An Overview of the Quest

All Quests are different, and all Quests are the same.  While each seed of our spiritual essence is unique, creating it’s own ripple, all have the same Goal – to Remember who we really are.  To clear out the patterns and limiting beliefs that hold us back, so that we may live in the fulfillment of our Life Purpose in a paradigm of Abundance and Grace

.As we move from the old paradigm of consciousness and self-concept, we step into a World of limitless potential.  A new reality.

Our Purpose is like.a seed, the Gift that wishes to express itself through us.  Yet it is buried, like a seed in the Earth.  To help it blossom, to clear the way for it to bloom, is the object of our Quest. To discover who we really are.  As we do this, all manner of Abundance we never expected arrives, mirroring the changes within.  We come to live in the brighter version of our own reflection.You can live in a better World.  No one can do this for You, it is your sacred privilege and the purpose of your Quest.

Your self – The Axis of Worlds

Understanding the movement into a more Abundant and magickal reality where our inner seed is expressed requires an understanding of the self.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, the structure of our current Self is the basis for our experience.Your self is the center, the origin and centerpoint of all of your circumstance.  It is the axis mundi of all Worlds, the potential union and embodiment of Heaven through Earth.

What is within You expresses in your ‘outer’ reality.  What you perceive above the line of awareness is a reflection of what lay below.  Such is the structure of your reality, a halo of your own prism of self.In all ways, the Universe will reflect this to You, constantly mirroring the vibrations of which You are currently made.  Many do not see this, yet as we clear and cleanse our awareness it’s Truth becomes evident.As we move through the circumstances of our lives, we face the qualities of our own self across the subtle topography of our sacred Path.  

Only by changing that vibration, by applying the techniques of change, can You step into another reality, breaking free of the old patterns to step into a brighter World.

Such forms the basis for our Quest, to clear through the dirt and mud and blossom our inner light out into the World.As we move through these pages, we will present the physics of what it means to be human, the deep yogas of perception presented in a modern context.  Here, we will showcase the means by which we may clear the distortions from our perception, and walk between the very raindrops of reality itself.


You have a Purpose.  A Divine design, built into the very substance of your being.  

At the core of reality, all things come from Source consciousness.  Such is the origin point of the Great Story, the unfoldment of Divine intelligence which plays out as the circumstance of our lives.  As we incarnate through the material World, we embody expressions of that intelligence, playing a specific part in that sacred unfoldment.

The Seed of the self in energetic form

On the most subtle of levels, this plays out as 

On the most subtle of levels, this plays out as a collection of the primal elements, forming an energetic seed.  This is our potential, the unblossomed lotus of our awareness that sits within.

Just as our individual Selves create from  the setting of an intention which defines the vibration of our actions, so is there a great and Divine intention that has set our selves, aspects of that very Divinity, to fulfill that much larger initiative.

As this vibration makes it’s way up from the Source of All that Is, it forms into different patterns, codes of Light which are imprinted through the building blocks of reality itself, carrying this Divine intention into form.

As  these move up through the layers of manifestation, these code of light form into very specific strands of DNA, which in turn contain the sacred Purpose, the mission for which that individual was created in service to God.Such plays out as our particular talents, skills and Gifts, qualities of consciousness that are part of the very definition of our current Self and it’s Gift, intrinsically tied into our sense of personal fulfillment and bliss.

Such is the pattern of our spiritual DNA as it manifests in the biological. 

Set to this intention, this glittering jewel of Divine purpose incarnates into the World, taking on the appropriate shape, gender, and life circumstances for the transmission of this beauty, hidden and waiting emergence within the subtle mansions of the self.

To reveal this Gift, to blossom the seed within You is the Quest.  To actualize the potential of Divinity within your self.  Your current Character in the Great Story.

Such is the journey across the underlands of vibration that define the conditions of the World, doing our part to transform our consciousness and thus the World, for the better.

To help frame this and understand the Big Picture that links us all together, we must change our model of reality, come to understand the layers of manifestation from the causal to the surface.