Path and the Land

Academy Fundamentals - The Path & the Land

As we walk along our sacred path, we move through many landscapes.  Many different aspects of the Land.  Our journey takes us through many elemental realms, natural conditions which define the shape of our journey.
We can find ourselves crossing over beautiful lakes filled with Water, or on the edges of great mountains fo Earth, through cities of brick & mortar to flights through the very air itself.
We never know where the path will lead us, yet it defines the very timeline of our experience.  Our journey through the sacred Story of our life.

How this relates to Your Path

As we make our journey deeper into the understanding of the fundamental physics of manifestation, we here the phrase “As Within, So Without”, which means that our inner vibrational terrain manifests as our outer experience.  This implies the idea that once we achieve a particular inner state, our outer circumstance will match it, essentially resulting in our movement from one reality to another.

Yet while this is a common concept amongst seekers from the many traditions, how this relates to the actual physical substance of Gaia and the places upon which we arrive on her surface is often overlooked.

The Lands Beneath the Land (The Underlands)

There are many layers to the land.  While the landscape of our experience appears a particular way on the surface of perception, beneath that surface lay a subtle and causal ocean of vibrations, all of which make up the much larger world of which we are a part.  In many ways, it is like looking into a mirrored surface of water, with one image appearing clear and another shimmering as if made of a dream.