Abundance, Value and Scarcity

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“As we Give we do Receive
We Question just what do we Believe
Do we walk on sacred Earth, in a space that Knows our Worth?
Or do we walk like frightened drones, filled with these complaints and moans?

What is the cause of circumstance, the flow of Gold and Grace
That brings us comfort from this wound, a smile to our face?

As we Give we do Receive,
This I’ve Seen and I Believe
For such the Nature of this Earth,
When we truly Know our Worth”

Perhaps the most prevalent distortion in the World today is the defilement of Abundance that manifests in our circumstance as scarcity.  As a thing tied directly into our sense of survival and support from a friendly Universe, healing this pattern is a major focus of the spiritual education of the Mythica.

In accordance with the physics of the quest, the vibrational patterns that exist within us manifest in our outer experience.  Because of this, we must change those conditions internally in order to change the external manifestation.  In the context of the healing of the distortion of scarcity, this involves the clearing and healing of those patterns through any number of modalities and actions which realign us with the Abundance that is God’s nature.

From a structural perspective, when our lens of perception is clogged with vibrational quality of scarcity, our ability to see the expansion in the World is limited.  In such a case, we cannot see the inspiration, the solution, nor align with the synchronicities and expansions that would grant us the Abundance we desire.  If beings offer us solution, we will be hard-pressed or even unable to remember what was offered.  Denied such access, the pattern of scarcity manifests over and over again, with only the barest understanding of it’s cause.  Such is a condition of being in the Shadowlands, in which we must take action to redeem the pattern within the Self and gain access to the Abundance that is our birthright.

Such is very challenging to work with, for we must face the distortions within our own perspective while simultaneously addressing the vibrational cause of the manifestation.  As our lens of perception is defined by these known and unknown imprints, we cannot trust our point of view.  From such a place, one of tightness and frustration, things seem a certain way.  As these negative and limiting thoughts circle through our consciousness, we are burdened with worry and anxiety over our projections of what could come about.   And, if we do not do the work, this may very well be the case, repeating the limiting conditions caused by the distortions upon the lens.

At these times, fear and tightness sit within the Heart and the root of our being, and we are demanded to the highest degrees of Faith and inner alchemy.  It is for no small reason that I call this one of the great challenges of the Age.

Yet we must rise to the challenge, for only in our inner change may we find our way to the Brightlands of expansion and Grace.  Fundamental to healing this pattern is cultivating the vibrational tone of Abundance within the Self and coming to recognize the Value of our Self.  To do this, we must witness the feeling-sensations that arise within the body relative to that thing which are creating the distortion in our perspective.  We must then track those patterns, using spiritual techniques to transform them from tightness and fear to that of expansion and Grace.

This is not easy, as many of us have lived in these repeated patterns of scarcity for so long it feels as though they will never end.  Because we cannot trust our point-of-view when in this state, I have labored to demonstrate and document the reality that, despite the distortions in our point-of-view, God is Good.  That we live in a fundamentally supportive Universe.

Because we must change our vibrational state from one of worry and fear to one of expansion in order to dilate the iris of our awareness to receive, *AND* that we cannot trust our point-of-view, the intention is to provide a reminder.  A firmament of that which is Larger than the Self, which helps to ease the disharmonious sensations within the Self which, in accordance with the physics of the quest, give rise to the pattern of scarcity.

And it is not easy.  When we are in a scarcity pattern, it repeats.  We must develop the fortitude, the discipline, and in many cases, the Faith in order to change our vibrational state.  Yet God is Good.  Nature is Abundant.  When we align with the fundamental inertia of That Which is Larger than the Self, it helps to transform our vibration of scarcity, for we are intentionally aligning with the larger gravity that lay beyond.  It is applied technique of vibrational attunement, one that mixes Faith with Focus, in which we must constantly error-check the distortions of our current vantage in order to realign.

Central to this process is the acceptance that we are responsible for our circumstance and it’s transformation.  Such is very challenging for beings to embrace, for without the depth of awareness gained through deep inner work, there can be the tendency to imagine the cause of our circumstance has to do with events outside of the Self, yet this is incorrect.  In accordance with the physics of the quest, the genesis of our circumstance lay in the vibrational patterns within, to project responsibility for them onto outside forces such as ‘government’, ‘other people’, etc. is misaligned with the Truth and an inefficient use of our power.

It is for this reason, this causal reason of manifestation, that we do the many exercises to control the mind and cleanse the subtle imprints within the body, for only by clearing these patterns within the Self can we clear the patterns without.

In this I speak from experience.  Many times on the Journey Home, I have faced the pattern of scarcity.  Whether it was a scarcity of Love, of finance, of fellowship or any number of other distortions from the Truth, I was demanded, time and again, to work through those patterns with a multitude of inner alchemies and techniques.

In the beginning of the post, I talk about how when we Give, we Receive.  This is a fundamental Law, for we are always living within the reflected aspects of our own Collective Self. When we Give to “others”, we are giving to our Self.  Setting the tone for that giving to reflect back upon us.  Similarly, in our Quest to clear the scarcity from our perspective and thus have access, when we recognize the Value in “others”, we are in fact recognizing the Value in our Self.

This has a profound effect on our manifestation.  Remembering always that we are working with the subtle vibrations of our own lens of perception (what in the Mythica we call the ‘prism of the Self’), every action that we do, from the thoughts that we think to the feeling-tones we hold within our matrix of consciousness, moves us closer to or further away from the Abundance that is our birthright.

When we Give, we Receive, because we are giving, essentially to our Self.  And while the form of that giving may change, it is an action aligned with the fundamental Nature of God.  This is the basis for tithing in spiritual institutions.  Contrary to the idea that it is a “selfless” act, it is in fact the most ‘Self-oriented” act there can be, for it heals the wound of scarcity in the Giving.

Yet while this is a Truth, there are subtleties, for giving must come from a place of recognition of Value, both of our own Self and that of “others”.  When we Give  from a place of recognition of these things, it changes our internal landscape.  We must align with God’s nature, which both recognizes our Value and Gives to us endlessly.  This is a very, very important distinction.  Very often on our Quest, we are asked to embody this spirit of recognition of Value, to Give, and Trust and align with that Divine emanation.  If we do it from a place of scarcity, it may continue the pattern of that scarcity, for we live in the manifestation of that vibration.  Yet if we can do it correctly, it has the effect of softening and shifting the deep-rooted patterns of scarcity which distort our perspectives and limit our access to the Abundance that is truly ours.

I know, in the deepest of ways, that many beings are suffering from this distortion.  A fundamental part of the creation of the Mythica has been to transform that vibration, integrally tied into a lack of recognition of our own Value, into a more redeemed state.  As part of the mission which I undertook to create the Mythica, I have processed through these very vibrations in my own Self, facing the challenge of whether or not to Give, of shifting my thoughts and feelings, of striving to manage the distortions in my own lens of perception over and over and over again.  There are times I have given when I had very little, trusting that as I gave so I would receive.  And while such proved True, it has not been easy.  Nor is it easy for any of us.  Yet we MUST rise to this challenge.  We must remember and feel the Goodness that is God’s Truth, such that we may transform the vibration within the Self, and step into a brighter manifestation of our reality.

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