That which allows them to exist.

In this way, the many ways in which incarnates are currently flavoring the yogic structure of the Creation are given freedom of expression, for if the principles described are indeed universal, what they are referring to will invariably relate.

Architecturally this holds space for diversity. Yet within this, we are also establishing an educational context. A yoga. With definitions. With a nomenclature. One which serves the Divine function of facilitating Awakening.

As part of my Seva, I have done my best to simplify this, phrasing the yogic gravities by which ALL Stories, all aspects of “self” go through their sacred process of becoming. Using words that describe the elements, most importantly (in this context), the akasha and it’s implications, as well as the rainbow bridge/road and the understanding that when you change the colours of your own inner chakra of light, you move to a different reality, along the rainbow bridge of your own becoming.

Within this, we are modeling the structure of both Heaven and Earth, by linking the concept of the Akasha and that of the World Tree in a functional way that allows beings to more deeply appreciate and “gamify” their journey of self-realization. We are showing the Readers (and the Authors) that all of our patterns and purposes are linked, that there is a larger narrative unfolding through us, that we are an expression of the Land, never separate each other or the skin of the Mother, all processing the imprints of the old paradigm in order to become something new.

The Mythica exists to facilitate this. Illuminating these yogic principles in a fun and satisfying way. One which frames the Authors as Adventurers into a more magical reality, a REAL journey into the new manifestation of an embodied Divinity.

This, to me, is to CORE Mystery School of the Mythica, and the initial expression of the seed of the Great Story that is the Mythica’s purposing. To reframe the narrative itself. To tell a new Story. One of our return to the Land, to the Heavenly Earth that is our BIRTHRIGHT.

This is why I incarnated. Why the Mythica was built. Why I outlined my own ‘autobiography of a yogi’ through the new media and outlined the process for Yeshua and other’s to do the same. Such is wrought into the glyph of the Mythica, a book, opening into leaves, implying a blossoming lotus. To publish the new Story. Revealing the context through which our tales unfold. The heroic landscape on which our many Paths unfold.

It is also why the initial expression of the Mythica requires a certain discipline, for most beings are still resolving the patterns of their Stories.

A guidance is required.

One which helps them to SEE themselves in a new way.

Which helps us ALL to REMEMBER how to hold and anchor the frequency required to transform the conditions on both an individual and planetary scale.

A lighthouse across the stormy seas of resolving confusion.

To remedy this, the first tales of the Mythica (yet by no means the last) MUST “prove the concept”. They MUST illuminate that there is a way to a better reality in a consistent way, which serves the primaries of dissolving the illusion of separation, revealing the deeper octave of our embodiment, and transforming the distortion of Value in the collective to it’s more redeemed and exalted condition.

As I envision this, initial collaborators who possess the vision to recognize what is being offered here will either be Authors themselves learning and applying the techniques of intentional narrative and the various yogas whilst presenting articles, videos, bardic tellings, and all manner of media which illuminate the “Mythica”, the real magical World that we share through our synchronicities, the common ground between ALL our Stories.

Here, we shall be teaching the most unifying piece of them all. The structural foundation for the Mythica and the expression of the much larger pattern which links us all together.


The flow.

The arrangement of events and our perception of them. The Who was there, at What moment, and Why.

On a yogic level, synchronicity, and for that matter all aspects of the unfoldment, are not random. Everything follows a structural pattern of cause and effect, what is called ‘karmas’ or other phrasings by the various impermanences of the human plane. Because to See that thing in it’s largesse is defined by one’s current awareness, I built the Mythica to communicate my perspective on this, as well as Yeshua’s and other avatars who arrived in synchronicity in the field.

Such was an act of sattvic Witnessing, simply observing the play of energies through the many selves in service to this great Revelation.

Such was my own seed within, the Divine design wrought into the substance of ‘Peter’ such that he could bring this Gift into the incarnate plane.

As Yeshua arrived, this increased, for now I had a being to teach the techniques to as well as to learn from, such that, through our shared efforts, we could model the yogic movement towards this new paradigm. In this way, Yeshua also learned to see the synchronicities and unfoldment of his life, gaining more and more of a Big Picture vantage while also honouring his own individual and sacred journey.

As we write out the articles, we are revealing THIS. The underlying synchronicity of our Unity. The play of our elements of self and the Stories that are borne from them. The ways in which we clarify our experience and transform our reality.

This is what we are SHOWING, not just TELLING the people. From this core, this reframing of narrative and support for beings individual adventures, I envision a social network of Stories. One which works with social media in a more intentional way. A way that helps them to See and Apply the underlying physics of their OWN Quest. That allows them to experiment and discover the underlying “rules of the road” for their journey. That helps them to tell a new Story for their lives.

From this, everything flows. The roles, the marketplaces, the products, the services, all within the context of that emerging recognition. Within the context of that which makes us all human, the process of movement to the realization of who we really are.

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