An Eclipse Water Blessing in Faerie

In Reflections from the Quest, World of the Mythica by Yeshua Lucis

All across the lands of Gaia, we are coming to remember, to Awaken to our inherent connection with the wonders of the natural world. A symphony of emergent tones is coming forth of honoring the sacred land. Gatherings of light are occurring, sacred rituals formed by the intent for the healing of our relationship with the web of life and the elementals. Priestesses, magickians, fae and Grail Guardians gather round sacred sigils and pure elements in shared intent to clear our portion of the distortion and embody an emergent paradigm.

The realms of Faerie

During my adventure through the realms of Faerie in the land of Crestone, I was given an invitation to a gathering on the Solar Eclipse, with the intent of blessing the water of the river. I rode through a wild expanse of valley towards the dragonspine of the Sangre de Cristos mountains.

Upon arriving a wonderous song reverberated through the sacred land, a primal chorus of tones I recalled as the Music of the Plants, and come to see that the carriers of its sonic medicine are none other the Frequency Healers, Aha Arnie Alba and Erin McGrath.

The gathering is opened with the intent of blessing the water Deva by Deanna, steward of the sacred Land. Water from the nearby stream is placed in the crystal singing bowls of the sound healing station, and a prayerful performance is had as the Music of the Plants begins.

The Music of the Plants is a device created by Damanhur that connects to plants, reading the frequencies moving through them and translating that into sound. It allows plants to sing the most beautiful melodies and movements, transmitting their tones in a way that is deeply healing to those who are receptive. The device was connected to the tree near the sound station, as water blessings were given to the tree along with loving intent from the collective.

Upon arriving I see the collective gathered around the grid of stone in the shape of a six-pointed star built and christened by Unity Grace upon a ley line. Crystal skulls adorn the center, and an altar is co-created by the collective in harmony with the energies of a vortex. The water is placed in geometry congruence along the grid. The placement of things in accordance with sacred geometries along with the healing frequencies that are in tune with the harmonics of nature form a space conducive for healing and the expansion of consciousness. This is indicative of the larger pattern moving through the collective consciousness of realigning with the prime patterns of Nature.

The ritual of music begins, and I open my lens to witness the events as I recognized we are deep in the Mythica.

It is my privilege to witness the uncontrived magic that unfolds in our communion with one another and the sacred land. It is a testament to the art of arriving in synchronicity and proves the Physics of the Quest.

In coming to realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, it changes the way that we relate with one another and Nature. There is a deeper octave of our potential in which we come to realize that each of the people in our lives is a reflection of our Self, of which there is no separation, and that each of us is embodying a valuable vibrational quality for one another in our growth and evolution. This is the True essence of Namaste, in which we bow to another as an embodied aspect of Divinity.

This was witnessed amongst this beautiful moment between Michael Agape and Raymond Pelletier, in which Michael greeted and bowed to each being, blessing them with the healing frequencies from the Solfeggio tuning forks, before they continued on to another aspect of the ritual by the river, in a series of prayers from different traditions and colors all respecting each other as One.

Upon the prayers and ritual had together in blessing the water, it is returned to the spring by Anthony Benton with the intent of the healing of our springs and rivers.

This act of reciprocal relationship with the land and the understanding of vibrational medicine is moving through the collective, in which we come to see the truth, that we are made of the Deva and beneath that – of vibration.

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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