What is the Mythica?

The Mythica is the world of real magic.  Closer to the mystical archetype of Heaven on Earth.  She is the octave of the Akasha where one is experiencing themselves in their more embodied and Awakened archetype.  In their own mythical version of self.

She is the recognition of the World of Faerie, of Priestesses and Magickians, of Kings and Queens of the Grail, of the Djedi, the sisterhood of Isis, the Magdalene and the Masters of the ancient arts reborn into their current forms, linked together by the threads of the Great Story.

She is the Middle Earth, that persists beneath the shifting forms of the Age.  The webwork of synchronicity and shared intent that is the magickal World.

She is a constellation of locus points within the Akasha that reveal the shape of our stars.

She occurs within a certain range of locus points, scattered across synchronicity, that reveal the Worlds beneath the World, the network of connections and interwoven mythologies that lay beneath the surface of awareness.  She is a realm of deep perception, the mystical perception of the World …

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