Tarot & the Tree

Academy Fundamentals - The Tarot & the Tree

At the heart of the Mythica the idea that we can travel from one reality to another.  That we can move from one physical, actual location where there is a set of conditions that define our life into a new reality, another physical, actual location where new things are happening.

In this context, we are presenting the idea that ALL realities happen on the surface of Gaia.  That all our realities exist in the physical world, and that they occur at unique points in space and time.  On a string of synchronicities that defines one’s entire life-path.

For those familiar with the Thoth Tarot, the nature of the landscapes of legend can be understood in terms of the colors that make up the rose upon the cross of the deck itself.

From a perspective of universal consciousness expressed through colors, the splay of colors upon the Rose and the Cross are the representation of the primal qualities that make up the mortal experience.  Further, they express this through the hermetic Tree of Life.

When we perform a divination, we inquire into the substance of current reality.  Our current configuration on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

They are a divination into the qualities of consciousness that make up one’s current experience, showing those qualities as spiritual archetypes which exist throughout the human experience.  To see the underlands of our path, we must recognize that those qualities are the very landscape of our experience itself, wrought into the somatic territories of our subconscious, our nervous system and connection to the World Tree.

What this means is that we arrive in synchronicities on the planet which match our inner landscape.

"As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without"

The key to this is understanding the basic principle of hermeticism, the idea of “As Above, So Below” and “As Within, So Without”.

For those unfamiliar, this is the realization that your outer experience is a manifestation of your inner world.

More specifically, it’s the understanding that our subconscious patterns, the colors in the chroma of our patterns in our nervous system are the genesis point of our outer reality.

Taking this a step further, there is the understanding that what we are divining with the tarot (or any other system of divination) is that chroma, the specific qualities of consciousness that make up our patterns.

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Let us take this a step further.  Now we understand that the chroma, the colors of consciousness that we are divining through the tarot are the structure of our manifest reality.

Moving from there, we see that those chromatic colors, those archetypes of consciousness upon the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are literally, physically stored in the nervous system of our body and it’s somatic patterns.

Now, let us move one step further.  One step closer to the reality beneath the incoherence of perceived separation.

We are made of the Land.  Made from the very elements of the planet.  Our bodies and the impressions that we are divining and resolving with our Art are an intrinsic part of the world.  A part of a more collective consciousness.  A larger chromatic landscape.

We are the Tree.  We are the Rose on the Cross, or rather, the Tree of Life.  The chromatic colors that make up the Rose are the qualities of Divine consciousness that make up our current self and it’s conditions.  To understand this, to truly recognize this from a place of no separation, marks the beginning of the ability to perceive the larger magical world.

When we see that the chroma of the rose that is the divination of our conditions and the substance of our nervous system and subconscious are literally manifesting on the timeline of our synchronicities on Gaia, we begin to see the landscapes of legend, the chroma of our consciousness expressed as our actual path along the material plane.

You live in the World of You.

Walking your Branch of the World Tree

To truly understand this is the see the map to the magical world itself. T o realize that we live within the chroma of our own reflection, literally arriving in worlds of synchronicity on the skin of Gaia.

We are always moving through the substance of our own self.  Through the qualities of consciousness that make up the chroma of our inner rainbow.

In the most grounded of ways, this is a movement across the surface of the planet.  Across the very substance of Gaia, herself, along what we refer to as our sacred Path or our timeline.  Along our unique branch of the World Tree, the weave of synchronicities which supports all the worlds.

This is the basis for realms in the Mythica, the actual surface and subtle locations we arrive on our Quest.

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