Academy – Everything is made of Vibration

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Academy - Everything is made of Vibration

To understand the magickal World, we must take a good look at the nature of our reality.  At the substance and structure of all things.

At the most primal level, our reality is made of vibrations.  All things within our Universe are made of this, including our very Selves, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, everything. 

While in many spiritual circles there is the focus on 'We are all One', in the Mythica we pay close attention to the reality that we are simultaneously a unified field of consciousness and an endless variety of distinctive forms happening across a canvas of Time.

As we come to look at it this way, we see that while we are all part of the same vibrational field, there are very specific constructs of vibration that make up our unique and beautiful Selves.  As we come to understand this, we gain a better vantage on the nature of distinction, that we are unique parts of a much larger system of vibration.

What defines the difference between different people? Different places? Different experiences? As everything in the Universe is made of vibration, what are the specific vibrations that create those kinds of things? After all, a chair is not a body of Water.  A Fire is not an electric car.  I am not the same as You.  You are not the same as me.


You are Unique in all the Universe

Understanding blossoms within us when we can appreciate the uniqueness of our own particular vibration.  When we can recognize that all aspects of our Universe have their own unique signature.  Their own vibrational makeup which determines what it is.  As we do this, we start to see how the qualities of vibration that we are made of are directly related to the circumstances of our Life.

When we  recognize that all aspects of the Creation are made of vibration and that what we call our 'Self' and it's circumstance are also made of vibration, we gain a deeper understanding of how we are both a droplet of unique Water *and* the ocean in which is exists.  That we are both unique beings and part of a much larger system of circumstance.

Yet what are the vibrations that make up our individual Self? And how do they relate to our heroic journey to Heaven on Earth?

These are fundamental questions of our beautiful journey into Knowing our Self, into discovering the unique song of vibrations that is the shape of our soul.

About the Author


Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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