There is a map to our myth. A landscape to our legend. A way of seeing the much bigger pattern of which we are all a part. Of seeing the many threads of our timelines weaving together into a tapestry of deeper meaning.

As a teaching platform, Into the Mythica is designed to showcase this larger thing, illuminating the nodes of our shared circumstance along the timelines of our lives as a way of revealing the deeper collective unfoldment going on through our many Stories.

In the framework of the Mythica, the interweave of our personal storylines that forms the map of synchronicity exist in an atmosphere of Gaia that is always present, yet requires deep awareness to perceive, which we call the ‘Akasphere’, named for the threads of the akasha, sometimes referred to as ‘aka threads’ that make up the timelines of our individual lives.

Within the Akasphere we may then witness that play of our many threadlines of Story and the synchronicities which reveal our collective unfoldment as the roots and branches of the World Tree, the neural network of Divine intelligence that underlie all events. It is how we SHOW that we are all connected, unique parts of the grand Awakening that is our shared unfoldment.