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As we explore  the nature of  our sacred Path through the Akasha, we are inevitably drawn into  a discussion on the very nature of Self.

Such demands a deep dive into the yogas of discernment, in which we come to see the elements that make up the Self, much like looking at a sculpture or a painting made of very particular tones and colours.

In the context of the Mythica, our mortal forms are made of subtle qualities, elemental essences which occur in various combinations of quality and quantity and make up the entirety of both our human experience and the Creation at large.

Just as there are many impermanent traditions and cultures that dot the surface of the planet, there are many ways of approaching this fundamental and structural viewpoint on  health, wholeness, and the expression of our sacred Path.

Yet while the surface forms of these traditions changes, there is an underlying constant which all return to - the fundamental natural qualities that make up all potential realities.

All healing and wholeness techniques are related to Nature and our alignment or misalignment with the natural laws that define our experience.

Ways of Understanding the Elements of Self

Chinese medical cycle with five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal)

Across the many impermanent cultures and traditions of this planet, there are many different ways of interpreting the substance of the Self.

In the Chinese medical system, the Self is considered to be made of five elements, which correspond to our organs.  Medical conditions are considered to be relative to imbalance of these elements, in which remedies are prescribed to bring about this balance.

In comparison to this, the Ayurvedic system of medicine refers to the elements of Self as doshas, qualities which form the basis of our medical conditions.  Like the Chinese system, the entire basis of the Ayurvedic medical paradigm is also related to these natural qualities, to the elemental deva that make up our experience.

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