About the Quest

Into the Mythica

The Journey to the Magical World

There is a World beneath the World. A place of magic, mystery and expansion. The storehouse for all our stories, myths and legends.

The Divine Devotion

It started with devotion.  With a bolt of lightning and a wish answered by a Goddess.  I was thirteen years old, standing in the stormy rainfall of Long Island autumn when I had a vision.   A communication with the deva of story.  The Divine force of Story herself.

I made a wish then, to discover the magical world.  To act as an adventurer in my own mystical story, and find a way to bring that world to others.  To be a paladin of stories, on a Quest into the realms of real mythology.

What you see before you is the result of that story.  The tale of my journey into the realm of Stories, into the realm of mysticism and magic.  It is my offering, my sharing of the treasures I have gained along the way, revealing that no story stands alone, and that we are all connected in the Great Story of our shared Awakening.

The Mythica – The Realm of Stories

The Journey Home is a new form of Storytelling, revealing the authentic journey to a new reality as a proof of the mystic arts.  She’s a teaching story, meant to reveal the principles and expressions of the journey to Awakening.

The journey home is a living story, part of an ongoing divination into my timeline through the Akasha, the result of twenty years of movement across the many realms of the World Tree.  In service to opening a window into the weave beneath the world I have built out the timeline of the journey in it’s most basic form to complement the teachings.  That being said … she is a living story.  Constantly changing, growing and weaving.

As part of that teaching, my timeline is designed in a way to show the Great Story – the interweave of our many stories in the loom of our shared Awakening.

Marking the Path

To document the journey into the magical world, I acted as a mystical journalist, using photos, videos and the written word to anchor my experiences.  To keep it authentic, I applied a singular discipline – I would never set up the photos.  No photoshop, no models, no sets.  Everything had to happen, it had to arrive in synchronicity on the timeline of my adventure.

I had the idea that my photos could serve as markers on the trail, gradually mapping out the shape of my story as an example for others.  As part of the magic, I never set up the photos, only Witnessing who arrived on the path.  Noticing and documenting the synchronicities in space and time where things happened and what I was able to divine along the way.

By doing this, only witnessing who, when and where things happened, I started to put together a map.  A journal of alchemy and transformation which revealed the subtle layer beneath the surface of the world and the underlying principles beneath all our stories.

Meeting the Avatars of the Awakening

This went on for years, my devotion bringing me into a world of embodied mythology, a world I was bringing to the people through my art.

As I continued to track my journey, I discovered something AMAZING.  I started to see the SAME people arrive again and again.  Even deeper, I realized that each of them held a Gift.  A quality of change that was part of much larger intention shared by all.  That there was something Bigger than Us that was drawing us together.

Over time, I came to see that this Bigger thing, the Great Story to which we were all a part, was happening all across the world, yet most people didn’t see it.  However, some did.  They saw there was a collective movement  happening beneath the surface, arriving in synchronicity at very specific points on the planet, and that they were part of something bigger than themselves.  A grand effort to manifest a brighter world.

Here I saw documentation of my Quest was in service to something larger.  I saw that I was laying down the foundation for a network of stories, starting with my own and expanding outwards to reveal that larger pattern … a Collective unfoldment whose threads wove between us all.

Thus Into the Mythica was born.  A platform of ‘media for the modern mystic’, using stories to show the subtle ways we were connected.  Opening a window into that subtle earth and the guardians of her Garden

Revealing the Land beneath the Land

As I continued on the journey my understanding of this pattern grew.  I came to see that there was a physical substance in the subtle planes of awareness.  That the constant vibrations i’d felt around the people I had encountered were part of a landscape, a subtle landscape which existed beneath the surface of the world, made of the subtle colors and textures of the characters I had met and their stories.

I called this landscape “The Mythica”, for it was the place where our mythologies lived.  Where the impressions and manifest realities of our Collective subconscious were seen as a subtle geography, arriving in synchronicity with very specific people and places on the planet.  That in some way, our many stories and synchronicities were part of the planet herself, connected in this web beneath the world.

Gradually, I came to see that all beings were moving through this subtle landscape, through the resolving energies and impressions in their own subconscious and it’s manifestations.  I saw that this landscape was the foundation for all stories, for all the experiences we had along our many Quests, and realized that if I could share this with the people, to share the maps of the Mythica, that they would be able to find their own way Home.  To understand the physics of their quest, and discover the world beneath the world.

Yet there was more.  Over time, I came to see another layer.  A place where nerves and tendrils of living light sang beneath the surface and subtle planes of the world.  Where the many impressions of our mythologies and stories dissolved into even more primal geometries, an ether woven into the very roots of the world.  It was a place of primal elements, where the synchronicities and stories of the people were seen as expressions of a nervous system of planetary proportions.

Here, pulses of information beat in rhythms across the threads, radiant with purpose, where I could feel that much larger Collective story singing, driven by a greater and central intelligence.  A Divine mind, incarnate through a pantheon of characters, orchestrating some beautiful through a chorus of voices.

Documenting the Path

Yet how to show this mystical place? How to reveal the subtle lands of the earth and her characters? As part of my devotion, I realized the best way was through Stories.

In service to this, I documented my journey for twenty years, following a discipline of simply witnessing, not setting up the photos, simply arriving at the moments of my life.  My intention –  show the nature of the Path and the Land, the essence of what it meant to travel one’s sacred path and move through the landscape of their legend.  Through the subtle layer beneath the surface of their story.

Welcome to the Journey Home, the autobiography of my adventure deeper into the Mythica, the real magical world.  Throughout the text of this story, i’ll be sharing with you the nature of my discovery of the magical world and my journey deeper into the mystic arts, coming to map out my movement from the reality of scarcity and distortion to that of a more heavenly earth.

This is a new form of Storytelling, combining the teaching of the mystic arts with the telling of the tale.  Unlike a classic linear narrative, You have the option of moving through the various chapters in the Story and following the links contained within them to discover the various techniques that I have used to heal the splinters within my own consciousness and create the portal into the Mythica.  On the other hand, if you are so inspired, you can read the Story through, gradually discovering the mystic world as I did on my adventure.  The choice is yours.

The Journey Home is a love song to story, a memoir of mythic journalism documenting my twenty-year quest to map out the territories of the magical world share that gift with others. She is a teaching story, a way of sharing what I have come to learn about the nature of the many worlds that exist on the strings of synchronicity that define our many adventures.

As part of this akashic presentation, the tale is presented in a linear and non-linear format, where readers may move between various chapters as they occurred, taking their own route through the patterns and symbols that were divined along the way.

The timeline of the Journey Home is integral to the courses, comics and content of Into the Mythica, for it reveals the people, places and events that have been the Characters of the documentary, using the power of story to gradually reveal the myth and meaning that lay between us all.

To create such a unique way of telling a tale required a publishing platform which connected the various parts of the story into the principles of the quest which are offered in the courses.

Building the Bard’s Guild

Yet how to create a place for us to share our stories? How to provide the people with a context for their content, to create a mystery school which revealed what I had come to see upon the quest? To do this, I had to build an artifact, a real life magical item which offered a framework to help the people come to see what I had seen, to enhance their journey of path and purpose and give them the tools to step into their own living myth.