The Prism of Perception

“They do not see the World as it is. They see it as they are.”

To make the journey across the World Tree to a new reality, we must make a shift in how we look at point of view. At what creates point of view on a structural level, and how that defines our reality.

What is the lens through which we view our many realities?

The Prism of our Purpose

You are not the character you play in the Great Story. Not your personality, nor your point of view. In reality, you are the awareness that looks through the looking glass of your self, experiencing a small piece of an infinite Universe.

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We can only see the small portion of the treasure that surrounds us through the prism of our perspective. To access the abundance that is our birthright, we must learn how to clear the colors within so that we can perceive the brighter world.

A World of Windows

The Lens of Perspective is your Compass

Cleaning the Lens

We live in an abundant Universe, filled with possibility. Yet when our lens of perception is unclear, we cannot see the opportunity and we live in a realm of scarcity.

To walk the rainbow road of your own subtle energies to a more heavenly Earth, we must learn to clear our lens of perception. To move from the realms of Shadow to the Light.