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The journey to a brighter reality fundamentally an elemental one, in which we must face the imbalance and distortion within our own being across the ever-shifting landscape of our current Character.
We are always moving through the vibrational landscape of the underlands.  Moving through the vibrational embodiment of the many territories of our consciousness.  Fire is one of these realms.

We must find a way to resolve our issues within and without 
And sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves.  To face the doubts within and step into a deeper version of who we are.  
Everyone’s Underland is different.  Yet how we interface with it is all the difference.
When we move through places of anger, of rancor and resentment, it changes the texture our inner World, for it IS our inner World, manifest through our experience.
Movies reflect this, creating scenes to embody the vibrational state of the Characters.  Such is the same on our sacred Path as we move through the bleak and battered territories of our own inner World.
It is in these places, these distortions from the abundance and Grace that is our birthright, that we face our shadows, the challenges upon our Path that must be surpassed to move to the next octave of our potential.

It is not easy, yet we must find a way to move through the challenges of our lives, discover how to make our course across the ocean of our expeirence.
As we do this, healing the broken cracks within our inner World, we discover the portal within, leading us ever deeper into the realms of Light.

Vibrational Topagraph

In this vibrational topography all realms of being are represented as landscapes.  An example of this is the realm of Love.  As many of us know, to be in the state of Love is one of the highest realms one can exist in.

As we clear through our portion of the distortion, our reality becomes clearer, giving us greater access to the Goodness that underlie our experience.