Academy Fundamentals - The Layers of the Land

To understand the journey to a new reality, we have to know the landscape.  The territories that we must travel across to make the journey.  We must learn to deepen our perception, to look beneath the surface of what things appear to be into the subtle energies that make up their substance.  As we do this, a whole new world opens for us, a world that was always there, waiting to be discovered by looking a little deeper.

As Authors in the Mythica, our job is to showcase the layers of the land, to reveal the mythopoetic landscape that is always expressing itself in the subtle energies of our path.

This is the most basic perception of the landscape of one’s path.  It is literally how things look from the surface, from the most shallow level of perception.

To understand the mystical octave of the Mythica and travel to the realms of Abundance requires an understanding of the nature of awareness and it’s relationship to the material plane.

Spiritual truth always follows the patterns of Nature, for Nature is the very definition of our reality.  In this context, the models we use to describe our reality can be used across the board.

As you can see in this illustration, we would describe the layers of the Earth in a very gross physical way, presenting the ‘surface’, the ‘crust’ and the various atmospheres leading to the core of the planet as we currently understand it.  Such is a beautiful way of modeling part of the substance of our blessed planet.

As a way of looking at the depths of movement towards the core of the Earth, we can use this same idea to model the ways in which our awareness of our own self and the conditions of our circumstance may move from the surface to the subtle depths of our inner core.


In this case, we are presenting a movement of awareness, an ever-deepening perception of the subtle and then causal vibrations that make up our experience.  As we do this, we gain an ever-brightening recognition of the real World of magic and wonder that is our birthright.
 Just as we cannot see the deeper layers of the Earth without actively digging down, we have no idea what lay in the depths of our potential.  Like explorers searching for buried treasure, we must trust that there is more beneath the surface than we can currently perceive and do the work to transform our perception such that we may reach the Abundance within.


There are many layers to the land.  Many depths in which we can perceive our journey along our sacred path.  As we come to see the deeper levels of our world, we move closer to a more heavenly earth.

  In the slider below, try sliding and changing the images.  The one on the left represents the surface perception of the land, while the one on the right represents the subtle.

What must be understood is that we are looking at the same thing, simply at a deeper level of itself.  Becoming more aware of the landscape of our legend.

Beneath the surface lay the subtle landscape of things.  The energetic patterns and mythologies which make up the substance of all realities.

This is the layer of mythology and meaning, of the many paths and purposes which play their parts upon the theatre of the akasha, the woven substance of the many worlds of the World Tree.  It is the theatre of Stories seen as threads of interwoven branches, of the primal elements invoked through an endless carousel of symbols and interpretations.  It is the layer of the Mythica.


As we learn to perceive the subtle energies beneath the surface of our experience, we come to see the nature of the territories upon which our path travels.  The landscapes of legend that form our many missions and mythologies.  Here, we begin to see the nature of our path itself.  What roots and what branches we walk about the web of synchronicities in the weave of timelines that intersect our path.

This is the layer of out Stories.  The deeper significance to the people and places that arrive along our storyline.  

As we move deeper into the primal energies the subtle landscape dissolves into the causal, into the recognition of the elemental energies that underlie our myths and meaning.

Deeper still the song of mythology fades, dissolving into patterns of sacred geometry, elemental forces expressing themselves in an orchestra of Divine design.  Here the Land may be perceived in it’s geometries, the timelines and synchronies seen as the roots of that Great Tree.

Deeper still lay the causal landscape, the weaving of timelines that form the roots and branches of the tree of life, connecting us all in the strings of synchronicity.

It is here the threads of the Great Story may be seen, that we may see the unified field moving through us all, the Divine Intelligence that expresses itself through an ocean of droplets.

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