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In Physics of the Quest by Peter Fae

To make the lens of the self easier to understand, let us look at the metaphor of a camera lens.  In this example, imagine that you can ONLY look through that lens.  That you and the lens are one.  All you see passes through this lens.  It is literally your window of perception to reality.

In this context, the qualities of consciousness that lay within the substance of our current self form the glass of that lens.  Depending on the structure of those impressions, we see entirely different realities.

Yet what happens when that lens is muddy?

When our lens of perception is muddy, we cannot see clearly.  Seen through the detritus and shadows created by the smudges on the lens, all we see are partial images, distorted by the mud.  In the context of yoga, this distortion upon our perception is the mud  we must clear for the lotus of our true awareness to blossom.

Perceiving and Receiving

The relationship between perception and Abundance

Understand, until we are capable of stepping outside of the self and viewing things from a larger vantage, we only see that which can be seen through our current lens.

In order to shift into a reality where we are able to receive the Abundance that is our birthright, we must clear the lens of self, meticulously removing the subconscious patterns which manifest as muddy distortions to our point of view. 

Clearing your Lens of Perception

Yet how to do this? How to clear the distortions and shadows that lay within the subconscious and obscure our vision of a brighter reality? How do we move through the patterns that lay beneath our consciousness awareness?

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