Academy Fundamentals - The Mystic Arts

There are many forms to the mystic arts.  Many traditions and styles.  Yet while there are many ways of approaching their place and purpose, they all fundamentally do the same thing – they change things from one form to another.  This is basic idea of alchemy, of prayer, of discipline and devotion.  It is the intent to change one thing into another.  To go from being one thing to becoming another.

This is the essence of magic.  Of manifestation itself.  It is the art of inquiry and application into the subtle energies which underlie our manifest world, gradually discovering the ways in which we may change the conditions of our consciousness and thus our manifest reality.  While there are many traditions and styles, many forms and interpretations, the mystic arts always do the same thing – they change the consciousness from one form to another.

In this way, Authors in the Mythica act as explorer-adventurers, documenting their journey of application and transformation through the use of the mystic arts, weaving those moments together as a teaching story.

Yet beneath all of them lay same fundamental thing, the same substance – that of the akasha.  The clay of consciousness.  It is the prima materia, the prime material, made of the primal elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether, from which all forms are made.  It is the Akasha,, the substance of form itself.

It is this substance we work with when we intend to manifest a new reality, and the more anchored we are in perceiving it, the more magical our world becomes.  In this context, it is not about the outer form that one’s magic takes.  It is about what the magic does.  About how it changes the substance of one’s world.

This is the most basic thing to understand.