Seeds of the World Tree

There is a Divine design within you.  A Purpose to your life that wishes to express itself through you.  It is the Seed Within, the song of your soul expressed through the material World.

To visualize this, envision a Great Tree.  The Tree of the World, filled with endless leaves and branches.

As You do this, extend your vision, visualizing that within the leaves of this massive Tree are seeds, each one imprinted with a unique and Heavenly purpose.  Yet unlike a normal trees seeds, these are special.  They do not produce the same kind of tree, but something entirely unique.

Now imagine that You are that seed.  That each and every one of us is born from the pattern inherent in that seed, the expression of our Divine droplet within the substance of the Creation.  That inside the sacred vessel that is your current self there is a great Purpose.  A seed within, waiting to emerge.

This pattern lay at the center of your being, pulsing through the conscious and subconscious patterns that define one’s current conditions.  It is the energetic imprint of your unique seed of the World Tree and the flowers it wishes to share with the World.  It is your Seed Within, the blueprint for the Gift that is your sacred offering.

Seen from this context, what we consider our separate human self is more accurately seen as an extension of the Land itself. As a part of the much larger Divine Intelligence that incarnates itself through the various configurations of the five elements on the surface of Gaia.

Here we realize, we are the Tree, a fractal of that vast intelligence, fulfilling a sacred function within that much larger ecosystem.

Like the growth of that seed along it’s cycle of life, our journey across the realms of our experience parallels that of a seed of flora, pushing through the dirt and mud of it’s own blossoming, reaching for the Sun of it’s own Awakening such that it may unfold into it’s own unique lotus of Divine expression.

As we come to understand this from a unified perspective of consciousness, we come to see that we are made of the Land itself, there there is no separation between the elements of the Earth and those of our self.  As come to learn the alchemies of inner transformation, we discover that our self, and the consciousness we embody, is the axis of Worlds.

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