Fundamentals - Inner and Outer Asana

inner asana

Inner and Outer Asanas

In classic yoga, this shape is referred to as an asana.  A posture.  A way of holding oneself which is more appropriately aligned with the gravities of the natural world.  It is based on the correct idea that when we are properly aligned, more prana (life force) may flow through our body.  As with all real yogas, it is a thing of structure before scripture.  A relationship with that which is larger than the self, the natural World and the laws of Earth.
Most often, the idea of an asana, of a particular shape that creates an effect in the body, it is taught from the outside, moving in.  Meaning, the outer posture is worked out, which is meant to facilitate an inner posture.  That inner posture, the posture or stance of one’s attitude and beingness in the moment, is also an asana.  It is the psychic and energetic shape that one is holding on the inside.

In akasha yoga, we make a distinction between outer and inner asanas so as to more clearly define a technique in the context of a World of impermanent shapes.  To cultivate a sensory recognition of the particular sensation of elements that defines a shape, also known as an asana, in the field of the Akasha.

All things are made of elements.  Depending on what qualities and quantities of those elements are manifesting in your life, you get a certain manifestation.  The art of the inner asana is the framing of the way we look at our inner state.  Where we look at states of feeling in the same structural way we look at outer postures.  They are the sculptural perception of the different subtle forms within that manifest in the outer experience.

Coming to see the medley of emotions and associations that we are feeling at any given moment.


It is the law of Heaven, in which we align with that which is larger than the self in the inner asana.  By holding postures of Gratitude, of Love, of Charity and of Unity, we are more aligned with the laws of nature.  With the defining gravity of What Is.  In this way, Heaven and Earth are aligned within our self, which grants us the greatest suppy of prana, and thus, Abundance.
Like outer asana, inner asana have minutia of alignment.  The pattern holds true, it is merely the landscape that has changed.  Yet while we work with the gravity of muscles and tendons, of bones and organs with the outer asana, we work with the landscape of shadows and redemption, of subconscious patterns as yet unexplored, with the very essence of our vibration with the inner.
To be in wieding with an asana is powerful, because of the effect it has on the surrounding Akasha.  When a shape is held, it begins to create those impressions in the substance of the akasha, for that is was it is.  It is it’s ‘suchness’, the most subtle definition of a thing.  It is the vibrational embodiment that is the essence of the expression on the surface plane.  It is the quality of vibration.
When we hold an intention, we creating a shape.  A weave of devic energies that then creates the ripple of itself in the field of the akasha.  The number of shapes we may create from this place is infinite, for the Divine is infinite.  It is only the access that we have through our current awareness, and the locus of our focus, which defines.
One may create any talent.  If they know the recipe.  When we understand what talents and expressions are made of, we work with the elemental threads of the akasha to weave together a matrix, which is the essence of any spellwork, seen on the elemental subtle of perception.
To examine this is to discern into the nature of ‘suchness’.  The fundamental defining aspect of what makes a thing a thing.  It is to see the natural language, or what is known as the true name of a thing in it’s current incarnate form.  It’s primal impression in the Heaven of the akasha and the Earth of the world tree.

The inner Asana is more important than the outer for it is the root vibrational state that underlies the outer expression.

Holding your Inner Posture

What happens when we shift our inner energies to gratitude? What is the process by which this happens? 

How we hold our energy is the cause of our manifestations.  It is the vibrational feeling, the sensation which is communicated across the field of our awareness.

The vibrational posture that is our inner asana is also the realm in which we exist.  It is the particular shape of our self at any given moment and how that shape expresses itself in the world.