Illustrating the movement through the vibrational realms of being

Realms are the specific territories of the Underlands.  The particular conditions that define one’s locus point in the akasha.  They are the vibrational qualities in the subtle levels of one’s awareness which underlie the circumstances of one’s Path.

As we come to see the substrata of the Creation in it’s more elemental form, we are able to see our movement from one vibrational experience to another as a passage across many realms of being.  We understand that what appears on the surface of our perception is a manifestation of the realms we are vibrationally embodying and their effect.
In this context, scarcity is a realm of being, as is Abundance.  Similarly, the state of being when we are in a blissful state, or that of Heaven through Earth, is a realm, as are the many states of consciousness which lay within our human potential.

As we move along our heroic journey, we move through realms of experrience which reflect the changing conditions within our self in accordance with the Law of Reflection.  When we exist in a distortion of a quality, such the distortion of Abundance that is the manifestation of scarcity, we are moving through it’s realm.