Tracking your Path across the Realms

The Compass

Yet how to SHOW the subtle World of the Mythica?  How to share with the Readers the way in which our Author’s interpret their journey across the vibrational landscape of the Mythica?

To act as our sacred lens and window into the subtle realms of our sacred Path we have the Mythica compass.

A compass showing the realms of Roses, the High Priestess, and the element of Water

This relates directly to the concept of one’s locus point.  In the context of the journey into the Mythica, one’s compass is the act of divining the qualities that exist within one’s current conditions.  One’s current locus point.

There is a magickal version of Your Reality. A landscape of personal and Collective heroism that exists in the deep octaves of our perception. Yet while this is a real place, we cannot perceive it until we move through the depths of our own Self, following the compass of our personal Quest.

The Mythica Compass or the Compass of the Self is fundamental to understand Your passage across the realms of the Mythica. It is our point of orientation, the constant reminder that we live in the reality of our own current Story.

Yet that Story may change. That reality, what in the heroic landscape we call a ‘Realm’, is merely the roadmap to the unfoldment of Your sacred Quest. To move across those realms requires a compass. A way of looking at the hologram of one’s current reality.

Along our journey, we are always moving through different vibrational qualities, which make up the contents of our Self and the Selves around us. 

For example, when we are ‘working with the Divine Masculine’ we are working with a particular quality, which tracks to a location in our body AND to our outer environment.

Whenever we move through the realms of our Self, we are moving into another archetypical energy. Another vibrational landscape in which we have relationship.

Your Compass is your Inner Guidance

All aspects of our path relate to our inner compass.  In the context of the journey into the Mythica, one’s compass is the way in which one determines the realm in which they are living and how to move onward across the wayshrines of the akasha.

Your Realm, Locus Point, and Halo of reflection exist within your compass.