As an aspect of Divine Intelligence embodying a seed a manifestation into the World, your life is a gradual progression of revelation, where every circumstance of your life serves to bring that Gift into expression. In some spiritual technologies this is known as your dharma, or, “life purpose”. Like all aspects of the human experience, it is a thing that occurs over time and space, moving from birth to death in an ongoing cycle of regeneration and decomposition across a variety of forms, all designed to deliver the uniqueness of their particular seed of Divine Expression into the World.

Let’s look at what we’ve covered so far. Your life has a purpose, and you are on a heroic journey towards the discovery of that purpose. It’s a quest across a vast terrain of circumstances which can be viewed from the surface to the subtle levels of their substance, all of which create the landscape upon with your Path unwinds.

We’ve seen that we live in an abundant Universe, filled with possibility, and that by clearing the distortions and subconscious patterns within us on that journey we may change the conditions of our reality for the better.

Seen together, all of these things form the basis of your timeline, the thread of your life and it’s experiences through the fabric of space and time.