Our lives are Stories.  A movement through the circumstances of our sacred Path.    The heroic journey to the realization of who we really are.

As we do this, we have a great adventure.  A gradual movement deeper and deeper into the powers and talents waiting to be discovered inside of our consciousness.

Such is the journey we share, making our way to the new paradigm of human evolution.

Many of us are familiar with the idea of the heroic journey, presented by the famed scholar Joseph Campbell and his visionary works.  We have come to see a part of the underlying pattern of our lives.  To see the context in which our Path unfolds as part of a beautiful progression of living myth.

We see the Path.  Yet what does the Path move through? What is the nature of the patterns that define our lives? The traditions, the mythologies, the many ways in which we walk that heroic journey? What is the nature of the synchronicities that link our Paths together?

While much attention has been given to the archetypes of that heroic adventure in media, very little has gone to the landscape of that journey, to the underlying topography of that subtle world, the characters we encounter, and their relationship to the circumstances of our life.

Here, we discover the landscape of myth, the canvas upon which our Path is drawn.