In our heroic journey, we must face the shadows within our experience.  In the old paradigm of understanding, this was considered a conflict between “Good” and “Evil”.
 Yet while this is a popular concept and the basis for most of the media of that paradigm, it is rooted in dualism, in the play of opposites that is the unrealized state of the human condition.
While there is suffering and great horror in the World, at our core, we are more than this.  When we understand that our nature is fundamentally Love, the concept of ‘Good vs. Evil’ is revealed as judgment, distortion and dualism.
In this context, there is no evil.  There is only the distortion from what truly is, the shadows and confusions of as-yet-unexplored awareness.  Such is the deeper recognition of our intrinsic Divine Nature and the substance of the lens through which it experiences the world.

Yet while this is true in our deepest expanse, there is still misconduct.  There world is still flush with stories of inequity, of disrespect, of discompassion and disinterest.  There is cruelty, there is neglect, there are injustices towards the people by the people.  Without a doubt, there is suffering.  There is trauma.  There are wounds which must be resolved, offenses which must released or forgiven, there is incoherence.  There is the self warring with itself.
Yet this is not evil, at it’s core.  It is with this understanding that we strive to go beyond good and evil, to embrace nonjudgment of the confusions which define our current reality.

The challenge with this is elemental, and has to do with the effect that our judgment has on the substance of consciousness and thus our abundance.  Understanding this is a key factor in making the journey to a new reality.


Light and Dark and not about Good and Evil.  There is a deeper understanding that goes beyond the trauma and resolution of circumstance.  There is a reason for the practice of nonjudgment.

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