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In Physics of the Questby Peter Fae

Mythologies exist for a reason.  They are the echoes of remembrance, of the Knowing that sits beyond the limited horizons of our blossoming consciousness.  Across the many spiritualities and religions that dot the landscape of our beautiful planet, there is the Idea of a Great Tree, a World Tree, whose branches connect all of the Creation.  Such is a concept deeply tied into the rainbow bridge (road) and our journey to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

In simpliity, all Worlds exist, fluttering like leaves on the branches and rootwork of the World Tree.  To walk the rainbow bridge is to move between these worlds, moving across the many realms of the Akasha.  In this context, the Tree is not so much a tree as we classically understand it, but a vast and all encompassing network of interwoven roots, connecting all the parts of Creation.  It is the Heart of Gaia, the nature of form in the Earth plane.

Understanding the nature of the World Tree can be challenging, for like all aspects of the Surface and Subtle perception of reality, it’s branches are far more than they appear on the surface. In the context of Into the Mythica, the World Tree is deeply significant, for it is the the expression of the roots and branches of the Divine Mind expressed in the physical plane, existing as a means of understanding of individual and shared journey to the realms of Heaven on Earth.

As with all aspects of our perception of reality, the World Tree can be witnessed from the surface and subtle planes of our awareness.  Just as the gross physical manifestations of our reality is but the surface perception of a much deeper elementalism, so does the World Tree exist in both the “physical” and “energetic” octaves of it’s own Nature.

In the most basic of ways, the World Tree, with it’s interconnected weaving of rootwork and foliage between the surface and subtle aspects of our experience IS the blueprint for the Paths through the Akasha, the very structure of the web beneath the Worlds.  It is the expression of the underlying substance of our synchroniciities and shared unfoldment seen through the akasphere.

In this context, our Paths upon the surface of What Is are equivalent to movements along these roots and branches in the underscape of our vibrational embodiment, as seen in the slider above.

In context, The World Tree, with it’s many twisting paths and leafwork, is the neural net of the Divine Mind, the essence of physical reality itself.  The Land upon which all Paths walk through the Akasha.

In the context of the Mythica, the journey “into the Mythica” is the movement into the brighter octaves of potential reality that exist within the Akasha, following the rainbow roads along the branches of the World Tree to new realms.

The relationship between the World Tree and the Akasha can be visualized as the Tree as the aspect of form, of Earth, within the Akasha, the substance of the ethers of everything.  As spiritual beings on a sacred Quest through the landscape of the material plane, our many Paths move along the roots and branches of the Tree, who earthly tendrils express across the starscape of the Akasha.

There are many realities, wrought from the substance of our current Self, the prism of Light that forms the hologram of our current manifestation.  Many forms of new thought have a tendency to focus on the Self from the perspective of separation, in which we imagine our Selves to be distant from the nature of Gaia, the planet that has given birth to our current vessel.  Yet this is incorrect.  We are fundamentally, intrinsically part of the vast network of the ecosphere of this planet, moving along the rootwork of the Akashic substance of the World Tree.  In the context of the Mythica, to travel to these realities along the rainbow road is a movement through Realms.

As we make our way through the realms of our Self, we travel deeper into the luminance aspects of the World Tree, the Golden tones of the rainbow road, the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home. To book a counsel session with Peter Fae to transform your Story and your Life, Click Here

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