The Landscape of Myth

All Stories need a stage.  A place upon which our Paths tread.  Where the characters of the story interact. It is upon this stage that the scenes of our lives unfold.

Key to understanding the real magical World and our journey to the New Paradigm is the landscape of the Mythica..

Consider any movie or book you have read.  There is always a protagonist, often living in some fantastical Universe, in which they go on the classic heroic journey.  While they may face all manner of challenges ranging from managing the seeming mundanity of a household argument to the equally seeming majesty of an intergalactic space opera, the outer form of their circumstance is simply the manifest expression of an inner journey, in which they experience the psycho-emotional development of their Character along the timeline of their circumstance.  These inner patterns form the vibrational topography of that which lay ‘underneath’ the surface of our perception.  They are the Underlands.  The heroic landscape upon which our paths walk.

The heroic landscape always exists.  We are always moving through the realms, across the rainbow bridge from one locus of being to another.  Moving through it’s territories is the act of psychoemotional development that defines our Story and is the basis for all the Worlds and treatments of Story we read in media.

Seen from this vantage, the World of magick and Wonder is accessed when we are able to see the realms of vibration, the Characters and Places upon our Quest and our circumstance from the Underlands.

The Physics of the Underlands

The Surface & Subtle of your Path

To truly digest the nature of the underlands of the Mythica requires an understanding of both the Akasha and it’s expression in material reality as the World Tree.  it is in the interface of these two things – the impressions which lay in the substrata of form and how they manifest in our life, that we come to see the patterns which form our Quest in their archetypical format, expressed in the modern context.

Together, these form the basis for the archetypical World, the subtle patterns which express themselves through the surface of our perception that give rise to our psychoshamanic journey through Life and is the landscape of the heroic journey.

Key to understanding this is the yogic concept of impressions, vibrational imprints that create our experiences on the causal level of form.

When we move through our lives, what appears on the surface as our circumstance is the expression of vibrational patterns which are part of our personal resolution and the territory of our path.  As we move through these events on the thread of our timeline, we are processing these patterns, which play out on the surface as the very psychospiritual landscape of our circumstance.

All our experiences are part of this process of becoming.  In which we react and respond to circumstances from our current vibrational embodiment, gradually evolving across the canvas of space and time.  Seen from a bird’s eye view, this is the movement of our character across the many realms of our potential made manifest in the heroic landscape of the Underlands.