All Quests require a landscape.  A place upon which our Paths tread.  Key to discovering the real magical World and our journey to a new reality is understanding that the land our Path winds through on the surface of perception is just one layer of our experience. That what appears on the ‘outside’ of our experience is matched by a deeply rich inner adventure of transformation, what we refer to as the ‘Underlands’, or the ‘Land beneath the Land’.

We are always moving through the Underlands. On our heroic journey from one state of being to another.  Moving through it’s territories is the act of psychoemotional development that defines our Story and is the basis for all the Worlds and treatments of Story we read in media, all of which are a reflection of the real human journey.

fantasy scene of alone man with torch standing in fairy tale forest,digital art style, illustration painting

Consider any movie or book you have read.  There is always a protagonist, often living in some fantastical Universe, in which they go on the classic heroic journey.  While they may face all manner of challenges ranging from managing the seeming mundanity of a household argument to the equally seeming majesty of an intergalactic space opera, the outer form of their circumstance is simply the manifest expression of an inner journey, in which they experience the psycho-emotional development of their Character along the timeline of their circumstance.

Here, these inner patterns form the vibrational topography of that which lay ‘underneath’ the surface of our perception.  They are the Underlands.  The heroic landscape upon which our paths walk.

The Underlands – The Lands Within

In the context of the heroic landscape, there is the surface perception of the Land and the subtle version of that awareness The deeper perception of the vibrational reality through which our Path moves us through life.

The easiest way to show this is through the medium of Water.  In the illustration above, see the tree.  In the rippling, changing water beneath we see it’s reflection.

As we come to understand the context in which our heroic journey unfolds, we discover that we are moving across the landscape of our own inner World, reflected in the circumstance of our life. 

How this plays out on your Path

Consider for a moment, your Path. Weaving through the outer World of cities, forests and the like. This is the surface plane of perception. That which is common to all beings. It is literally what things appear as on the surface.

(slide between the two images above to see the surface and subtle versions of the land)

While we move through this, we are simultaneously encountering a vast inner landscape of resolving energetics, of subconscious patterns, hopes, fears and archetypical manifestations.

This is the subtle plane. The land beneath the land, as the subconscious and it’s energetic patterns are beneath the surface of our conscious awareness.

In this inner World, we see a different landscape.  One of emotions, of scarcity and shadow, of trials and treasures, abundance, Grace and Wonder.  It is a world of archetypical energies, of synchronicities and interpretations, forming the uniqueness of our journey which is ours and ours alone.

Through the physics of the quest, we shall explore how this inner World, always existing in parallel to the surface plane, forms the shape of our personal myth.  Our journey across all the manifest realities happens at the intersect of these layers of perception, whether from scarcity and distortion to the awareness of the abundance that is our birthright, from mundanity to mysticism or anything in between.

See the adventurer on their Quest. What occurs on the surface perception of the landscape that we walk on our sacred Path has a subtle aspect, a mix of archetypes and elemental forces that define their movement from one state of being to another. Understanding this landscape is crucial to your journey to a new reality, for it is the very land on which you walk seen in it’s deeper essence.

As we make our journey into the Mythica, we will be exploring this underland, the inner landscape that is more constant than the outer, and showing how those two planes coincide to form the real magical World.

Yet how do we make this journey? How do we understand our consciousness and it’s relationship to our experience? For this, we must look at the surface and subtle levels of our perception.

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