The Drift

The quality of drifting uncontrollably across the realms of the Creation

My life has been defined by the Drift and my navigate across her shifting terrain. 

For years I felt adrift in the Ether Sea, moving from one island of perception to another without a sense of control.  While I could feel the raw substance of the ethers  my perception would constantly get thrown as I became lost in the drift.  Over time, I came to associate the drift with the splinter as different aspects of a similar expression.

I’m never sure I can adequately describe how intense the drift across the realms has been for me.  Over time i’ve come to see it as a by-product of my range, of how many realities I can touch between the stars and the soil.  In a down-to-earth way it has been simultaneously the most frustrating and the most liberating aspect of being Peter Fae.

In essence, the Drift relates to both the Ether Sea and the Realms of the Creation.  It is the recognition that the version of our consciousness which is uncontrolled and unconscious is buffeted around by the winds of karma, shifting on the most basic nature of itself without our voluntary control or consent.  This is akin to drifting without a rudder between the many perceptions and manifestation of reality.

Incoherent and uncontrolled are a big thing.  It means I was constantly gaining and losing access to entire spheres of consciousness, to entire realms and realities which shifted and changed across a drifting and liquid landscape.  Where meaning itself moved beneath the currents of a kaleidoscope sea.  To put that in perspective, it took me half a century to forge my way to enough coherence to present into the Mythica to the world.

The Drift can be seen in psychological terms as the quality of moving from one subtle perspective to another where one’s sense of agency and access is ripped from them by a deluge of karmic patterns which afflict their mood and ability to maintain a stable position in the ethers.  In this way, recognizing the understructure of our many realities as made of the ethers, it could be said that all uncontrolled movement of the mind and the body is the drift.  In this context, the endless movement between our perceptions, emotions and interpretations of life can be seen as this – a drifting through the ethers of the mind, through the many realities that exist within and without.

Yet while there is great difficulty in the journey from incoherence to coherence in one’s drift across the ethers of consciousness there is also great beauty, for the ethers hold ALL the realms of the creation, ranging from delirium to delight in the prism and prison of the self.