What are the Physics of the Quest?

Welcome to a new way of looking at your sacred Path.  A way of witnessing our individual and collective journey into the new paradigm of our shared Awakening.

Into the Mythica is unique in that she offers a way for Readers to see the application of the deepest of yogic techniques in the context of an unfolding Story.  A mystery school in which publishes each Author’s Character and their movement across the vibrational landscape that defines all realities wrought into a teaching Story which reveals the real magickal World and the progression from scarcity to the Abundance paradigm of the New Earth.
In the Physics of the Quest we present the most fundamental qualities of the ancient yogas phrased in the modern context, honouring the precious quality of our self and it’s Quest for Realization.

There are constants, throughout the Universe.  Laws and principles which find expression through our lives.  As a platform of spiritual education, the Mythica exists to help remedy the human tendency to forget or be unable to see the true nature of the Creation consistently while we are all resolving the shadows and process of our Awakening.

As Authors in the Mythica, we use our Stories to communicate these ideas, demonstrating them both to our self and the Reader as a curative for that forgetfulness, linking the events on our Stories to the underlying physics which support them.

The Physics of the Quest acts to outline the Universal Principles which have unique Expression through our lives, placing such reminders in the form of our Stories, to assist in reminding and encouraging one another on our noble heroic journey of personal and collective evolution.

Readers are welcomed to go through these articles in a linear fashion or to read the Stories of the Authors to link to specific aspects of the physics as they occur on that Author’s Quest.  These are intended as a general introduction to the physics.  If you wish a deeper dive into the physics of your Quest, you may pre-order the upcoming ePub here.

That being said, let’s dive into the physics behind our Stories.


The Physics of the Quest are about 95% completed, with some last-minute adjustments being made to make it easy to navigate through the content. We have plans to add a previous/next page bit at the bottom of the pages to make it easy to read through. As this comes together, please simply use the burger menu (the 3 lines in the sidebar next to the image) to move through the pages. Thanks 🙂