Academy Fundamentals - The Primal Elements

To understand our Quest into a more expansive World, we must take a good look at the nature of our reality.  At the substance and structure of all things.
At the most primal level, our reality is made of vibrations.  All things within our Universe are made of this, including our very selves, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have, everything.
While in many spiritual circles there is the focus on ‘We are all One’, in the Mythica we pay close attention to the reality that we are simultaneously a unified field of consciousness and an endless variety of distinctive forms happening across a canvas of Time and Space.
As we come to look at it this way, we see that while we are all part of the same vibrational field, there are very specific constructs of vibration that make up our unique and beautiful selves, and for that matter, all aspects of the Creation.  As we come to understand this, we gain a better vantage on the nature of distinction, that we are unique parts of a much larger system of vibrational forms.
What defines the difference between different people? Different places? Different experiences? As everything in the Universe is made of vibration, what are the specific vibrations that create those kinds of forms? After all, a chair is not a body of Water.  A Fire is not an electric car.  I am not the same as You. You are not the same as me.

Everything is made from something

Most traditions of the old paradigm recognized the four basic elements that make up the Creation.  Yet there is more.  There is a Fifth Element which organizes the other four.  To truly understand the nature of the Path as it moves through time and space, we must deepen our perception to perceive this element, the substance of form itself that is known as the Akasha, or ‘Akash’. 
Yet there is a Fifth Element.  One more subtle than the others. One that can only be perceived when we deepen our awareness, moving from the surface into the subtle territories to lay beneath our line of Mystery.
From this perspective, all form, no matter how subtle, is composed of these five basic qualities.  Meaning, our thoughts, beliefs, the various impressions that create our mythologies and cultural ideologies and their architecture, the very underpinnings of mortal experience have a basis in the elemental World.
Everything is made of the primal qualities.  Everything.  All aspects of our experience from the subtle to the surface of our perception, is made from this substance, occurring in varying configurations of itself.  It is these configurations which make up the multitude of forms within the Creation.

On the most fundamental level of form, everything in the Creation is made from five basic qualities.  Primal elements that give rise to all the forms, all the myths and meanings, all the worlds and galaxies and realities that exist.

Realities are made from the Prime Elements

When we understand that the five elements make up all the forms in the Creation, this includes the many realms and realities that we experience on our journey, as well as the many conscious and subconscious patterns which make up our individual personality and it’s timeline of adventure.

You are unique in all the Universe.  Understanding blossoms within us when we can appreciate the uniqueness of our own particular vibration.  When we can recognize that all aspects of our Universe have their own unique signature.  Their own vibrational makeup which determines it’s suchness.  As we do this, we start to see how the qualities of vibration that we are made of are directly related to the circumstances of our Life.
Yet what are these qualities of vibration, and how to they define our unique experience?

The Elements of Form

As Akasha coalesces into form, it crystallizes into the vibrational qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether.  Each embodies a primal suchness of vibration required for the creation of all form in the material plane.
Elementally, all form in the Universe is made of various qualities and quantities of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.  All manifestations whether gross or subtle are composed of these in various configurations across the canvas of spacetime.  It is the structure upon which the manifest Universe is built.

The Intelligent Universe

As an expression of Divine intelligence manifesting through form, there is a fundamental consciousness which moves through the elements of the Creation. This is the subtlest form of the consciousness of the deva, the elemental intelligences that facilitate the natural World.  As our human selves are made of this same substance, It is these subtle threads of primal qualities which form the basis for the various expressions psychoemotional states that occur in the human condition.
This becomes extremely relative when we look at the substance of our current self, the qualities of consciousness it embodies, and our relationship to the qualities we encounter on our Quest.