We live in a Friendly Universe

Central to the yoga of Story is understanding that we live in a friendly Universe.  That despite what things appear to be on the surface, we live in  an overall tone of benevolence, of a much larger plan unfolding all around us.  Where though we cannot see what is happening and may not have opportunity to change our circumstance the way we'd like, that there is a deeper benevolence beneath us, guiding us forward.

Everything happens in Right Timing

Within the context of the Friendly Universe, all things unfold at the appropriate time, part and parcel of the much larger Story that involves each and every one of us.

While our ability to perceive this varies, as we come to look at our life from the Big Picture, we see that all things have happened at the moment in Time and Space that they had to in order for us to learn what we came to learn and express.

We are the embodiments of each others solution

When we understand that there is no separation and can see the unfoldment of the Great Story on an elemental level, we see that each of us is the perfect manifestation for the patterns resolving within each other.  That we are both the "problem" and the "solution" for each other, sharing a vibrational pattern that wishes to resolve itself over time.