Consider any Story you have read. 

Chances are it’s a tale about some character, who starts out somewhere, goes on an adventure, and ends up somewhere else.  Such is the model for all heroic journeys, in which there is some kind of progression, across a landscape of unforeseen circumstance, which demands an evolution of the character.

Just like a character in any book, this is happening to You.  Your life, all lives, are threads, a lifeline or storyline upon which events happen.  Even greater, you are but one character in a much larger tale, a Great Story which links us all together in an emerging humanity.

In the context of the yoga of Story, your timeline is the spine of your adventure.  Fundamental to the understanding of your seed within and the journey to reveal your Gift to the World.

Such is the etching of your sacred Path across the adventure of your. Life.  Such is your unique thread in the tapestry of the Great Story.

As we move through our lives, events happen in a sequential way.  There is the Past, the Present moment, and the Future.  In the context of the Mythica, this progression is the development of your Character over the trials and triumphs of their lives, occurring as all sorts of circumstance on the surface, subtle, and causal levels of our awareness.

It is this movement of significant events in one’s life in which one we face our challenges and learn the valuable lessons of what it means to be human at this time.

To demonstrate this progression, Authors in the Mythica document their own timeline, their own movement through the flow of their lives, to showcase the archetype of the heroic journey, and prove the principles of the Mythica Academy, witnessing our heroic journey and the techniques we use to change our reality.

We illuminate our personal timeline as a movement through the realms of our own consciousness, detailing the synchronicities and meaningful circumstance both proves the subtle techniques of self-development and reveals the magickal World.

This is done to inspire Readers to take a deeper look at their own timeline, their own sacred Path, and discover the meaning hidden within their own lives.

Yet while the progression of one’s individual timeline is a beautiful thing, it is but one single thread in the much larger tapestry of the Great Story, the weave of synchronicity and circumstance that reveals our shared interconnectivity and Collective consciousness.