What is the Mythica?

A Foreword from Peter Fae – 

Over the years, so many people have heard me talk about the Mythica project.  About the very real Worlds of Magick; of wonder, of sacred Life and substance.  Yet there can be confusion over what the Mythica is, and more importantly, how beings can get there.

The Mythica, as I define her, is the reality that one exists in when they deepen into the magickal being that they truly are.  She is both a place and a state of being.  That is to say she lies at the confluence of those things.

Simply put, when we change our state of being, when we exist in the deeper radiance of our own luminance, we walk across the territories of the Mythica.  We step into the deeper reality that waits to be revealed, stepping into a new paradigm of Grace and Wonder.

The World of the Mythica is defined the underlying vibrational landscape upon which our heroic journey unfolds.  She is the landscape of Stories, the context of the Quest to live in a more mystical reality.

This is much deeper than changing one’s mood or thoughts.  It is the fundamental journey deeper into our own secret Life.  Into the magick that is our birthright.  Quite literally into another version of reality.

There had to be a name for this process; something that would illustrate not just the transition of consciousness, but the parallel existence that manifests when one steps through the looking glass.  The reality of magic, Abundance and wonder.  The mythical version of our potential experience known as the Mythica.

The Map of Worlds

The Mythica exists at the confluence of our Stories.  At the synchronicity of our timelines and what that says about our collective consciousness.

Within the framework of her mythical landscape, she holds space for adventurers willing to face the vibrational challenges that stand in the way of our freedom, a grand movement of remembrance from the distortions and amnesia that currently limits the human condition to the remembrance Who We Really Are.  Within the realms of the Mythica; individuals walk their heroic journey of personal ascension; they discover powers and talents within their selves of real magick and wonder.

Yet they are not alone.  Though each of our paths are unique, we share a common ground.  A landscape transcendent of the barriers of time and space.  A map of synchrony; full of trials and triumphs in our aspirant rise to awaken.  We walk an archetypical landscape; defined by the gravity of Story.  We travel a roadmap that is both mysterious and familiar; with places and trails that have been walked many, many times.

Such is the movement across the territories of the Mythica; the Worlds within the World.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

A constant theme within the publications of the Mythica is the bridging of Heaven and Earth.  Of living in the redeemed quality of human life.  Such is the very real journey back to the Garden of lore; in which we live in sanctity and fellowship; in relationship with the natural World and her unhidden jewels.

To travel deeper into the Mythica is to perceive, and live in accordance with, the true Laws that define our human existence.  She is a journey into the deeper aspect of our own self, into relationship with the Nature Spirits, the Deva; an exploration into the Arts of Consciousness, a deepening into our mythical embodiment.

To walk the territories of the Mythica is to make our way towards the redemption of our distortions; the clear up the patterns and imprints that lay at the base of our personal and collective circumstance.  Such is our inevitable and ordained destiny, that we Awaken to the glorious Truth that lay beneath the amnesia of the human condition.  That we come to remember and embody of our Divine essence.