Academy Fundamentals - Akasphere

The Akasphere is the subtle biome and atmosphere of Gaia which reveals the roots and branches of the World Tree.  It is the layer of awareness in which synchronicities and karmic entanglements may be witnessed.  The cloud atlas between Heaven and Earth, illuminating the threadwork of connections between that play out as our mortal selves and is the map of our unity implied by the witnessing of synchronicity over the expanse of many lifetimes and stories.
As a subtle layer of the akasha which transcends the current incarnation of one’s character, the akasphere is where the threadwork of aka threads that make up our timelines across *multiple* bodies can be seen, the map of cause and effect throughout the Akasha.

An easy example of the akasphere exists in popular culture.  For those who are interested, there is a beautiful film and book called ‘Cloud Atlas’, which shows a number of characters across many timelines, experiencing a sense of unity of connection and consequence across many lives.  The implication is that there is an atlas amongst the clouds, a landscape of how such things arraign in space and time.  That cloud atlas is the akasphere and the threadlines of aka which are seen through it’s endless horizon.

On the subtle planes of awareness, the Akasphere, woven of the threads of aka, appears much like the mycellium strands and rootwork of Gaia’s other systems.  It is singular in this in that the various ‘plants’ of Gaia in this example are human beings, who, unlike trees or other rooted aspects of Gaia, move, or rather, are moved around through the circumstance of their lives, pollinating other aspects of Gaia’s form over a millenial standard of evolution.
As awareness having a mortal experience, we are always perceiving the akasphere to one degree or another, recognizing synchronicities and ‘soul contracts’, ‘karmas’ and ‘miracles’ that appear to involve certain other key individuals in our lives.  This is the expression of the principle of the akasphere as it shows itself on the surface of our awareness.  Yet as we deepen our ability to divine our conditions, our sense of this deepens, and we gain greater clarity on this most subtle of mapworks of the human condition.
As Author-Adventurers in the Mythica, the process of chronicling our journey across the underlands as a mythopoetic adventure featuring the characters and World we are led to on the path, we are revealing the surface expression of the Akasphere, the filaments of akasha that play out on our branch of the World Tree.  In this way, our stories act as a window into the akasphere, revealing the deeper intricacies and subtle connections that underlie our many synchronicities.
Seen in it’s mythopoetic expression, the akasphere is the place where the very specific set of synchronicities and conditions are linked together by our characters in the Great Story.  It is the dreamy atlas of clouds, moving across the heavens and the earth in which our mythology and meaning reside.

The Realm of Myths and Stories

Now that we understand how all myths and meaning and thus all stories are made from the primal elements, let’s look at what stories are made of, and where they exist in the subconscious field of the self and the much larger environment of Gaia for in truth, they are one and the same.

The Akasphere exists as part of the subtle atmosphere of Gaia, and is the place where the impressions in the akasha that play out as our collective mythologies may be seen.

All things are made of arrangements of this stardust of consciousness.  Existing as archetypical combinations of the primal elements they are the backdrop for our stories.  The fields of inspiration which give rise to the many forms and realities.