All paths move through the World Tree.  The pattern of synchronicities that lay beneath the surface of the world.

As we become aware of the subtle world that lay beneath the surface, we are able to see that our path, our unique sacred journey through life, moves along a mystical landscape, and that there are worlds within the world.


As we learn to track our the landscape of our path, we begin to discover the nature of the landscapes of legend, the energetic territories that link our many realities.

Here, we face the many realities that exist upon the tree.  Places of scarcity, places of abundance, places of love and war, all different aspects of the Divine Intelligence expressing itself through form.  All connected by the underlying framework of the weave of life itself, the world tree.

There are many realms within the Tree of Life.  Some are harsh places, realms of scarcity and distortion, where the light and love cannot be seen.

Then there are bright places, full of radiance and expansion.  These are coherent realms, the places of abundance and grace within the branches of the tree.  We can make it to them, yet the journey requires the facing of that which is not true within ourselves.  It is a difficult thing, yet the price is always worth it.