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Akasha – The Canvas of our Stories

Everything happens somewhere.

All form, and thus all realities (or ‘realms’) within the Creation are made of the same primal substance, known as Akasha.

Akasha is consciousness itself seen as a primal clay, the starstuff from which all Worlds, from which all realities are made.  It is the Fifth element, the elemental principle that gives birth to all other elements and their endless movement through the spacetime of it’s substance.  In the mixture of these five elements, that of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Akasha (spacetime/ether/embodied awareness) one experiences all the conditions of material existence.  It is most subtle level of form before it dissolves back into the formlessness from whence it came, the initial place where the infinite intelligence of the Divine pours through into being.  It is form itself.  The substance of which the awareness is aware.

Akasha has an aspect that is transcendent of the other four elements.  It is the base element from which the other four emerge.  Eventually, after an infinity of changes, the base elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire dissolve back into the Akasha from which they were made.  Akasha is a meta-substance, that exists in the event horizon between form and formlessness itself.

Akasha is the context in which the phenomena known as ‘space’ and ‘time’ occurs, containing within it’s substance ALL potential events that have happened, are happening, or will ever happen in the Worlds of form.  

It is the backdrop in which all events, that ever were or ever will be, happen for it is the substance of form itself.  It is the place where all timelines of all beings that will ever exist may be witnessed, and requires the highest levels of discernment and subtlety to perceive.  

As the backdrop for all events, the Akasha is the initial point where Divine intelligence manifests in the World of form, setting the tone for the impressions that define the various Ages of the Universe in it’s cycle of expansion and contraction.  As this inertia coalesces through the primal elements, it forms the threads of interconnected cause and effect that underlie the synchronicities of our lives.

The Akasha is the canvas for the Akashic records, the timelines of our various selves and our shared part in the Great Story of our Divine unfoldment.  It is the context within which the endless play of cause and effect move through the material plane.

The Akasha and the World Tree

Fundamental to the journey to a brighter reality is understanding the relationship between the Akasha and the World Tree.  While the Akasha contains all impressions and manifestations that will ever happen, human reality occurs within the context of our current self and it’s relationship to time and space.

As Divine intelligence moves into form, the energetic imprint of that intention forms from the substance of the Akasha woven from the prime elements, crystallizing into the many states of being that define the material plane.In this way, we witness the Akasha and the World Tree as the same pattern, expressed in it’s quality of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’.  They are different ways of looking at the same phenomena that change depending on where one looks from.

In the simplest form, the Akasha is the canvas of ALL spacetime, where and when all events happen.  The World Tree is how they are occurring now, in the physical plane.  While the Akasha is the space within which all past and future lives and their connections occur, there is a present Now that we are experiencing the mortal condition. 

That Nowness, that “beingness”, of being awareness inhabiting a body in it’s current Character, made of the incarnate plane and the rootwork of synchronicities and interconnected patterns that defines it’s experience in the material plane, is the World Tree.