The Brightlands

In witnessing our Story as a yoga of self-development, our goal is to transmute our inner landscape so as to allow more Goodness and expansion through our manifestation.  In which we realize that Ideas are ALWAYS abundant within the field, yet our awareness of them is not.

We all wish to travel to a brighter reality.  One where abundance and expansion are happening in our lives. Where we experience the Goodness and Grace that exists in the many realities of the Creation.In contrast to the realms of Shadow are the realms of Light, flush with the best qualities of the human experience.  When we walk through such vibrational territories, life is more abundant.  More expansive.  Closer to the ideal of a Heaven on Earth.

When we clear the distortions and misalignments from the abundant nature of reality from our field, we enter the realms of Abundance and Light.  Such is the manifestation of our inner work playing out in the form of access to Ideas, to inspiration and harmony.  As adventurers moving into the paradigm of abundance, this is our goal.  To reach the realms of easement and Grace, where we may exist as the highest manifestation of our current self.

This plays out in the subtle World of the Mythica and on the surface as a flush of opportunities, access to ideas, and a general sense of easement and Goodness.

A perfect example of this is the realm of Love.  As many of us know, to be in the state of Love is one of the highest realms one can exist in.  Yet to get to this realm, to embody Love for our self and for other selves within the Creation, especially through the trials and shadows that mark the old paradigm of being, can be difficult.

So many of us desire a Loving partnership.  A connection to someone of deep resonance.  This too, is a realm of the Mythica.  One that exists when we embody a certain quality of Love.

As all things are a reflection of the self, we must BE that thing, move through the shadows and distortions of Love within our own being, so that it may appear in our outer experience.

This is not always easy to attain.  Yet, it is our natural state, free from the distortions and confusions that are our challenge to overcome.