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Academy - Shadow and the Brightlands

The Shadow and the Gift

On the mapwork of the heroic journey there is the Shadowlands and the Brightlands.  In essence, these are the defiled or pristine versions of particular energies we are moving through on our sacred Quest.

To travel the rainbow road across the realms of the Akasha, we must clear the defilements that sit within our prism of Self, the matrix of energy that makes up our avatar on the Earth plane.  And while the many realms of the World Tree are as infinite as the eyes which view them, there are two basic versions of all realms.  These are the realms of Shadow (or the Shadowlands), and that of the Brightlands (or, Heaven on Earth).  It is our movement from Shadow to the Brightlands that is our journey Home.

All beings recognize this on some level, referring to the unprocessed patterns within their Selves and the psychoemotional patterns of distortion and scarcity as their 'Shadow'.  In the context of the Mythica, these are the distorted versions of what could be, aching to be cleansed and redeemed, brought back into alignment with the Grace and Wonder of God's Kingdom.

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When we perceive that we live within the hologram of our current state of being, the halo of our manifestation, and that there is no separation between the inner and outer Worlds we move through, the depth of the movement from Shadow to the Brightlands takes on a much deeper context.  We understand that the circumstances of our lives are elemental patterns within that Self, existing in either their defiled or redeemed state of manifestation.

In this context, the Shadowlands are the very real manifest landscape of our as-yet-uncleared defilements, playing out in the circumstances of our reality.  In contrast, the Brightands are those very same elemental qualities in their redemptive state.  Seen from this vantage, we are all on a sacred journey through the manifestation of our Shadow, our Collective and individual wounds and distortions, to the Brightlands along the rainbow road between the many realms of the Akasha.

Seen from the vantage of the heroic landscape, Scarcity is the realm of Abundance when it is in Shadow.  Similar, a loveless realm is the Shadow of the pristine realm of Love.  When our manifest reality, drawn from the substance of the lens of the Self, is experiencing the conditions of Shadow, we are within that realm.  That aspect of our compass of Self.  Through inner work and healing the defilements upon the lens of our perception, our Quest is to move from the realms of Shadow back to the Brightlands of our birthright.

When we live in the realms of Shadow, life is difficult.  Heavy with disharmony.  We cannot think clearly, and are driven by patterns of distortion affecting all aspects of our consciousness.  It is must like moving through a heavy and darkened fog, where we cannot See the beauty of the World and are lost.  These are the realms of scarcity, of broken virtue and fellowship, of cruelty and absent compassion, where the Light that sits at the centre of our being is obscured.

In contrast, the Brightlands are the realms of expansion and Wonder, where Abundance, Grace and vitality move through our form.  Existing beneath the mist and confusion of the Shadowlands, waiting to be revealed.

They are the realms closer to Heaven on Earth, where we exist in alignment with the laws of Nature, and experience more fulfillment, more connection, and more bliss.  When we clear our way through the Shadowlands along the rainbow Road, it is to the Brightlands that we return.

Such are the places of Harmony with the Natural World.  The realms of Heaven on Earth.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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