Like all form within the Creation, our human selves are made of the primal qualities, the elements which make up all things.  This plays out through the many different cultures and ideologies in a variety of ways which reference those qualities as various forms of self-definition.

Throughout our many impermanent traditions, we refer to people in this manner, consciously or unconsciously referencing the elements they embody at that moment in time.

These kinds of associations between the prime elements and their psychoemotional associations are constant throughout all human interpretations of self through the filter of her many impermanent cultures and traditions.  Whether patience is considered a quality of Earth, or Joy a quality of Fire, Love a quality of Water, Anger a quality of Fire, etc. all things relate to the natural World.  To the cycles and seasons of the natural World of which we are an intrinsic part.

The Human Being as Elements

All aspects of our experience are made of the primal qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Akasha. This includes the various psychoemotional states which define our human adventure.

This is deeply seen in the association between various elemental qualities and the various forms of divination into the substance of the self.  Such is the palette from which the idea of ‘astrology’, of one’s ‘doshas’ and other cultural interpretations arise.

An example of western astrology

When we refer to our self as a ‘Libra’, or a ‘Scorpio’, as being a ‘Fire Dragon’, or ‘Mermaid’ or some other self-declaration, we are always referencing the elemental qualities which form the substance of our current Character.  Within this is an even greater movement as the elemental substance of that Character (or self) interacts with other Characters along it’s timeline of the Great Story.