Academy – Wielding & Weaving

There are many ways to describe the manipulation of the causal vibrations of the Creation in order to create effects.  Most often these are called ‘spells’, ‘prayers’, ‘manifestations’, ‘yoga’ and other transient definitions, yet the fundamental aspect of all remains the same – a shifting of the substance of What Is through applied effort.

As we are spiritual beings having the human experience of a ‘Self’, there is often a confusion over the idea of ‘whose Will performs the action’.  For some, there is the idea that they are wielding the magick, whereas for others it is the idea that it is wielded through them.

As both of these approaches are subjective ideas over the nature of expression, in the Mythica we use the term ‘wielding’, to imply that whether we see it as ‘our’ effort or a more Universal effort of transmission, there is a wielding of some manner going on.

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