Welcome to Mythos Academy –

Your Portal into the Mythica

We all want to live in a brighter World. In the more expansive, more robust version of our reality. To come Home to a more heavenly Earth. At the Academy, learn the landscapes of legend and rediscover the magical World.

Into the Mythica presents an entirely new way of looking at our Story, weaving together the principles of the heroic journey and the practices of Self-development to create a new yoga.


Mapping the Mythica

 Here, we provide a map of many realities, weaving our Stories together to showcase the nature of both individual and Collective unfoldment.

In the Academy, we present a means of transforming one’s consciousness and moving between realities to encounter the real magickal World.  She is a school for adventurers, seeking to understand the nature of their own evolution and that of the planet, who wish to understand the nature of our shared journey.  Here, we teach the yoga of Story, of recognition of one’s heroic journey through Life as a grand adventure towards the Realization of one’s inner Self.

Teaching through Story

Like any other system of Self-knowledge, the journey into the Mythica is based on certain fundamental principles, ways of relating with the natural Laws of the Universe to understand one’s Path and discover the results of applied practice.  To aid you in this understanding, we present the physics of the quest, the constant principles beneath all of our Stories.

Discover the Land within the Land

Show through Story

Mythica Academy is a school unlike any other.  Here, our Authors act as sacred Bards, documenting their journey deeper into the real magical World.  Rather than simply telling our Readers and students about the deeper octaves of existence, we SHOW the World of Magick, revealing it through our ongoing Stories as adventurers along the rainbow road to the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

As such the tales of our Authors are the proof-of-concept, in which we witness our own progression of Self-Realization, linking key concepts of Mythica Academy into the narrative.

As You read our Stories and the journals of our adventurers on our personal sites, there are specific keywords which continually relate to the fundamentals of Akasha Yoga – the yoga of Story.  In this way, our tales become a living proof of the application and  results of the practices which bring about Heaven on Earth  as  well as a mapwork of the real magickal World and the beings who inhabit her sacred lands.

Weaving the Worlds within the Woods

Discover below the structure of the heroic journey to Heaven on Earth as it is defined in the Mythica ecosystem.  At your own pace, move through the principles which are proven through the Stories of the Authors.  Such provides the firmament for understanding Your own sacred Path, further on the road to Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth is a Place.


Track your Path.  Discover the magickal World.  Walk the rainbow road to a brighter reality.

It is our pleasure to invite You to go deeper, to dare further, into who You really are.  Here You will a whole new way of seeing Your life, revealing the pattern of your Life across a multiverse of shared Stories.  Here at the Academy we will be showcasing the techniques of Akasha Yoga (the Yoga of Story) and Deva Yoga as means of facilitating the Realization of the Self.

Many Worlds

There are many Worlds.  Many realms of being upon this beautiful planet.  Many places that we can arrive in which we experience a brighter, more wondrous reality.

In the context of the Mythica, each of these Worlds is it’s own reality, made of a particular set of vibrations, occurring in a vast space of shared synchronicity known as the Akasha.

At the Academy we go deeply into the idea that Heaven on Earth is a realm within the Akasha, and that by changing the substance of our vibrations, we can make journey to this place.

Such is a deep dive into the nature of our personal legend, the Story that lay beneath the surface of our awareness.  Through authentic witnessing of the heroic journey, we teach the gravity by which all Stories revolve, discovering the ways in which we may step into the real World of magick and new consciousness.

Here we present a framework for the nature of Self and it’s journey to Self-Realization, using Stories to demonstrate the applied yogas of personal development, showing the World of the Ascension, the dissolution of separation and the movement to Heaven on Earth.

Learn the Landscape of Your Heroic Journey

At the Academy we teach that everything is made of vibration.  Our thoughts, our beliefs, the very circumstances of our lives.  That our adventure through Life is one of mythic significance framed in the modern context.

That there is another octave to our perception of reality.  The threshold between the shallows and the depths of our awareness.  It is a place that once we cross, we will never be the same again.

Here we see the octave of the Mythica, witnessing the Worlds within the World.

Look Deeper

We are so much more than we appear on the surface.  Made of vibrations that play a role in the Great Story.  Learn to look beneath the surface and See the deeper energies that we embody from the octave of the Mythica, the real magickal World.

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Discover the Seed Within

Discover the Seed Within

Your Life has a Purpose.  A distinctive Gift that is your offering to the World.  All of the circumstances of our personal adventure are to discover this Gift and allow it to blossom.  At the Academy, we teach that our heroic journey is one of Self-discovery, in which we learn that the Universe is always speaking back to us, helping us to grow and bring this offering to the Creation.

Learn to face the Shadows


All Stories have their challenges.  Shadows within and without which must be cleared to allow our highest expression to come forth.  As we move along our sacred Path, we face these shadows and other trials as part of our development.

As we come to understand these challenges and the context in which they occur in a friendly Universe, we are better able to face them, and discover the treasure beyond the trial.

Explore the realms of the Akasha

Walk the Rainbow Road

In the Academy we present an overview of the World Tree and the Akasha their manifestation as the Earth and Sky.  That in their dance lay the web of Stories that underlies the surface of our perception.  The map of synchronicities, of kismet, of shared Purpose, that gives rise to our personal mythology.  It is from witnessing this grand array of Stars upon the Earth that we may see the great tapestry of threads that makes up our shared reality.

We learn that by returning to the Nature, we return Home, deeper into the magick and majesty that is our birthright.

We walk the roads to Heaven on Earth, deeper into the Mythica.

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Walk the Rainbow Road to Heaven on Earth

Walk the Rainbow Road

There is a bridge between realities.  A rainbow road that leads between the many realms of the Akasha.

As we come to realize that the reality we live within is a reflection of our current substance of Self, we understand that the bridge between realities is both internal and external, a mapwork of our sacred Path that reveals the hologram of our current manifestation.

In the Academy, You will learn how to walk the rainbow road, making your way through the trials and triumphs of. your Life towards the manifestation of who you really are.